11 Best Running Shoes for Asphalt Reviews with Buying Guide (2023)

A pair of running shoes is almost part and parcel of every fitness freak. Whether you use them for daily jogging or marathons, running shoes with their quality, style and comfort truly uplift your daily life to the next level.

However, things can get tricky when you plan to hunt down the running shoes for asphalt. Asphalt is a highly abrasive material, and so normal shoes will face severe wear and tear. It’s not worth the investment.

So, what to do?

Well, investing in the best running shoes for asphalt could be a game-changing decision. These running shoes are made to withstand the abrasiveness of the asphalt better, ensuring a durable and consistent performance.

Plus, good running shoes for asphalt need proper cushioning to avoid any injuries and provide you with enough comfort.

If you are wondering which running shoes meet these requirements, you have hit the jackpot today. Here you will find the 11 top running shoes for asphalt that ensure high-quality craftsmanship, unique design, excellent comfort and safety, and above all, the durability you want.

So, let’s dive deep into the review.

Why Do You Need Running Shoes for Asphalt?

Asphalt and concrete have hard surfaces. So, when you hit the surface, it causes serious impact, and running continuously on the hard surface may create pain and ache on your feet. Thus, if your running shoes aren’t proper, it runs the risk of injuring your feet.

As a rule of thumb, regular running and jogging on asphalt surfaces may make you prone to injuries more. Thus, you must avoid wearing regular or ordinary shoes for asphalt.

You have to invest in a pair of good-quality running shoes. The shoe must have proper cushioning to protect your feet from impact. Plus, it should support absorbing the impact of shocks while running and jogging on the asphalt surface.

Next, you need to consider the abrasiveness of asphalt. The hard materials can take a toll on regular shoes.  A good-quality running shoe should withstand the wear and tear the asphalt surface may cost. An ordinary pair of shoes will fall apart by miles in this category.

So, you should get a specific pair of running shoes for asphalt for the following reasons-

  • The running shoe will protect your feet from immediate impact.
  • It will withstand the temperature fluctuations on the asphalt-made surface properly.
  • It is supportive to prevent shocks that a hard asphalt surface may cause
  • The running shoe soles are designed specially to reduce wear and tear due to the increased abrasiveness of the asphalt surface.

Table of Contents:

The running shoe on asphalt needs to be durable. Plus, it must ensure proper safety from impacts and shocks as you land on the asphalt surface.

11 Best Running Shoes for Asphalt Reviews 2023

Running or jogging on hard asphalt isn’t recommended. But in these modern days, it is unavoidable. The key is to reduce the impact and pain while running on the asphalt surface. We tested and reviewed 30+ running shoes to select these 11 top shoes from the top brands finally.

Best Running Shoes for Asphalt

Without much ado, let’s dive into it.

1. Editor’s Pick: Saucony Men’s Ride 13

The neutral Saucony men’s Ride 13, with its added underfoot cushioning, cleaner look, and easy fitting to any feet, is a top choice for trainer running shoes on the asphalt. It ensures your foot finds stability and comfort on any hard ground with reduced impact.

Once you look at its features, you will surely love the Saucony running shoe made to impress everyone.

Saucony Men's Ride 13

PWRRUN Cushioning:

The shoe comes with the latest PRWRUN cushioning. It is responsive and soft enough to handle any hard landing on any surface. Plus, its increased softness and flexibility means you will enjoy better comfort even during long hours of the running session.

Enhanced durability:

The shoe is made of premium materials. Its outsole is made with blown rubber and features UV and weatherproof ability. So, you can easily wear the shoe for a few seasons without any wear and tear, even on asphalt and concrete.

Comfy Fit:

The shoe has 3D printed overlays on its top portion, and the Formfit fabric has breathable mesh. It shows enough flexibility to fit into any foot without blisters and burns. Also, its softer cushioning won’t cause any pain around your ankle and toe.


Whether you sweat a lot or not, the running shoe is ready to take care of it. Its fabric has enough breathability to allow nice ventilation. So, your feet will remain dry with proper air circulation for comfortable training and running sessions.

