How To Clean On Cloud Shoes?

Cleaning a pair of regular running shoes is fairly easy if not the easiest. But when you’re talking about complex and fancy ones like On Cloud Shoes, the game is a bit different.

The unusual design, especially at the treads of On Could shoe makes them rather unique. Apart from great functionality and aesthetics, cleaning becomes a complicated job.

Well, not anymore. In this shoe cleaning guide, we’ll talk about how to clean On Cloud shoes thoroughly; both the easy upper and difficult bottom.

Get your things ready, stick around, and let’s clean some shoes!

Should You Machine Wash On Cloud Shoes?

When you have too much dirt and grim in your shoes, it can be tempting to put them into the washer and let it do the hard work. But hold up, don’t get excited all along. Putting your shoes into the washing machine can sometimes be harmful to the shoes.

The vigorous rotation and constant heat combined can damage the overall integrity of the structure of your shoes. Instead, take your time, clean them with your hand, and keep your shoes running for a long time in good shape.

Washing your shoes in the washing machine is also bad news for the machine itself. When you’re putting that hard of a thing into that machine, it will do the job for sure. But at a cost of straining its machine power.

So, don’t strain your machine, don’t put the lifespan of your shoes at risk; hand wash your shoes, and they’ll shine for a long time.

How To Clean On Cloud Shoes

Cleaning your On cloud shoes shouldn’t be a daunting job just because you can’t machine wash them. Here is how to clean On cloud shoes manually with your hands using the things that you may already have in the house:

How To Clean On Cloud Shoes

Things You’ll Need

These are the things you’ll need while cleaning your On Cloud shoes:

  • Baking soda
  • Toothbrush
  • Soft shoe brush
  • Microfiber towel
  • Newspaper
  • Detergent or liquid soap
  • Needle nose pliers or a flathead needle

Brush The Loose Dirt

First off, if you have to get the loose dirt and dust off the shoes. If the dirt is dried out and sticking to the shoes, you can just use a soft brush and remove the dirt. Doing this will make the rest of the cleaning process a lot easier.

Brush The Loose Dirt

Don’t use a bristle or wire brush; it will damage the shoes. You can use semi stiff brushes that don’t go harsh on the linings of the shoes.

Rinse And Spray

If the dirt is wet, or you have mud on the shoes, use the garden hose and rinse the shoes under high speed water.

Rinse And Spray

You can also use the sink to do so if you don’t have a garden hose. Spray into the tight spots well so that you have the dirt and dust removed as much as possible.

Cleaning The Insoles

The insoles of On Cloud shoes are removable. Take them out of the shoes and put them into a bowl. Sprinkle some detergent powder or pour some liquid soap on the insoles.

Now, take the toothbrush and brush off all the dirt and grime. After they’re thoroughly clean, rinse under running water, and put them aside.

Cleaning The Grooved Bottom

On cloud shoes have grooved bottom that tends to have a good relationship with dirt and gravel. It will accumulate a large amount of gravel and dirt as you run or walk.

Cleaning The Grooved Bottom

To remove the stuck mud, you can just rinse it under a hose at high speed. However, to get the pebble off, you’ll have to use the pliers or a large, flat head needle.

Then, make a mixture of warm water and baking soda, and pour it on the bottom of the shoes. Use the toothbrush to whiten them. You can also use detergent powder.

Clean The Sides, Heel and Toe

Cleaning the sides of the On cloud shoes, the heel area, and the toe area will be annoying for sure. But it’s fairly easy as well. Use detergent to get the maximum dirt off the grooves, followed by the soda mixture to remove the spots and stubborn dust away.

Clean The Sides, Heel and Toe

You can also use Isopropyl Alcohol to clean the sides, especially if you have stubborn streak marks and stains that don’t won’t go away too easy.

Cleaning The Upper Lining

Now, the upper lining of the On cloud shoes have different places where you have to put more or less effort to clean up. The tongue area will give you the maximum headache.

Cleaning The Upper Lining

Use mild detergent mixed in warm water to clean the upper lining of your On cloud shoes. Make use of the toothbrush to clean off all the dust and debris until you have a completely clean pair of shoes.

Clean The Laces

The On cloud laces are easy to clean as well. Considering that they don’t get that much dirty, the cleaning phase of the upper lining should do the trick already.

But if you have grim and grease in the laces, take them off the shoes, put both the laces on a small bowl. Add water and blue detergent, mix well, and wait for a few minutes before wiggling them between your palms.

You can also bleach white laces if you have to. But this is only when you have too much of grim and grease and discolored laces.

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Dry The On Cloud Shoes Naturally

Drying the On cloud shoes after cleaning and washing them can be difficult. Using heaters is a big No-No. Using a hot air dryer or putting the shoes on the heater radiator of your home can damage the shoes.

You have to air dry the shoes to keep the shoes in their best health by hanging them outside and let the sun do the job. To accelerate the process of soaking the water faster, you can use a bunch of newspapers.

Dry The On Cloud Shoes Naturally

Just stuff the shoes from heel to toe with newspaper and let the paper soak out as much water as possible. Change the paper after a few minutes and let the shoes dry outside with the papers inside.

Now, what if it’s winter and sun is nowhere to be seen, or even worse, it’s snowing outside! Well, in that case, after stuffing the shoes with newspaper, put them under the hot radiator, not over or too close to it. Let the ambient heat dry the shoes.

Things To Keep In Mind (Safety & Best Practices)

How you clean your On Cloud shoes and how you dry them have a lot to do with the overall lifespan of your shoes. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while you’re planning to, or cleaning your shoes:

Cloud shoes

  • Never use heat to dry the shoes: Heat will damage your shoes by deforming, expanding, or even melting the internal adhesive.
  • Don’t use an abrasive brush: Using an abrasive brush to clean your On cloud shoes will ruin the lining.
  • Don’t brush vigorously: When you’re brushing the upper lining of your shoes, don’t do it too hard. Try to use a brush that goes easy on the shoes but hard on the dirt.
  • Don’t use heat to dry: Heat will weaken the adhesive that lies between the upper, mid, and bottom soles of the shoes. So, don’t use heat to dry your shoes.

Final Remarks

On cloud shoes are somewhat expensive to buy and super comfortable to wear. You don’t want your favorite shoes to go wasted before they should. So, follow the steps above to clean your shoes.

However, as you now know how to clean your On cloud shoes, be sure to keep the best practices and precautions in mind. Don’t use harsh chemicals, heat, or abrasive brushes and keep your shoes in good shape.

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