8 Best Running Shoes For Concrete Floors Reviews – Updated 2023

The feet of a human carry the weight of the whole body. So, it is already positioned pretty delicately. And then we walk and run to make the job four our feet harder. But it becomes the hardest for your feet to tolerate enhanced pressure and stress when we decide to run on the concrete.

Thus, investing in the best running shoes for concrete floors is the only way to go to relieve our feet from such a difficult and stupendous workload. A good quality pair of shoes for running on concrete features proper cushioning, excellent transition, and support to combat the unforgiving concrete floors.

Thus, you will enjoy safety and comfort even while running on the toughest cemented floor with ease. However, choosing the right running shoes for the concrete floor can be a daunting task with virtually unlimited options.

But, we have done it for you.

Here, you will find the top 8 running shoes for men and women on a concrete floor with a detailed buying guide.

So, read this article if you don’t want to injure your feet through hard landings on concrete and stay glued to bed for weeks.

Why Do You Need Running Shoes For Concrete Floor?

Although most people won’t notice it, concrete is harder than truck and asphalt surfaces. So, it is more likely to hurt your feet than other running grounds. When you run faster, and for a longer period on a concrete floor without proper running shoes, you may experience the following impacts-

  • When your feet hit the concrete floor continuously at speed, it increases foot fatigue. Thus, even 30 minutes of hard running on concrete may leave your foot with aches and fatigue that may slowly develop into chronic pain.
  • Running on the concrete with regular shoes on without proper support and cushioning causes strain and stress throughout your ankle, knee joints, lower limbs, and even around the waistline. If it isn’t treated timely, it will develop into a lower bad back. Good quality running shoes for concrete saves you from such strenuous moments.
  • The high impact caused by landing your feet on concrete while running may damage different parts of your feet and limbs. You can avoid such painful moments by wearing good-quality concrete running shoes.

These days, running shoes are designed especially for concrete floors considering other toe and ankle shapes of humans. So, with them on your feet, you are better prepared for running, jogging, and hard training to improve your performance.

Also, these running shoes will ensure that you don’t experience any injuries which can detain your daily life. So, you not only enjoy safety but also boosted your confidence when you run on concrete with a pair of premium running shoes.

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8 Best Running Shoes For Concrete Floors Reviews 2023

Running on the hard concrete floor regularly will inevitably take its toll on your soft feet. It may cause your over-pronation, minor injuries, and even stress you out quickly. Henceforth, you must look for a pair of good quality running shoes on a concrete floor without any safety issues.

Best Running Shoes For Concrete Floors

Here, we present 8 top choices of running shoes for running on a concrete floor all day.

1. Editor’s Pick: HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Bondi 6 Running Shoe

With redesigned EVA-midsole, META-Rocker technology, and outstanding durability, the Hoka One Bondi 6 is a top contender for the best running shoes for walking on concrete floors all day.

The META-Rocker technology has been slightly refined for the Bondi series. So, you will enjoy better stability and support with every stride on the concrete hardness. Also, the shoe feels comfy and cool even after hours of running.

HOKA ONE ONE Mens Bondi 6 Running Shoe

Maximum cushioning

The Bondis 6 features excellent cushioning. The midsole is made of premium EVA foam. It provides you with enough support to run faster on the concrete surface without any worry. It also has proper leveling of the midsole, so you get an even fit from the toe to the heel.

Meta-Rocker technology

The shoe boasts of incredible Meta-Rocker technology from Hoka One. It improves a better gait cycle thanks to its unique fulcrum effect. Thus, you will enjoy its added safety that makes your running sessions easy and fun.

Anti-slip outsole

The outsole is made of slip-resistant and UV-protected rubber. It has excellent traction so that you won’t slip even on wet grounds. Plus, its durable construction is ready to receive the wear and tears of a hard concrete floor for an extended period.

Lycra fabric frame

The frame has Lycra fabric frame construction. On top of it, it uses breathable mesh fabric on the upper portion. So, you will enjoy a comfier and cooler feel during the running session. Also, even heel-to-toe drop provides wobbling-free running comfort.