Sleek design:

The beautiful 3D printed overlay combines its black and grey outlook to offer you a sleeker appearance. You can pair it with joggers, jeans and anything you want.

Technical Information

  • Weight: 9.07oz
  • Type: Neutral
  • Offset: 8mm
  • Color: Black and grey
  • Outsole: TriFlex
  • The shoe is amazingly lightweight
  • It’s enhanced cushioning ensures stability
  • Shock and impact resistance design
  • Flexible sole for comfortable feet on any feet
  • Responsive and supportive for heavy landing
  • Sufficient heel support for continuous running
  • Some say it runs small; check your fitting carefully

Why Buy It

The Saucony Ride 13 is a perfect combination of firmness and softness to ensure a soft landing as you run. Plus, it offers bounce and support on hard concrete and asphalt for comfy running sessions.

2. Best for diabetes: Brooks Women’s Ghost 13 Running Shoe

If you are on the hunt for a reliable and supportive shoe without too much sponginess, Brooks Women’s Ghost 13 can be your perfect running companion. Whether you run on a treadmill, rough asphalt, or perform cross-training, this running shoe is up for it.

Its unique design and strength make it one of the most sought-after shoes for running on asphalt. Its incredible features speak about its quality.

Nike Women's Running Shoes

PDAC A5500 Diabetic shoe:

Are you suffering from diabetes? Then, you must choose the Brooks Women’s Ghost. It has a PDAC A5500 diabetes certificate and has a flawless transition. So, you won’t feel distracted with your landings and focus better on running.

Soft and comfy cushioning:

We loved its DNA Loft and BioMogo cushioning the most. The underfoot cushioning doesn’t feel too soft or spongy either, as with many ordinary running shoes. On top of it, its responsiveness is just right enough for every foot.

Supportive and stable:

The shoe features neutral support and ensures maximum stability while landing. So, you can use it for versatile activities. You can use it in gyms, running on treadmills, and cross-training without any problem.

Excellent impact and shock-absorbance:

The shoe features a segmented crash pad. It combines with the nice cushioning to offer you maximum stability while reducing the impact on landing. So, you will be less likely to face any injuries and crashes due to hard landing on the asphalt surface.

Secure and comfortable fit:

Women always complain about their running shoe fitting problem. Brooks has heard their heart and designed this shoe with a 3D overlay print and breathable mesh. It offers the right stretchiness to fit into any foot without causing blisters and pain initially.

Technical Information

  • Weight: 8.08oz
  • Type: Neutral
  • Offset: 8mm
  • Color: Black
  • Cushion level: 2 to 3
  • Medium to high Energize for responsiveness
  • Soft and protective cushioning for comfort
  • Streamlined and lightweight design suits long run
  • Certified by PDAC A5500 for diabetic people
  • It breaks down quickly to avoid any blisters and burns
  • The shoe is pricey

Why Buy It

The Brooks Ghost 13 is the best women’s running shoes for asphalt, thanks to its supportive cushioning, perfect fit, and comfortable wearing experience. It is ideal for long runners, joggers, and anyone up for a bit of workout.

3. Best to prevent over-pronation: ASICS Men’s EvoRide Running Shoes

The ASICS Men’s Evo Ride is a perfect shoe for running on asphalt with excellent bounce, shock-absorbent facility, and lightweight feel that most runners want in their shoes. Also, the running shoe has neutral support while landing on hard and soft grounds equally. So, you will love how it changes your running style and elevates your comfort to the next level.

Brooks Women's Ghost 13 Running Shoe

Supreme and improved bounce:

As you run on asphalt, this EvoRide running shoe is ready to offer you improved bounce. It uses elastomer compound material for the energetic foam. Thanks to such innovative design, its bounce and springiness are too-notch that every runner would love to have in their shoes.

Curved sole:

The sole of this running shoe is slightly curved. It combines with the stiff forefoot to prevent unwanted ankle flexion. So, you won’t experience any bending around your ankle, which is a common injury to runners. Also, it absorbs shocks and impact and reduces fatigue to ensure a comfy running session.

