How To Tighten Hey Dude Shoes

The Hey Dude shoes are by far one of the most popular shoe options because of a million reasons. They’re crazy lightweight, very easy to wash, and most importantly, they’re super comfortable to wear.

Now, if you find it difficult to even tighten the shoe laces, it’s not comfortable, is it? So, how to tighten Hey Dude shoes and make them fit your feet snugly and comfortably? Let’s help you get that straight in this discussion.

We’ll see how the open concept shoe laces of Hey Dude hold up, and how you can tighten them for a snug fit. Besides, you’ll also know how tight it should be while tightening the laces of your Hey Dude shoes.

How Tight Your Shoes Should Be?

Before you get to tighten your shoes, you need to know how tight the shoes should be while wearing.

How Tight Your Shoes Should Be

Well, depending on what you’re planning on doing; running, walking, biking, or going to the beach, the tightness may vary. But as a rule of thumb, it should be not too tight, nor too loose.

As a general rule of thumb, being able to insert one finger after tightening is okay. If you can insert 2 or 3 fingers under the tongue after tightening, you’ve tied your shoes too loose.

How To Tighten Hey Dude Shoes?

Now that you know how tight you’re aiming to make your shoes, let’s see how you’d tighten your Hey Dude shoes.

First, you’ll have to put on your shoes, untie and pull the two lace ends outwards until you’re satisfied with the tension. Now, if you’re wearing a pair of Hey Dude shoes with bare lace ends, tie them right where it starts to go inwards.

Tighten Hey Dude Shoes

Do this on either side of the shoe, and you should have your shoes comfortable on your feet. This way, you won’t have to wiggle your feet to fit in.

However, if you’re wearing a pair of Hey Dude Shoes that come with shoe lace tongs on them, you can tighten them two ways.

shoe lace tongs on

If it’s a tong that holds up against the lace, all you have to do is, wear the shoes and bring the tong snug to the eyelet. If the lace needs knots to hold up, you should tie it after pulling the lace more than necessary because it needs to be inside the tong.

Hey Dude Shoe Lace Tips

As the Hey Dude shoes come with elastic shoe laces, they expand when you pull out. So, depending on what you’re about to do, will have a lot to do with how snug you’re pulling it.

Hey Dude Shoe Lace Tips

If you’re planning on running wearing the Hey dude Shoes, have the laces a little snug to your feet, but not enough to call it tight. When just walking around and doing no intense work, the fitment could be a little less snug as you’re not pushing it.

And, once they wear out, or you need to clean the laces separately, you’ll have to take them all off. In that case, keep in mind which end goes first, and which end goes later. This way, you can easily take off and put on your Hey Dude shoe laces, every time.

Final Advice

With Hey Dude shoes, there’s nothing fancy in lacing as you have with barrel lacing and all that. All you need to do is, pull the laces on both sides and tie them so that they don’t go back!

That’s pretty much all you have to do with your Hey Dude Shoes. Once they wear out, just grab another pair of shoe laces and put them on to get along for another considerable amount of time!

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