Shock and impact-resistant

The key benefit of Bondi 6 is its highest level of cushioning and support. It relieves you from the shocks and impacts of a hard landing on the concrete floor. So, you will remain safe for most parts of your running session.


  • Weight: 10.2 oz
  • Heel to Toe Drop: 10.3mm
  • Forefoot Height: 32mm
  • Flexibility: Stiff
Why Do We Love It
  • Non-slip and gripping outer rubber sole construction
  • The spacious toe box is ideal for fuller feet person
  • It is available in many attractive and eye-catchy colors
  • A hugging comfort to the ankle enhances support
What Should Improve
  • The sole at the lower part detaches rather too soon
  • The shoes are slightly expensive

Why You Should Buy It

The Bondi 6 is well-cushioned, comfy, ventilated, and excellent-looking. You will find the shoe excellently designed and supportive to your feet without any inconvenience.

2. Best for transition: Brooks Men’s Glycerin 18 Running Shoe

Thanks to the enhanced cushioning, Brooks Men’s Glycerin 18 offers maximum support for your feet. Plus, its DNA-LOFT cushioning provides a softer feel to remove fatigue and stress.

The running shoe also features a plush transition zone. So, your heel-to-toe transition becomes smoother and comfier for extreme running and training sessions. Also, you won’t feel any imbalance while running on the concrete floor.

New Balance Women's W1540V2 Running Shoe

Super DNA midsole

The key point of Glycerin 18 is its super-soft DNA-LOFT midsole. It features increased cushioning. Also, you will enjoy its softness along with its excellent responsiveness. As you won’t lose any responsiveness, you won’t feel fatigued soon.

OrthoLite Sockliner

OrthoLite insole is known for holding its shape. In fact, it will compress only 5% throughout its entire life. So, you will enjoy proper fit always, which boosts your running performance thanks to its improved response and energy-feedback.

Outstanding versatility

The Glycerin 18 running shoe offers you excellent versatility that you will always heap praise for. Although its primary purpose is to keep your feet safe and comfy while running on the concrete floor, you can use it in gyms, roads, and cross-training. You can also wear it for your casual strolls and works.

Plush fabric fit

The shoe uses plush fabric for the upper portion. It stretches slightly when you run to match your stride and foot’s expandability. Plus, the well-ventilated mesh upper provides a cooler and drier feel. So, you will get a hugging to feel throughout your running time.

Comfortable transition

Glycerin 18 offers one of the smoothest toes to heel transitions, thanks to the plush transition zone. So, you will not face any twisting of your ankle and enjoy the responsiveness to get back maximum energy to the feet. It boosts running comfort and stability.


  • Weight: 10.2 oz
  • Heel to Toe Drop: 10mm
  • Forefoot Height: 30mm
  • Flexibility: Soft
Why Do We Love It
  • A bold and modern outlook fits every wardrobe and style
  • The perfect combination of softness and firmness ensures support
  • Nice hugging feel throughout your feet with plush fabric
  • Stretchiness matches your stride and feet during the running time
What Should Improve
  • The stitching isn’t impressive

Why You Should Buy It

The Glycerin 18 running shoe permits you to increase your running speed without compromising comfort and safety. Also, when you plan for a long-distance run, the shoe will be a perfect addition to your shoe rack.

3. Best for secure fit: Saucony Men’s Triumph 17 Running Shoe

The Triumph 17 is one of the best running shoes to wear on concrete floors, thanks to its enhanced support and cushioning. It has brilliant alignment from toe to heel and boosts transition.

Also, Triumph 17 has fixed the issues of breathability with larger perforated holes from its predecessors. Experts also heap praise for its bold and modern design that goes well with every outfit.

Brooks Mens Glycerin 18 Running Shoe

Perfect balance

The key selling point of Saucony’s Triumph 17 is its perfect balance of speed, comfort, and safety. Thanks to its PWRRUN outsole, you will get a lighter feel with every step. In fact, it is 28% lighter than standard running shoes.

360-degree plush fit

The midsole of the shoe is made using FormFit material. It provides a nice luxurious feel throughout your foot. Plus, you will enjoy its 360-degree hugging comfort that allows you to perform hard training with this shoe without any wobbling.