Outstanding durability:

The outer sole of the shoe is made with premium rubber. It is lightweight and abrasion-resistant. Thus, it ensures that you enjoy maximum durability. It is crucial since asphalt is known for its abrasiveness which causes quick wear and tear of any shoe sole. Thankfully, EvoRide’s durable outer sole takes care of the matter seriously to ensure the maximum service life of the shoe.

Smooth transition:

With this shoe on your feet, you will experience the smoothest toe-to-heel transition. Thanks to its one-piece midsole and added cushioning, you can run swiftly without putting too much pressure on your feet. It, therefore, offers excellent comfort and safety while you are running or jogging intensively.

Affordable pricing:

Those who want affordable running shoes for asphalt runners must consider EvoRide from ASICS. It is priced reasonably well and has the features of a high-end running shoe. It fits everyone’s pocket and ensures maximum durability to be worth the investment.

Technical Information

  • Weight: 11.06oz
  • Type: Neutral
  • Color: Flash Coral
  • Cushion level: 2 to 3
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Cushion: Eva foam
  • The running shoe is priced pocket-friendly for all
  • Excellent duration with abrasion-resistant outer sole
  • Absorbs shock and impact to lessen crashes and fatigue
  • The transition from toe to heel is exceptionally smooth
  • Ideal for joggers, runners and gym training with ease
  • The shoe is slightly weighty that lessens the comfort

Why Buy It

The running shoe is affordable, durable, and high-performing. You will enjoy a boost in your confidence and up for running on any hard surface with it. Plus, the shoe offers a modern look that you can pair with any outfit for different occasions.

4. Best for responsiveness: Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 37 Running Shoe

Pegasus series is the longest-running trainer shoe and is equally popular among all people. Nike has put enough thought into designing this running shoe to set a new benchmark for the best running shoe on asphalt.

The Pegasus takes the best of its predecessor and subtly improves everything you wanted in the previous edition. This shoe has everything to be your favorite running shoe, from a new midsole to responsive cushioning and snappy fit.

ASICS Men's EvoRide Running Shoes

Lightweight midsole:

Nike has used their latest React Foam to construct the midsole. It is lightweight and durable. Also, you will enjoy excellent springiness with the midsole that ensures you stay stable and fatigue-free for the entire running session.

Enlarged air pocket:

The previous Pegasus edition had a nice and innovative air pocket for an improved bounce on every step. Nike says this time, the shoe has a 2X large air pocket, aka air zoom, which further boosts bounce and responsiveness for comfy running.

Smooth and soft feel:

Different shoe testers praised the high responsiveness and flexibility of the shoe. Also, its midsole design ensures a snappy riding experience. So, you won’t feel any fatigue and stress even after running miles after miles with this pair of shoes. Plus, it performs equally well on asphalt and soft surfaces.

Breathable upper:

The upper portion of the shoe has breathable mesh fabric. It is a bit thinner, and so, you should enjoy added breathability with it. It ensures your feet remain dry and cool even when the sun is scorching, and you ran a few miles. Plus, the upper is foot hugging that gives you a comfy feel from the toe to the heel.

Excellent outsole design:

Nike has invested a fair amount of thought in designing the unique outsole of the Pegasus 37. It has cut off a few millimeters of abrasive rubber, making the shoe lighter than most running shoes. It includes long lateral strips of rubber to prevent abrasion. On top of it, its lightweight sole design prevents fatigue and stress.

Technical Information

  • Weight: 05 Oz
  • Type: Neutral
  • Color: All black
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Cushion: React Foam
  • The responsive midsole offers excellent stability on every step
  • The outsole is non-abrasive with added traction for gripping
  • The midsole cushioning is comfortable for a snappy feel
  • Zoom air pocket to boost responsiveness and bounce while running
  • It lacks versatility compared to its previous editions

Why Buy It

If you plan for mid-level training and regular running, Nike’s Pegasus 37 is your best bet. It performs brilliantly on asphalt roads, cinder trails, and hard soil. Also, you can depend on its durability for regular abuses that are worth the money.

5. Best lightweight running shoe: New Balance Men’s FuelCell Rebel V1

An aggressive look, cushioned, and responsive riding combines with a durable design to make Fuel Cell Rebel V1 a top contender for the best running shoe on asphalt in our list. Also, a lightweight and breathable construction give you a comfy feel for long-running hours.

