How To Walk Without Creasing Shoes: Keep Your Shoes New

Perfect looking shoes not just look good but also add elegance to your full outfit. But, after buying new shoes, we often worry about creasing them upon use for a few months. Furthermore, wearing creased shoes makes walking difficult and unattractive. So, how to walk without creasing shoes?

Well, there are many ways by which you can avoid creasing your shoes while walking. The most common and easiest technique is to follow a few walking styles like Heel-to-toe. Also, make sure to wear perfect-fitting shoes.

So, if you are concerned about creasing your new expensive shoes, our guide is here to help you avoid that in the easiest possible ways. Make sure to read below to know more.

What Are Shoes Creasing, And Why Do They Happen?

When the top layer of your shoe contracts, creasing results. Shoe creases are created when flexible fabrics like leather, textiles, linen, or linen are bent repeatedly for a prolonged period of time.

Shoe creases can happen when your shoes experience more pressure when you’re walking. Shoe creasing, especially leather shoes, is absolutely normal.

However, there are a few more reasons that can cause your shoes to crease, which can be avoided. Down below, we will look into these reasons in detail.

Walking Style

We often do not care about our walking style, but abnormal walking style is one of the main reasons for causing creases in your shoes. With each stride, you make when walking, your feet bend. Due to this, your shoes also bend.

Walking Style

The smoothness of the shoe’s material is crucial since it makes it easier for you to bend it and prevents unpleasant walking. So, due to this smoothness, the material can often bend, causing creases.

Moreover, the shoe will also fold and crease if the surface and material are not completely smooth.

Improper Fit

Inadequate fit is another typical cause of creasing shoes. When your shoes don’t fit you precisely, you’ll frequently notice that they have more wrinkles than usual.

It’s because the extra space between the shoe and the toe makes it impossible for the foot to conform to the contour of the shoe. It causes more creasing.

How To Walk Without Creasing Shoes?

It is absolutely common for your shoes to have creases while walking. However, this is avoidable, and you can do this by following a few different techniques, which we will discuss below.

How To Walk Without Creasing Shoes

Find a proper fit

An improper fit is one of the key reasons for your shoes to crease. So, you must find a shoe that fits you properly. Your feet will automatically support the toe box if your shoes fit right.

Find a proper fit

This ensures that the casing won’t continuously fold while you walk. Stop placing your foot too far from the shoe’s top material. This implies that you need the right size.

You may use one simple method to get the correct shoe size. About a finger’s breadth should separate your tallest toe and the heel of the shoe.

Proper Walking technique

It is important to follow proper walking techniques to avoid creases in your new shoes. You will need to make sure that you place your foot perfectly while walking.

So, to maintain proper walking, first of all, you need to follow the heel-to-toe technique; Avoid stepping on your toes as this creates creasing, and walk with your heels to reduce shoe creases.

Proper Walking technique

You produce an easy gait and lessen the amount of pressure needed to induce shoe wrinkles when you touch your heels first. But, your feet can hurt a bit while following this technique. However, with practice, this will soon be normal.

Use Shoehorn

Using a shoehorn makes putting on shoes simple and comfortable. When your new shoes are tight, especially leather shoes, you can have a tough time inserting your feet inside them, and this causes stress on the shoes resulting in a crease.

Use Shoehorn

For the best results, use a shoehorn when putting on your shoes to avoid wrinkles. Slide down your heels effortlessly using the shoe horns while wearing them, which will give a smooth surface for gliding your foot into your shoe.

Moreover, shoehorns usually come at a very affordable price, so it is a must to get one.

Correct Walking Posture

If you do not follow a proper walking posture, your shoes can also crease. In addition to preventing back strain, walking straight-backed also lessens the possibility of toe-end shoe creases. Move with your backstretch and shoulders back.

Correct Walking Posture

Another thing to follow is to make sure that you do not lean forward while walking, as this will ensure that shoes won’t have wrinkles if you adopt this ideal walking stance.

Use Shoe Tree

Shoe trees are objects designed to fit in the footwear. They have the form of a foot. Even while not using your shoes, you might choose to have a shoe tree installed.

Use Shoe Tree

A wooden shoe tree will retain the shoe in form so it dries out properly, eliminating creases, and will drain away any moisture to avoid the smell. This will guarantee that your shoe won’t wrinkle even after frequent use.

Tighten the shoe laces

If you are always in a rush and forget to tie the shoelaces on your shoes, then there is a high chance you will have creases on your shoes. Therefore, appropriately tying your shoelaces can stop excessive shoe motion and room.

You may avoid having too much room in your shoes, thus, preventing excessive foot movement, which causes creases.

Use Thick Socks

If none of the above techniques works for you, then you can try another method which is using thick shoes. When worn with thick socks, you not just narrow the gap between your shoes and feet but also prevent needless ankle wriggling, which lessens the likelihood of creases in the top region.

