Does GOAT Sell Fake Shoes?

There are many counterfeit shoes of renowned brands out there. Since they can be found everywhere, the question might arise why not on online platforms?

With GOAT being one of the prominent sites for branded shoes, people have doubts for legit reasons. But thankfully, GOAT shoes go through a very strict verification process. So they do not sell fake shoes.

GOAT works in a very interesting way. Even if you attempt to sell fake shoes, they will not even list those on their site. But how does GOAT ensure that? If you are interested then keep reading!

Why Do People Think GOAT Sells Fake Shoes?

GOAT currently has over 30 million registered members and more than 600,000 sellers. So, it is very typical to think that some of the shoes they sell might be fake. Below are a few reasons that make people question GOAT’s authenticity:

Counterfeits in the Sneaker Market

Fake shoes are a common issue in the sneaker market. Some fake ones look so real that they are too hard to authenticate with naked eyes. This is why there is a hesitancy among sneakerheads regarding GOAT’s shoes.

Doubts About Online Authentication

GOAT sells high-end, branded, and expensive sneakers. Apart from unused vintage ones, you can also find used sneakers. This means anyone can sell their used sneakers through GOAT. Since the process is completely online, people have doubts about GOAT’s authentication process.

Customer Complaints

There are a few customer complaints in online forums regarding delayed delivery, untimely refund, etc. Even though these complaints are very few in number and rarely come to the public eye, it does harm the brand’s integrity.

Does GOAT Sell Fake Shoes? Let’s Find Out!

Since GOAT is a reselling platform and anyone can register there, the question of its legitimacy comes to the front. Fortunately, GOAT does not sell fake shoes. And following are the reasons why:

Does GOAT Sell Fake Shoes

Strict Authentication Process

GOAT ensures the shoes that a seller is intending to sell is indeed original. They do it by putting the seller through a vigorous process. Once someone has started listing their shoe, they first have to take pictures of the shoe from all angles. Then the AI scans the images to find faults.

Ship-to-Verify Model

Unlike other C2C platforms such as eBay where an individual can directly send a product to another individual, one has to first send the sneakers to GOAT’s team. After they investigate the shoe, it receives a confirmation for shipment.

Money-Back Guarantee

There is a policy of refunding customers’ money if they offer a valid complaint to GOAT, such as receiving counterfeit sneakers. The Company really does not want to risk wasting its resources with refunds due to a lack of proper verification. This is why they ensure a money-back guarantee with faulty products on your every purchase.

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How Does GOAT Authenticate Their Shoes?

The way GOAT verifies its shoes is very extensive. From virtual to in-person, they ensure both types of verification. GOAT authenticate their shoes with these two steps:

Step 1: Digital Verification by Artificial Intelligence

After a seller begins listing a sneaker, they must go through a rigorous authentication process. And all the initial authentication is done by AI. Which means it is an entirely virtual process.

First, the seller must categorize the sneaker by inputting its brand, model, size, buying year, usage period, current condition, etc. Then they are required to take pictures of the sneaker from 3/4 angles.

Then, GOAT synchronizes everything with its database and verifies the given information. If this phase is done flawlessly, the seller’s shoes are listed on the website.

Step 2: In-House Verification by GOAT Team

When a buyer wants to purchase sneakers, the shoe seller sends them to GOAT for verification after a purchase. This is their “ship to verify” method. Once the transaction has been verified, the business distributes the money to the seller. Then it sends the product to the customer.

Pros and Cons of Using GOAT Shoes

Well, GOAT has its own advantages and disadvantages that make them unique, one way or another. Some of its good sides make them stand out from its competitors. Below is a list of pros and cons of using GOAT:

  • Has a good collection of rare and vintage shoes
  • Availability of deadstock sneakers
  • Has second-hand yet new sneakers at a lower price
  • Is a reliable platform
  • Has a refund policy
  • Shipment is very lengthy
  • Different sellers offer different prices for the same shoes

Some Tips to Follow While Buying Shoes from GOAT

Sneakerheads worldwide do check some boxes before buying shoes from anywhere, but particularly from online platforms. And when it is a matter of using C2C platforms such as GOAT, these are the tips we recommend you to follow:

  • Investigate the picture and make sure it looks pristine.
  • Look for all the details such as model name and year, actual price, and match them with Google.
  • Do not bid for a ridiculously high amount. You might find the same sneaker from a different seller at a lower price.


GOAT is a new platform for a lot of people. Even the very customers for whom GOAT was introduced are unaware of a lot of the things. So, we are here to clear your confusion through some queries:

Does GOAT Sell Real Shoes?

Yes, the GOAT sells real shoes. You can find deadstock and used yet new shoes on this platform. Brands such as Jordan, Nike, Adidas, and Gucci have a huge demand among GOAT buyers.

And GOAT does verify these shoes manually before shipping them to customers. So there is no question of counterfeit shoes here.

Can I Trust GOAT Shoes?

Definitely! GOAT shoes are 100% trustworthy and reliable. They have a very stringent verification procedure. The company authenticates the shoes twice before giving them to the purchaser.

Besides these stringent verification processes, GOAT has a multi-billion dollar brand value. They have partnerships with big giants such as the FIFA France Team and NBA Brooklyn Nets. So GOAT shoes are legit.

What If GOAT Sends Fake Shoes?

It is nearly impossible for GOAT to send you fake shoes. They have a very strict verification process. Before sending shoes to the customer, they authenticate the shoes in two steps.

However, let’s say hypothetically, even if you receive a fake pair of shoes there is no need to worry. GOAT will refund your money.

Are Shoes From GOAT Brand New?

Some GOAT shoes are brand new. A lot of people sell their new shoes for a lot of reasons. You can buy those unworn, totally new, yet secondhand sneakers from GOAT.

GOAT sells two types of shoes. Used shoes and deadstock shoes. Deadstock shoes are discontinued shoes from giant brands. They are a vintage collection, and very few of them are antique.

Does GOAT Refund Your Money?

Yes, GOAT does refund your money if you offer them a valid complaint. After receiving a complaint, the GOAT team will verify your objections thoroughly.

Then, if it comes out true, you will be given back the total price of the purchased shoe through PayPal or the mode you transacted your money.


There are various platforms for sneakers in general. Many platforms aim to establish their name and fame through uniqueness. And for GOAT, selling 100% authentic used sneakers is a unique aspect.

They ensure the authentication process through a very rigorous procedure. This is why none of the sneakers on this platform are counterfeit or replicas.

What complements this fact is that some shoes on GOAT are very cheap compared to their original price, even though they are unused. This is why GOAT has such remarkable popularity.

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