The most amazing part of the shoe is its feature-stacked benefits towards healthy and safe running for people.

Nike Men's Air Zoom Pegasus 37 Running Shoe

Built-in FuelCell Foam:

The shoe has a FuelCell midsole. It ensures a propulsive and responsive ride on every occasion and every surface. You will love its increased response with every step. So, your running will just get better. The technology has been integrated into its forefoot to offer such incredible comfort for every runner.

Neutral cushioning:

The neutral cushioning of Rebel V1 is designed to assist both midfoot and forefoot in the running greatly. The neutral positioning will ensure that you get maximum stability and steadiness with this pair of shoes on your feet. Plus, New Balance has deconstructed its heel section. It offers a lighter and steadier feel on the move.

Outstanding durability:

Another key benefit of this running shoe is its non-abrasive rubber sole. It is perfect for running on asphalt and other hard surfaces. Plus, its nice lateral lining improves grip with every step. So, you can enjoy better comfort and safety with it. Also, its premium material promises to last as long as you expect, or, maybe, a bit more than your expectation.

Bold and attractive design:

The shoe not only boosts your running confidence but also provides you with a bold and fashionable look that you will cherish forever. It is available in white and black color with a uniform finish to heighten your look. Also, its classic toe-shape goes well with any outfit.

Technical Information

  • Weight: 08 Oz
  • Type: Neutral
  • Color: White and black
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Cushion: FuelCell Foam
  • Plush midsole enhances comfort on every step
  • Lightweight shoe design removes fatigue and stress
  • Bold and attractive design improves your outlook
  • Breathable mesh fabric keeps your feet dry and cool
  • Nice responsiveness and flexibility for faster running
  • A few people said that it runs half size small, so be aware of picking the right size.

Why Buy It

The Rebel V1 shoe is stable, steady, and lightweight. You can choose it for faster running sessions, and a comfy plush feels around your ankle for a fatigue-free running and jogging time. Plus, the shoe ensures you don’t experience any ankle flexion with its thickened cushioning.

6. Best for Women’s: Nike Structure 22 Women’s Running Shoe

Another pair of the best women’s running shoes for asphalt comes from Nike that feels secure, snappy, and long-lasting the first time you wear it. The shoe is built with improved Air Zoom technology to enhance steadiness and cushioning on the forefoot for neutral runners.

Once you look at its features, you will surely love its sleek stability and support for faster and longer running sessions.

New Balance Men's FuelCell Rebel V1 Running Shoe

Sound design:

Many runners have pronated ankles and arches. So, they will often face the collapse of their ankle inwardly, which deters their movement and running session badly. Thanks to the sturdy design of this shoe, you won’t face over-pronation anymore. Its firmer foam unleashes added support to help you keep injury-free and up for running.

Versatile application:

The Structure 22 running shoe is made for all women. Plus, you can wear it on gyms, hard surfaces, and running tracks, and not to mention on asphalt roads. Thus, you get an unmatched versatility that combines with its unique steadiness to be one of the top choices for every woman.

Dynamic support:

One of the best parts of wearing Nike’s Women Structure 22 shoe is its versatile and dynamic support throughout your feet. It has a flywire cable. It secures the top superbly. Plus, its Zoom Air on the forefoot ensures a smooth transition that neutral runners will heap priced. Also, its cushioning is low-profile, which further boosts your steadiness with the shoe.

Lightweight and comfy feel:

You will love how it wraps your entire foot with a snug and comfy feel. Plus, breathable mesh fabric on the top ensures proper ventilation. It is truly amazing for running in the scorching sun and tropical regions. Also, its bootie wrap promises to bring a one-of-a-kind running experience for every runner on any ground.

Technical Information

  • Weight: 9 Oz
  • Type: Neutral
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Offset: 8mm
  • Air Zoom: Yes
  • Excellent outlook supports every outfit with a comfy fit
  • Wraps around your feet without any heavier feel
  • Prevents pronation of your ankle and arches for safety
  • Easy to put on and off with notch right at its tongue
  • The shoe is slightly overpriced

Why Buy It

The Nike Zoom Structure offers maximum stability and support to eliminate over-pronation. Also, it offers a lighter feel that boosts running comfort. This shoe will be a perfect addition to your shoe rack, whether a casual runner or an athlete.