Better flexibility

The PWRRUN sole boosts the flexibility of the shoe 2X times more. It means you will have a better response and bounce from the outer and midsole. Thanks to such a bouncy and springy feel, you need less power for each step. It is beneficial for long-running sessions.

Outstanding cushioning

On top of everything, PWRRUN cushioning lasts longer than EVA foam. So, you won’t lose the responsiveness and bouncy comfort soon. Also, it tackles the impact and shocks of hard concrete floors better than anything else.

Bold design

Apart from its comfort, stability, and balance, we liked its unique design the most. Its bold appearance with classic colors makes it a favorite choice for youngsters. You can easily pair it with your jeans or pants for casual occasions.


  • Weight: 10.7 oz
  • Heel to Toe Drop: 8mm
  • Flexibility: Soft
  • Category: Neutral
Why Do We Love It
  • Enhanced cushioning reduces the impact of a hard landing
  • FormFit provides a nice hugging feel on the upper part
  • The cushioning is long-lasting and ideal for every runner
  • Outstanding design to meet the contemporary necessities
What Should Improve
  • The shoe is expensive
  • Only three color availability

Why You Should Buy It

The Saucony’s Triumph 17 will immediately show how enhanced cushioning makes a difference in your running performance. Its high responsiveness means you won’t stress out even after hours of hard training also.

4. Best for dynamic support: ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 27 Running Shoes

ASICS has developed amazing fame and trust among runners that no running shoe category is complete without their shoes. This Gel-Kayano 27 running shoe also features excellent support, unrivaled stability, and premium running performance.

The shoe features a dynamic support system along with GEL technology for cushioning on both rearfoot and forefoot. Thus, you will enjoy its comfort with every stride.

Saucony Men's Triumph 17 Running Shoe

Superior bounce

Want to experience supreme bounce and response? Then, get your hands on the Gel-Kayano 27 right now. Its elastomer compound offers an energetic foam formula. So, you will enjoy the maximum response and bounce with every moment. It also lessens the impact and shocks affect.

Trusstic technology

Trusstic technology comes forward to reduce the midsole weight. Plus, the trusstic technology is designed to work differently for men’s and women’s shoes. Thus, runners will praise their reduced weight for comfort and stability.

Dynamic support

ASICS has used the Duo-Max system to improve the dynamic support of the shoe. You will get better stability and cushioning. Its enlarged platform support covers your entire feet to offer a safe running time in all conditions. The support is an incredible benefit for running on hard concrete.

Engineered upper mesh

The upper part of the shoe has jacquard mesh fabric. At one end, it increases breathability, and on the other side, it lasts longer than any fabric. Thus, you will get better ventilation and durability from the shoe. It also ensures that your feet remain cool and dry after hours of running which prevents slippage.

External heel counter

The pair of shoes for running on concrete also accentuates its external heel counter. It enhances stability and protects your ankle from over-pronation. So, you remain safe and confident while training, running, and jogging on any surfaces, including concrete and cement.


  • Weight: 11.1 oz
  • Heel to Toe Drop: 10mm
  • Flexibility: Soft
  • Cushioning: Maximum
  • Category: Neutral
Why Do We Love It
  • Excellent response and bounce with Gel technology
  • Versatile applications for concrete, asphalt, and treadmill
  • Ideal for people with neutral foot due to added support
  • The outer sole has nice traction and grip for wet concrete floors
What Should Improve
  • At 11.1oz, the shoe feels weighty and a little uncomfortable

Why You Should Buy It

If you are a fan of maximum cushioning, stability, and just about the right balance, you must have the ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 27 in your wardrobe collection. It may not increase your running pace but offers consistent performance for a longer period.

5. Best for comfort: Mizuno Men’s Wave Creation 20 Running Shoe

The Mizuno Wave Creation 20 is the best affordable running shoe for concrete floors that you can count on for durability, performance, and safety. The shoe comes with Wave technology to give an asymmetric feel throughout your foot.

The Creation 20 is also known for its sockliner design, ensuring a comfy and snug feel for the entire foot. As it fits snuggly, you remain safe from shocks and impacts that come along running on the concrete floor.

ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 27 Running Shoes

Infinity Wave technology

The all-new Infinity Wave technology running along the sole ensures an even ground. It boosts the cushioning to maximum and eliminates any risks of wobbling. So, your ankle and toe are less likely to face any twisting and injuries.

Soft and bouncy

Thanks to the updated Wave technology for the Creation 20, you are guaranteed to get incredible bounce and softness from the midsole. The bouncy and springy feel relieves you from stress and fatigue by returning maximum energy to your feet with every move.

Sock line comfort

The Sockline fitting of the Creation 20 is something that gets unnoticed mostly. But it provides an outstandingly comfy feel. Thus, you will enjoy its sock-like fitting without any tighter feel and nice stretchiness.

Breathable air mesh

The upper side of the shoe facilitates well-ventilation. Thankfully, it comes with highly breathable mesh. So, you won’t face any sweating inside the shoe, even if the outside is scorching like hell. It enhances your running comfort.

Durable rubber sole

The outer sole of the shoe is made of heat-treated rubber. It won’t wear and tear anytime soon, even on the hardest concrete floor. Thus, Creation20 I ready to deliver you unmatched performance for an incredibly long period.


  • Weight: 13.6 oz
  • Heel to Toe Drop: 10mm
  • Cushioning: Maximum
  • Category: Neutral
Why Do We Love It
  • It has amazing arch support for stability and steadiness
  • The blown rubber outsole provides excellent traction
  • Breathable for use in indoor concrete floors and summertime
  • Sock-like fitting with a nice snug feel throughout the entire foot
What Should Improve
  • The toe size is narrow and lacks room
  • Heavier construction

Why You Should Buy It

Mizuno Wave Creation 20 is for those who love speed and hard training. Its soft padding and firmer feel are useful to increases your running pace quickly. Plus, the shoe is supportive of lessening the impacts for safe runs.

6. Best for balance: ALTRA Men’s ALM1948G Paradigm 4.5 Road Running Shoe

Altra’s Paradigm series is ideal for running on concrete as it protects your feet from harshness with excellent cushioning and flexibility. The shoe facilitates easy relaxation of your feet through natural spreading as you run.

Paradigm 4.5 is, therefore, among the best running shoes for concrete floors with extended comfort and durability. Once you start wearing the shoe for a longer period, you will immediately feel the difference it brings.

Mizuno Men's Wave Creation 20 Running Shoe

Responsiveness midsole

The shoe uses the Altra Ego midsole. It spreads naturally as your feet stretch during a running session. Plus, it is responsive enough to return maximum energy to your feet with a great bouncy feel. So, you can run for a longer period with this shoe.

Excellent guiding

Its unique guiding system mimics AI technology. The StabiliPod technology comes with dynamic support. It will only activate the guiding when you need it. Also, it is pretty easy and comfy as it doesn’t burden you.

Balanced cushioning

The shoe ensures that you have placed your forefoot and heel at the same distance from the solid ground. So, you will enjoy better balance and stability. Thus, you will face less impact and shocks with enhanced safety.

Natural expansion

Another key feature of the shoe is its natural expansion of the midsole to mimic the stretchiness of your foot while running. Thus, it helps your toe to relax better. Also, it boosts stability for uphill and downhill rides with increased steadiness.

Quick-dry mesh

The shoe features a breathable mesh fabric on its top. It helps in the quick drying of your feet to eliminate sweating and boosts coolness. So, you stay confident and comfy with its dryness.


  • Weight: 11.2oz
  • Cushioning: Maximum
  • Category: Neutral
  • Shaft Height: 30mm
Why Do We Love It
  • The Paradigm shoe is an ideal fit for a week and tired feet
  • Lightweight shoe with great cushioning for safe runs
  • Breaks in extremely fast to prevent blisters and burns
  • Returns maximum energy to your feet with a quick response
What Should Improve
  • The stack height is rather uncomfortable
  • The upper portion is a bit shallow

Why You Should Buy It

ALTRA Men’s Paradigm 4.5 is a perfect running for beginners. It’s outstanding cushioning, support, and responsiveness make it a perfect choice for avid runners to increase their performance.