Use Thick Socks

Use Crease Protector

To provide a robust toughness, the PE and TPR fiber is used to make the shoe crease protector. This helps to close the space between your shoes and their top, and you should attach crease guards or protectors. As a consequence, your shoes’ crease will be lessened.

Use Crease Protector

What To Do If Your Shoes Are Already Creased?

So far, we have discussed ways in which you can avoid creases in your shoes while walking. But, what to do in case your shoes have creases already? Well, you can try a few methods which we will discuss below to remove existing creases from your shoes.

Use heat

The first method you can use to remove creases from your shoes is heating. You can try different heating techniques for them.


To keep your shoes from wrinkling and losing their form, pack them with old newspaper to ensure the shoe shape is intact. Put a dampened towel over your shoes after filling them.


Now, with your iron set to medium heat, press it firmly on your shoes for about 10-12 seconds each time, frequently checking to ensure that no damage is being done. You’ll see that the shoe’s wrinkles are being steadily erased.

Blow dryer

You can also use a blow dryer to remove creases from your shoes. This method is recommended for leather shoes; we do not suggest using iron for leather shoes.

Take a shoe tree and place it inside each pair of shoes. After that, switch the blow dryer to low heat. Now blow dry while keeping at least a 2-foot space from your shoes.

Check to see whether your shoes are heated after a short while. If so, massage the shoe surface against the shoe tree. To get rid of all the creases entirely, you might need to repeat the technique a few times.

Use Rubbing Alcohol

In a spray bottle, combine rubbing alcohol and water in an equal amount. Mist the treatment into the crease and use your fingers to rub it softly into the suede. Till the shoes are dry, insert shoe stretchers into the folds and spread them out.

Which Materials Are More Likely To Crease?

Shoes are made from a variety of different materials, starting from suede to fabrics and more. So, if you want to have your shoes without creases, it is crucial to understand the material types properly.


The material that wrinkles the most in shoes is leather, which creases ineluctably. Creasing occurs while you walk, with each stride. Leather shoes will develop more creases as they get older. One of the main causes of this is leather being too moist and failing to dry properly.



Suede is a soft type of leather, and they are a pretty popular material for shoes. But, just like leather, they tend to show more creases as you keep on using them. But, the rate of creasing will be less than regular leather.



The amount of crease in canvas shoes is much less than in suede and leather, and it happens mostly due to your walking. But, the good thing with canvas shoes is that their crease is less noticeable due to their fabric-like structure.

Shoe Care Tips For Keeping Your Footwear Looking Good As New

Shoes are expensive, and the choice of shoes says a lot about a person’s fashion taste. So, you need to maintain your shoes properly to keep them looking like new for a long time. Read our tips below to know how.

  • Always use a shoe tree when you are not using the shoe. This will ensure your shoes don’t crease up and will keep your shoes moisture free.
  • Keep your shoes out of the sun and the heat. They may dry rot or become hard and crumble under the effects of intense heat or bright sunshine.
  • Never put moist or wet feet on your shoes. Wet and moist feet can cause mold growth inside your shoes which can damage your shoes.
  • Purchase a quality shoe polish and shiner since frequent shoe polishing and often shiner application will help your shoes last longer. Additionally, it helps keep your shoes looking brand-new.
  • When traveling, put your shoes in dust bags. It helps to maintain and guard your shoes against scratches and dirt.


Shoes will crease naturally, but techniques can help reduce them, which we have discussed so far. The Faqs below will help clear your doubts more.

Is It Normal For Shoes To Crease?

Yes, no matter what you do, as the shoe ages, it will crease. This is absolutely normal. However, if you properly follow a few things like maintaining your shoes and maintaining a proper walking style, then you can slow down these creasing processes.

Why Are Creasing Shoes Bad?

When you walk, your shoes may crease, which is unappealing and can happen when the shoes bend. When the upper material of your shoe contracts, creasing results. Additionally, walking puts strain on your shoes.

How To Not Crease Your Shoes Without Crease Protectors?

If you do not wish to use crease protectors, then you can wear thick socks, also, follow the heel-to-toe walking technique. Another thing you can do is always use a shoe tree to keep your shoes. Following all these methods helps your shoes look like new for a long time.

Will a hair dryer get creases out of shoes?

Yes, using a hair dryer, you can remove creases from your shoes. But, you will need to make sure that you are using the hair dryer on low heat, and you will need to apply the heat while maintaining an 8-10 inches distance from the shoe as direct heat can damage your shoes further.


Dirty shoes are always unappealing, and hence everyone wants their shoes to look new and fresh for a long time. But, as they age, they tend to show creases, and it’s normal. But, you can prevent these creases by following a few simple methods.

Today, in this guide, we have discussed all these methods, and we believe by now, you have understood well how you can walk without creases on your shoes. We have also discussed how you can remove existing creases from your shoes.

Make sure to follow all these methods to keep your shoe crease-free. Also, properly maintain your shoes under regular maintenance. Shoes last much longer, retaining their original look and shape.

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