7. Best running shoe on Budget: Adidas Men’s Adizero Boston 8 Running Shoe

Adidas’s Adizero is another affordable running shoe for asphalt runners that you can count on for reliability, comfort, and durable service life. The shoe comes with a secure fit with great flexibility to offer you a faster and better feel with every step.

On top of it, the running shoe is made of premium fabric that isn’t going to wear and tear even after extreme abuses.

adidas Men's Adizero Boston 8 Running Shoe

Secure fit:

The new Adizero Boston 8 features heel and midfoot lock. So, you will enjoy a great run with a secure fit. Plus, it combines flexibility and firmness perfectly to offer you a comfortable feel on longer runs. Thus, it suits both long and short running sessions for every person and trainer.

Breaks quickly:

Blisters and burns are a frustrating problem with running shoes, especially when they don’t break down soon. The Adizero Boston has figured out the problem. Thus, their engineered fabric helps to break down the shoe quickly to protect your feet from blisters. It means the shoe is ready for use right out of the box.

Lightweight shoe design:

The best part of this Boston 8 series is its lightweight design. It comes in handy who train for distance. Also, when you want to speed up, the lightweight shoe will help you greatly. Plus, it’s soft cushioning will protect your feet from hard landings.

Responsive and breathable:

Wed has already spoken about its supportive cushioning. What’s more, it is excellently responsive. So, you will find improved bounce with every step. Plus, the top part is made with breathable mesh. It helps in keeping your feet dry and cool during long-distance runs and heavy training.

Technical Information

  • Weight: 1 Oz
  • Type: Neutral
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Offset: 8mm
  • The shoe is priced affordably, and so fits everyone’s pocket
  • Breathable mesh fabric ensures a dry and cool feel during long-distance runs
  • Excellent cushioning is supportive and neutral for comfy wearing
  • The easy and lightweight feel is ideal for running on asphalt surfaces
  • The toe end isn’t roomy enough

Why Buy It

An Adidas quality shoe at a pocket-friendly price is a dream of many people. Thus, you can get the Boston 8 series without a second thought. Its durability and cushioned plush feel truly elevate your running and training session like a pro-athlete.

8. Best for secure fit: HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Clifton 7 Running Shoe

If you want premium performance and minimal injury risk to run on asphalt, Hoka Clifton 7 is should be your premier selection. Its durable midsole with nice cushioning and supportive design will ensure you enjoy running on asphalt for a longer time without any stress and fatigue.

Also, the shoe features a trendy design that will elevate your look with any outfit. Plus, the lightweight feel it gives is incredibly smooth and high-performing.

HOKA ONE ONE Men's Clifton 7 Running Shoe

Seamless upper layer:

When you look at the upper mesh fabric of the running shoe, you will found the difference quickly. Its breathable mesh fabric with larger spores improves ventilation. It has been engineered to offer an excellent cooler feel even when the outside is sweaty and humid.

Abrasion-free design:

The lining of the Clifton shoe is too made of breathable fabric. At one point, it boosts ventilation for added comfort. On the contrary, the fabric is abrasion-free which is ideal for wearing on asphalt surfaces. It makes sure you can use the shoes for an extended period.

Shock absorbent and stable:

The shoe has an EVA foam midsole. It is not only bouncy but also highly stable. It is thicker than the standard midsole. So, you get better cushioning and also feature improved shock absorbent ability. Thus, you remain safe and secure even after a hard landing on the abrasive asphalt surface.

Better grip:

Another amazing benefit of the Clifton running shoe is its rubber inserts on the midsole. So, you shall enjoy a better grip. Also, the outer rubber sole features excellent traction on the road even when it is wet. Therefore, you shouldn’t experience any falls.

Stylish design:

The shoe comes in multiple colors. Its uniform finish with a standard toe and flawless construction gives it a bold and modern look. So, you can wear it with any jeans and pants without worrying about the look.