7. Best for women: New Balance Women’s W1540V2 Running Shoe

The New Balance W1540V2 is the best women’s running shoes for concrete floors, and it also comes in relatively affordable pricing. This shoe is one of the premium collections of New Balance and offers incredible comfort and safety while running.

Also, it is recommended for medical reimbursement, which is a rare feature among running shoes. So, you can trust its reliability and comfort with every stride.

ALTRA Men's ALM1948G Paradigm 4.5 Road Running Shoe

Medicare supported

Experts appreciated the Medicare support that this shoe brings. It has A5500 certification and so is usable for medical reimbursement. So, you can save a few backs for medical treatment while buying this pair of shoes.

Dual-density midsole

The shoe comes with a soft cushioning for the midsole. It has dual-density collar foam. So, it balances between your forefoot and rearfoot better with different densities. It ensures a humanized fitting rather than a machined fit.

Durable outsole

The outsole of the shoe is made using blown rubber. It ensures maximum abrasion resistance to offer an incredibly long service life. It is also suitable to nullify the tolls on the hardest concrete floor with the shock-absorbent feature.


The upper sole has perforated breathable mesh fabric. Thus, air can pass through it with ease. It ensures well-ventilation and keeps your feet cool and dry for an enhanced period. It is suitable for running in the summertime.

Actual size

The shoe comes true to size. So, you can quickly get your right size without wasting time. Also, true fitting ensures stability and balance with every stride that is useful to increase your running pace superbly.


  • Weight: 11.2oz
  • Heel to Toe Drop: 8mm
  • Cushioning: Maximum
  • Category: Neutral
Why Do We Love It
  • The shoe feels lightweight and supportive with a hugging feel
  • Blown sole supports excellent durability and abrasion resistance
  • Motion control feature prevents over-pronation and twisting
  • Unmatched cushioning for safe and comfortable running sessions
What Should Improve
  • The design looks rather too dull

Why You Should Buy It

If you are looking for a durable and dependable running shoe for concrete at affordable pricing, New Balance Women’s W1540V2 is the way to go. It has the perfect blend of firmness, cushioning, and support to be worthy of every penny.

8. Best for lightweight feel: Nike Men’s Air Max Torch 4

Nike Men’s Air Max Torch 4 is one of the best running shoes to wear on concrete floors that you can wear with confidence to boost your running performance.

Its supportive and snug fit combines with the Max Air unit to offer maximum cushioning and reliability on the hard concrete floors. You will not be disappointed with its features, and also, the price point is a catchy attraction for all.

Nike mens Air Max Torch 4

Maximized cushioning

The shoe comes with Air unit. This patented technology of Nike offers max-out cushioning. Thus, your feet receive superior support and added bounce. The padding helps you to lessen the impacts of a hard landing on the concrete floor.

Snug and secure fit

You will appreciate its fitting without any tightness. Thanks to the TPU overlays of the shoe, it hugs your entire foot with a snug feel. So, you get rid of extreme tightness and enjoy nice expansion as you run on the concrete floor.

Lightweight feel

The midsole has Phylon foam. It is an updated EVA foam that ensures maximum cushioning without increasing the shoe weight. So, the feet won’t feel burdened due to heavier support, as with many shoes.

Durable and non-slip outsole

The outsole of the Torch 4 is made using durable rubber. Also, it has waffle filling to ensure maximum durability. The added traction promises to bring one-of-a-kind longevity without any wear and tear.


  • Weight: 11.4oz
  • Category: Neutral
  • Shaft height: 28mm
Why Do We Love It
  • The shoe has a roomy toe box with comfy space
  • Suits casual and trail running on concrete surface
  • The shoe has stylish colors and a bold design
  • The lightweight midsole gives a cushioned feel
What Should Improve
  • Not so breathable

Why You Should Buy It

The Torch 4 running shoe is affordable, durable, and excellently cushioned. Therefore, you will love how it improves your running performance, even on the hard concrete floor.

