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What is Feetfellow?

Hello, Welcome to the Feetfellow!

It’s a fantastic place for all shoe lovers. Here, in Feetfellow, you’ll find different types of shoes to fulfill your different types of needs. The site is operated by experts who have extensive knowledge about various shoes and their functionality.

It doesn’t matter what sort of shoes you’re looking for here; Feetfellow has a collection of all types of shoes that you may need. Here in Feetfellow, you’ll find shoes for compartment syndrome, concrete floors, asphalt, sciatica, and shoes for running on grass, etc.

We are here to give our best to help you select the right shoes without wasting your time and money.

How Our Products Are Rated

All of our products are rated in a systematic and well-organized process. At first, we divided our tasks among the team members according to their skills and knowledge. To begin our product review process, we start with the market and product research.

Our dedicated research team completed this stage precisely. By studying the newness in the market and popular brands and their products, we got an idea about the consumer’s demand and the latest trend.

Then our expert team determines the product’s core features to select the most suitable one. Once the expert team identifies the product’s main features, we study the genuine buyer’s reviews of that particular product. It helps us to understand more deeply about that product.

After that, we go through a product ranking process to select the best one among our selected products. Once we determine the top product, our writing team writes a detailed review of that particular product with a complete buying guideline.

How We Make Product Reviews?

Market And Product Research

In every product review process, we start with a deep market and product research. To complete this process, we have a well-trained and highly specialized research team. Our team studies the novelties of the market, and we look for the most popular brands and their top products.

Identifying The Main Features

After completing market and product research, we can’t select all the products for review. Therefore we have to go for the particular products that are maintaining the topnotch quality in its category. To identify the best product, our team looks for the core features of the product that are most useful for its consumer.

Through this process, we can make a shortlist of the best products according to their features and characteristics. We skip those products that come with irrelevant and less important features just to increase the product price.

Selecting The Products

Our product selection process is 90% done in our product features identification process. In the product features selection process, we already separated the products based on their core features.

Consequently, we have a shortlist of the best product of the best brand. Then our expert team re-checked those shortlisted products and selected the most selling product from the list that its consumers highly appreciate. It helps us to choose the most trendy and quality product.

Reviews Analyzing

Analyzing the reviews of the actual buyers is the most crucial stage in our product review process. We study the reviews of genuine users as much as possible. It helps us to get the real-life idea of that particular product.

We note down every finding and suggestion that we find during the product review process. We have even developed an advanced system that detects unnatural reviews so that we can only focus on the original buyer’s review.

Ranking The Product

When we began our product review process, we started with plenty of products. After market research, features identification, product selection, review analysis, we make our list short. With the shortlisted product, we go through a product ranking process to select the best one among them.

Our expert team completes this process by giving scores to each of our selected products according to their features, quality, functionality, durability, price, etc. Any product that gets a higher score means the superior product compared to other listed products.

Reviews Writing

Once the product ranking stage is completed, we have the list of ultimate products we want to review. After this stage, our writing team writes a detailed review of our selected product with our researched and analyzed data.

Buying Guide

The buying guide is the ultimate result of all our research and findings. In the buying guide, you’ll find the overall summation of our research and discoveries, which will guide you to select the most appropriate product for you.

Who Are We?

Nichelle Brown

Nichelle Brown, the owner, and editor of this site, Feetfellow. He’s a businessman and fitness expert. Besides his profession, he loves to research and write on different aspects that he deals with in his everyday life.

Nichelle has a footwear business where he sells various types of shoes. From his curiosity, he started research on the products he was selling in his shop. After conducting several research and surveys, he found that most people don’t know how to get benefited from specialized shoes.

So he started doing more research and writing on it, and “Feetfellow” is the output of his extensive research in this category. Nichelle wants to share his knowledge with a broader audience, and he chooses the Feetfellow as an appropriate option.

Roy E. Gandy

Roy E. Gandy is the chief editor of our site Feetfellow. He was a sportsperson and now working for a famous footwear brand. In his early life, he was a runner.

Roy has more than 20+ trophies in his sports career after a significant leg injury he quit from sports. Then a famous footwear manufacturing company hired him as a quality in charge. It’s been almost eight years since he’s been working there.

He has very in-depth knowledge about different types of shoes from his sports career that maximize after joining the footwear manufacturing company. That’s why we have hired Roy to our team, and now he’s the chief editor of our site Feetfellow.

James E. Power

James E. Power is the senior author and technical writer of  Feetfellow. He’s with us from the beginning of our journey. After completing his English literature and linguistics graduation, he worked for many news firms and writing agencies. James is very creative in writing; he makes the thing so simple for his audience.

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