Technical Information

  • Weight: 57 Oz
  • Type: Neutral
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Offset: 5mm
  • The stability on the rear foot has improved
  • Lightweight upper with added ventilation
  • Secure and comfy fit without any pronation
  • The bold design looks amazing in most conditions
  • Lacks softness for heavy training and fast runners

Why Buy It

The comfortable shoe for asphalt is worth the money. It gives you a lighter feel and reduces pain and stress around your ankle for safe and secure use.

9. Best for wet surfaces: ALTRA Men’s AL0A4VQL Rivera Road Running Shoe

Slimmer, comfier, and better, that’s what describes the Altra Men’s running shoe properly. The wear-to-ready shoe is an amazing performance trainer. Its responsiveness and lightweight comfort blend with special engineering to offer you a top-of-the-line running experience.

Also, the Rivera series is ready for every road and every runner. You will heap praise it once you put in on every time.

ALTRA Men's AL0A4VQL Rivera Road Running Shoe

Comfy and responsiveness:

The manufacturer has used their specially engineered Altra Ego midsole. The midsole feature a neutral Inner flex design. Thus, the midsole is perfect for neutral riders with added flexibility and comfort. It also improves your running performance superbly.

Easy relaxation:

The midsole, as we described, has a smooth running experience. Also, the toe has Footshape technology. So, it will spread and relax to match your feet. It improves your comfort and coziness on every ride.

Humanized design:

The Rivera shoe is designed to mimic human feet perfectly. The heel resembles a human heel. So, the toe to heel transition of the running shoe is smoother and cozier without any pronation and injury possibility.

Shock-absorbent cushioning:

The cushioned and plush platform is ideal for hard landings. The cushioning makes sure that the heel and forefoot of the shoe are in the same alignment. It helps in shock-absorbent and impact-resistant features so that you remain injury-free even during the hardest landing.

Breathable and ready to go:

The Rivera shoe comes with breathable upper fabric. On top of it, the shoe is ready to go on the road. You will love its cooler comfort while running on the asphalt ground with increased performance.

Technical Information

  • Weight: 1 Oz
  • Type: Neutral
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Cushion: Moderate
  • Stack height: 26mm
  • Excellent traction handles wet conditions better
  • Flexible fitting with plush cushioning for comfy running
  • The shoe is ready to wear for open and asphalt roads
  • Brilliant designing for a bold outlook that men will praise
  • Nothing reported so far except for its durability

Why Buy It

If you love the Altra Escalante, you will also love the Rivera for sure. It mimics your humanized heel and supports moderate cushioning for performance training. Thus, you can run at an improved pace and for a longer session.

10. Best for medical reimbursement: Gravity Defyer Men’s G-Defy XLR8 Running Shoes

When it comes to running on asphalt, you focus on the stability and reliability of your shoe the most. Thankfully, Gravity Defyer is a top-tier shoe for stability. Plus, it offers excellent cushioning for training and running without any over-pronation.

Gravity Defyer Men's G-Defy XLR8

Injury prevention:

The shank of the shoe has hardened TPU material for added firmness. It thus offers a plush cushioning to prevent injuries. Whether you walk or run, its lateral stability is ready to take care of your foot with supreme protection. Thus, you won’t feel ankle and heel injuries which are common causes for running on asphalt.

Anti-slip heel:

Another feature of the shoe that deserves accolades is its anti-slip heel counter. It is designed with nice gripping. So, you shouldn’t face any slippage. Also, it prevents inflammation from boosting your running confidence.

Multi-density midsole:

The midsole is designed to mimic human feet with the highest degree of precision. Thus, it uses VersoCloud multi-density foamed midsole. Also, it includes Trizone design. Both features combine for the perfect responsiveness to return maximum energy as you run on any hard surface. On one side, it delays your fatigue and, on the other hand, boosts your running performance.

Perforated finish:

Apart from the cushioned midsole, the G-Defy running shoes also promise to ensure maximum ventilation. Thanks to its perforated finish with breathable fabric, you may enjoy the direst and coolest feel even after hours of running and training sessions.

