Are Reps Fake Shoes? Distinguish Between Reps & Original Shoes

Today’s markets are flooded with different categories of shoes, including original, replica, unauthorized, fake, and super fake. Choosing the original shoes from these categories is quite difficult for an ordinary consumer.

Besides, replica shoes are pretty similar to the original shoes, so anyone can easily be perplexed. If you’re so, it is common to have a question in your mind: are reps fake shoes?

Yes, reps shoes are fake, although they are quite similar to the original shoes in terms of quality and look. These shoes are usually close copies and resemble the original shoes that are difficult to distinguish. 

If you are wondering to know more in-depth information about reps shoes, go through the entire context.

What Do Reps Shoes Mean?

Reps mean replicas used in the shoe industry to refer to replica shoes. These shoes look 100% authentic but don’t carry the same brand identity.

What Do Reps Shoes Mean

Besides, reps shoes are made of almost the same materials and often have the same weight and overall design as the original product. So, it isn’t easy for anyone to distinguish between reps shoes and the original shoes.

There are different types of reps shoes, from sneakers or dress shoes, available on the markets without high price tags.

Are Reps Fake Shoes?

Different shoe brands, including Nike and Adidas, manufacture high-quality shoes which come with high price tags. Affording these high-priced shoes is sometimes challenging for those who have a tight budget.

That’s why different non-prominent shoe manufacturers produce reps shoes that look like the original brand shoes. The designs and built materials of these shoes are almost the same as the original shoes.

Are Reps Fake Shoes

So, no one can separate reps shoes from the original shoes with the naked eye. Besides, these shoes are available at less price than the original shoes.

Although reps shoes are made of good quality and look 100% similar to authentic shoes, these are still fake. This is because reps shoes don’t go through the original manufacturers’ supervision and test.

For that, the deterioration rate of these shoes is faster than the original shoes. It is quite difficult to assume how long reps shoes will be long-lasting, whereas the original shoes come with a specific life span.

What Are The Different Categories Of Reps Shoes?

There are five categories of reps shoes available, which come with almost the same look as the original shoes. Here we have talked about these categories shortly so that you can get an overall idea about different reps shoes.

What Are The Different Categories Of Reps Shoes

Super Max Perfect (SMP)

This type of reps shoes is made of high-quality materials like original shoes, making them difficult to distinguish from original products. Due to the high-quality built materials and meticulous designs, super max perfect reps shoes are more expensive than any other replica shoes.

Super Perfect (SP)

Super perfect reps shoes come with high durability, sturdiness, and similar designs to original shoes. These shoes are the perfect choice for those familiar with replica shoes. Compared to super max perfect reps shoes, these shoes come with slightly lower price tags.


Perfect reps shoes are made of unique materials like holographic or carbon fiber instead of using the same materials as the original products. Despite different materials, the designs of these shoes are quite similar to the original shoes.


Compared to other reps shoe categories, AAA is quite average quality. These shoes are constructed with low-quality materials, which makes them cheap to purchase. Besides, the designs of AAA category reps shoes are not accurate to the original shoes.


A category reps shoes are the lowest-quality products made of average materials. Due to the low build materials, these shoes are cheaper than any other reps shoes. Additionally, these shoes can be easily distinguished from the original shoes for their poor designs.

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Reps Shoes?

Along with numerous advantages, reps shoes come with some disadvantages too. Here we have outlined both advantages and disadvantages of reps shoes so that you can decide to purchase these shoes.

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Reps Shoes

Advantages Of Reps Shoes

  • While branded shoes come with high price tags, reps shoes offer different affordable price tags, which anyone can afford easily.
  • You can purchase reps shoes with the same designs and build materials as the original shoes for less money.
  • Reps shoes have a large quantity and variety of designs to choose from due to mass production.
  • Some reps shoes provide a long life expectancy similar to the original shoes, which ensures you can wear these shoes for a longer time.
  • Due to the lower price, you can easily purchase all the latest trends as reps shoes come into markets a few days after the original products are released.
  • No one can determine that you are wearing reps shoes that will make you feel comfortable and confident.

Disadvantages Of Reps Shoes

  • Unlike brand shoes, reps shoes don’t come with any guarantee since they are not rigorously tested or supervised.
  • The quality of the reps shoes doesn’t match the original shoes’ quality or the price tags.
  • Some reps shoes are manufactured with low-quality materials, which get torn and worn faster than the original shoes.

How To Differentiate The Original And Reps Shoes?

There are different ways you can distinguish the original and reps shoes. Some of the easiest ways to determine whether your chosen shoes are reps or original have been discussed below.

How To Differentiate The Original And Reps Shoes

  • Original shoes come with a QR code on the box to check the genuine manufacturer and brand. On the other hand, reps shoes don’t come with any QR code to check their genuineness.
  • Apart from the QR code, the original shoes are printed with the manufacturer number of the shoes, which can be used to verify on the manufacturer’s website. Reps shoes are not printed with any manufacturer number; even so, the number is fake.
  • Reps shoes don’t add accurate information on the tongue of the shoes, while original shoes contain accurate information about the shoe’s dimensions.
  • The price of the reps shoes won’t match the official website’s price lists, but the original shoe price will be matched.
  • Reps shoes offer 2-3 times less than the original shoe price, meaning less expensive shoes are replicas.

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Some Commonly Asked Questions About Reps Shoes

Shoe wearers are sometimes confused about reps and original shoes, as both are quite similar in appearance. This situation raises several questions in their mind. That’s why some of the commonly asked questions are answered here. Check this section; you may find the answer helpful.

Are Reps Shoes Legit?

Counterfeit products are made with malicious intent to deceive people. However, reps shoes are not sold as originals. Instead, these shoes are sold as identical brand products, which makes them completely legit.

Are Reps Shoes Worth Purchasing?

If you consider the price of the original shoes, purchasing reps shoes are completely worth it. But you have to compromise the quality of the shoes if you purchased reps shoes.

When Should You Purchase Reps Shoes?

If you are financially tight to afford high-priced brand shoes, purchasing reps shoes will be a good decision. By purchasing a pair of reps shoes, you can save around $700 or even $2000.


So, here’s all about reps shoes. You might gather a good idea about: are reps fake shoes, after reading the entire context. In general, reps shoes are quite similar to the original shoes and even some shoes use the same build materials.

But reps shoes are still fake as these shoes are not tested and supervised by the original manufacturers. So, it is better to differentiate between original and reps shoes before purchasing.

In that case, you can follow the tips discussed above to distinguish reps and original shoes. However, these shoes are an ideal choice for those who can’t afford the original shoes.

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