What To Look For When Buying Running Shoes For Concrete Floors

Concrete running shoes are a special segment. Thus, these shoes need to withstand extreme abuses while ensuring maximum support and comfort. So, you have to look for some specific characteristics for these running shoes on concrete.

Running Shoes For Concrete Floors

Consider foot strike:

Foot strike refers to the part of your foot you will use mostly for running. It receives maximum tension and stress while you stride on concrete. The list includes-

  • A forefoot runner
  • A midfoot striker
  • The heel striker

If you don’t know what type of runner you are, check the midsole of your shoe. The most worn-out part of it will suggest your foot striking point. Then,  pick the shoe accordingly, as most shoes will specify their suitability for each runner.


Concrete is a hard enough surface to damage your feet, tendons, and other parts of the feet. Thus, cushioning of the shoe is incredibly important. You can choose from light, moderate, and maximum cushioning options. It depends on the type of running and training you plan.

Adequate cushioning means you will remain safe from shocks and the impacts of a hard landing on the concrete floor. Also, it ensures a cozy running and training time.

Support and transition:

If you want to avoid over-pronation and ankle-twisting, getting a shoe with good support will be helpful. Plus, the transition from the toe to the heel should be smooth. The running shoes feature different support levels from minimum to maximum.

Also, these supports are described as-

  • Neutral
  • Motion controlled
  • Stable

Check your body weight, running time, and level to choose the right support. It will ensure flawless transition with added safety.

Check the grip and stability:

You have to look at the grip of the outsole. The outsole needs to have proper traction so that it has gripping enough even in wet conditions. Most concrete running shoes have a flat sole. So, it offers good running comfort on the concrete floor.

But, having improved traction will boost the gripping better. Also, the shoe needs to be stable. For stability, look at the minimal heel-to-toe drop mechanism. It is crucial if you plan for hard running and training on the concrete surface.

Flexibility and fitting:

You should always avoid a stiff and inflexible shoe. These shoe types are more likely to cause over-pronation and injuries. Thus, the shoe should be flexible and stretch slightly as you run for a longer session. It matches the natural stretchiness of the human foot.

Also, the shoe should fit your feet snuggly. If it feels too tight or loose, it will reduce stability and steadiness.

Breathable and durable:

Last but not least, the shoe must have breathable upper mesh. If the shoe lacks breathability, you will quickly feel sweaty, and it reduces comfort.

Next, the outsole must be durable. Thus, you must get a pair of running shoes on concrete with the highest grade material that can withstand the abrasions of concrete and hard surfaces with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it harmful to run and walk on concrete?

Running and walking for hours on concrete is bad for your health. It may cause swollen legs and pain in the feet. On top of it, at worst, you will face pain in your knees and back.

Are running shoes for concrete also good for walking?

Running shoes facilitate better cushioning and protection to your feet on the concrete floor. You can also use them for walking as well. Also,  running shoes are indeed more comfortable than walking shoes, in reality.

Are trail running shoes also good for pavement and concrete?

Trail running shoes offer maximum traction and grip. Their design supports off-trail run better. But, you can wear them on pavement and also concretes with relative ease. They are generally safe.

Are running and training shoes the same?

No, they are different. Running shoes mainly focus on one-directional movement from the toe to the heel. But, training shoes feature multi-directional movement. So, for hard training, it is ideal for getting a pair of proper training shoes.

How long should I wear my running shoes for concrete?

These shoes generally are pretty durable. You can expect them to serve 300 miles to 500 miles of service life. But if you feel any reduction in its cushioning, you should change it early.

Final Words

The best running shoes for concrete will save your feet from the hardness of the concrete floor. You can get rid of feet sore, knee and back pain with the right set of concrete running shoes. Our review list has described 8 top-class choices for running on concrete.

Although these shoes deliver unmatched performance and running comfort, HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Bondi 6 Running Shoe is our premium choice. It has maximum cushioning, gait cycle control, and excellent breathability. Once you wear it, the Bondi 6 shoe will transform your running experience on concrete forever. It is suitable for men.

Nonetheless, women can choose New Balance Women’s W1540V2 Running Shoe that comes with almost similar specs and features. Its cushioning and smooth transition makes it a perfect go-to option for delicate legs.

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