Anti-microbial lining:

The lining cover of the shoe includes an anti-microbial feature. So, you are less likely to face any infections. Plus, it ensures your feet remain safe from any bacterial attack due to over sweating for a comfier feel.

Technical Information

  • Weight: 8 Oz
  • Type: Neutral
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Cushion: High
  • You get improved lateral support to prevent injuries
  • It has A5500 certification for medium reimbursement
  • Includes Corrective Fit Orthotics worth $50 for body alignment
  • Reduces foot stress with a continuous front rolling design
  • The shoe is bulkier compared to other shoes on the list

Why Buy It

If you are a seasoned runner, you know the importance of stability and firmness to prevent injuries. Thus, the G-Defy running shoe will be a perfect addition to any shoe rack for amateur and pro runners on asphalt and hard ground.

11. Best for impact and shock-resistance: Mizuno Men’s Wave Creation 20 Running Shoe

Are you on the lookout for affordable running shoes for asphalt runners? Then you must grab your hands on this incredible Mizuno Wave Creation. It takes the best of its predecessor and features more bounce and cushioning for pro runners.

Mizuno Men's Wave Creation 20 Running Shoe

Infinity wave:

The newly designed infinity wave is the main selling point of this great shoe. The infinity wave provides the shoe with a responsive and supportive cushion. So, you enjoy better bounce, and the energy is put back to your feet to relieve stress during hard training.

Secure fit:

The Wave Creation offers a secure midfoot that fits the feet without any problem. It has a heat welded cage ensuring flexibility and firmness at its forefoot. So, you will enjoy better stability and fitting while running and walking with the shoe pair.

Perforated design:

Both the heel and upper mesh have a perforated design. Thus, you will get better cushioning and support on every inch of your feet. Plus, the perforated design allows better ventilation of the shoe. It enhances running comfort on pavements and asphalt equally.

Unique sockliner:

The shoe has set new standards for asphalt running shoes with its sockliner. Thus, its midsole has a nice soft foamy layer where you can rest your feet. It simply boosts your comfort and ensures a soft landing to reduce impact. Thus, you can run with confidence without worrying about injury risks.

Ultra-durable construction:

The Wave series features an outstanding design with premium material. It ensures durable and long-lasting performance. Whether you run on asphalt or rigid pavement, this shoe will withstand everything that comes in its way. Some say you can run on the fire with it and still enjoy a blister-free wearing experience.

Technical Information

  • Weight: 6 Oz
  • Type: Neutral
  • Outsole: Blown rubber
  • Drop: 15mm
  • Sockliner cushioning eliminates impact on landing
  • Infinity Wave design for perfect comfort and stability
  • Excellent durability and support for heavy running
  • Superior ventilation for a comfy and cool interior
  • It is the heaviest shoe on our list

Why Buy It

The shoe is made to perform better on an abusive asphalt platform. Plus, its high-performing features come a long way to boost your running pace and comfort. Also, the shoe is affordable and forgiving for every foot.

Things to Consider When Buying Running Shoes for Asphalt

Buying Running Shoes for Asphalt

Outdoor walking and jogging are becoming more and more popular these days. Also, fitness freaks are opting for outdoor activities instead of indoor gyms and workouts. However, they start running on the outdoor asphalt surface with their indoor shoes.

It is a fatal mistake since indoor shoes are made to work on softer ground. It is difficult from the asphalt surface. Thus, these shoes don’t deliver durable performance on hard asphalt. Also, it can’t save you from impacts and hard landings.

Therefore, investing in a good running shoe for asphalt is the key to your success. And for this, you need to look at a few important factors closely. Or else, your investment may be a futile one.

Check the fit:

Suppose you have bought the best shoe for running on asphalt, but it doesn’t fit your feet properly. Will it be a good choice? –Never.

Thus, irrespective of the shoe’s aesthetics and quality, you have to focus on the correct fit more than anything else. Or you won’t enjoy better comfort, and it may injure you. So, focusing on getting the correct fit is important.

Walking shoes will usually feel tighter when you run. During running, human feet will expand slightly. You should try out a few models and choose the one that fits you the best. It should feel comfy and relaxed on your feet.

Arch support:

Every person comes with a different arch. Luckily there’re good quality running shoes or asphalt for every type of arch. You just need to pick the one that ensures maximum support to your arch.

That being said, neutral running shoes are the most suitable ones with improved arch support. It is a better option for high arch people. Also, it should feature sufficient cushioning to protect you from any over-pronation.

If you have a normal arch, choose a shoe pair with moderate arch support and midsole. It will have enough cushions for the arch support. Also, if you have a flat foot, buying a pair of motion control shoes could save you from over-pronation. These shoes are firmer and less flexible to offer an impact and shock-absorbing facility.

Construction and durability:

When you run faster on asphalt, the shoe becomes highly susceptible to wear and tear on the asphalt ground. Asphalt is known for its abrasiveness which can ruin the outsole of the shoe soon. So, you have to invest in a new pair of running shoes.

Therefore, you need to look at the durability of the outer sole of the shoe. Ideally, it should be non-abrasive around the heel and toe. Plus, the underfoot must withstand the wear and tear with ease. Last but not least, the upper sole also must be made of premium material to ensure maximum longevity without any damage.

Comfort and cushioning:

Asphalt is generally hard. So, when you land your foot on the surface, it will receive extreme shock and impact. Henceforth, the running shoe for asphalt should have enough cushioning to prevent the impacts of a hard landing.

When you have supportive cushioning under your foot, you can run without any risks of injury and ankle twists. It will be a great relief to focus better on running instead of wasting time on your landing safety.

Heel drop:

The distance from your toe to heel is known as heel drop. It determines the smoothness of your heel-to-toe transition. The shoemakers refer to it as offset as well.

Ideally, you need to pick from the following two options-

  • 0-4mm offset measurement for those who are heel strikers. These shoes are known as minimalist ones allowing you to mimic natural movement.
  • Some people hit the surface with their toes. These are called foot strikers and need a maximalist pair of running shoes with 5-8mm offset measurement. Its thicker midsole cushioning prevents injuries.

Also, the transition from the toe to heel must be smooth and seamless for the runners. Or you will lose comfort and consistency.

Responsiveness and bounce:

Ideally, the midsole and lower sole of the running shoe should be responsive and bouncy. It will release and return a substantial amount of energy to your feet. Thus, you are less likely to face any fatigue and stress even after running for hours. Also, it will boost your running comfort superbly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I run barefoot on asphalt?

Running barefoot on asphalt may cause you injuries from hard landings. Thus, you should choose a pair of good running shoes for running on the hard asphalt surface. It will minimize the risks of injuries and shocks.

Can I use shoes for asphalt on trials?

Although asphalt running shoes are designed to work better on an asphalt surface, you can also wear them for some moderate trails. Make sure the shoe has enough cushioning and support for the trail.

Is it harmful to run on asphalt roads?

Yes, almost 56% of people running on asphalt surfaces reported that they had developed Achilles Tendon and another 40% reported suffering from knee injuries. Thankfully, you can wear a quality running shoe to get rid of these problems on asphalt.

What is better for running, asphalt or concrete?

Generally speaking, running on asphalt is a better option than concrete. Nonetheless, you have to wear a good-quality running shoe for asphalt to prevent any injuries and impacts.

How to prevent injuries when running on asphalt?

You should choose a pair of shoes with good and supportive cushioning. Also, it should have a smooth transition and the right amount of support. Also, it should stop over-pronation.

Final Verdict

When you hit the market, you will find many shoes claiming to be ideal for an asphalt surface. But not all of them are the best running shoes for asphalt with appropriate flexibility, cushioning, and durability. So, the job can be daunting.

But, we made it easy for you with these top 11 selections for running shoes on the asphalt. If you are still confused about which pair of running shoes to choose, here’s our pick.  The Saucony Men’s Ride 13 is a great fit for men, thanks to its lightweight design, flexible sole, and enhanced shock resistance.

And for women, Nike Structure 22 Women’s Running Shoes could be the right choice. It has enough stability with cushioning to help you run with confidence. It wraps around your entire feet with ease and also goes perfectly well with any outfit.

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