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Heel strikers are prone to hip and knee injuries. However, one way to deal with the situation for heel strikers is to use running shoes specifically designed for the job.

According to a study by Harvard University, the number of heel strikers was almost twice to the forefoot strikers among the 52 cross-country runners. And the heel stickers often suffered from mild to moderate running-related injuries.

If you want to avoid the risk of experiencing potential knee and hip injuries, you have two options available.

  1. change your default running style,
  2. get a pair of shoes that support & provide the cushion you need.

We bet you choose the second option, and that’s why you are here to find out the best running shoes for heel strikers.

Our editorial team included only 10 heel striker running shoes after researching hundreds of shoes in the market. They narrowed down the list based on these criteria:

  • Heel Drop
  • Supportive Or not
  • Beveled Heel
  • Cushioning
  • Breathability
  • Durability

As a result, you will get the shoe that gives you maximum cushioning to avoid or reduce the risk of  injury. So, let’s dive in to find the best running shoes for heel stickers- the pair that suits you the most.

What Causes Heel Striking Injuries?

Am I a heel striker as I land on the ground with my heel instead of the toes? Yes, you are a heel striker. And unfortunately, you are at risk with several injuries caused by the heel strike.

Below, we will break down what causes heel striking injuries and how the heel strike contributes to those injuries like knee & hip pain.

Heel striking is hazardous due to the lump of bone. Our heel is not designed to accept or tolerate 2-3 times body weight- the level of force correlated with running.

What Causes Heel Striking Injuries

Generally, heel striking running produces high loading or impact load at touchdown, which is beyond the acceptable biological limit. Because of impact peak or high loading, heel strike runners suffer from knee & hip joint pains.

At heel strikes, higher rates of cycle load are produced due to higher braking forces. Consequently, it generates a heel strike transient as the body comes to a sudden stop. And the heel strike transient converts into a shockwave, which travels through the body to the head. Indeed, the heel strike transient is the underlying reason for most running injuries.

Heel strike running also generates impact transient or high ground reaction force. You can check out this video to watch how heel strike running produces an impact transient. Perhaps, it’s the number one reason that causes many chronic injuries.

In short, heel striking is the cancer of running, responsible for injuries like hip and knee pain. And one of the best ways to avoid it is to use running shoes that exclusively support your feet.

Why Are Heel Strike Running Shoes Important?

Injuries or pain associated with heel strike running can be reduced or eliminated in two ways. Either you can change your running habit to midfoot or forefoot running, or you can get a pair of running shoes best for heel strikers.

However, it’s typical and will be a time-taking process to habituate in forefoot striking if you are a heel striker by birth. So, the second choice, running shoes for heel strikers, will suit you better. And here’s why.

The heel strike running shoes have a higher drop (10mm+) than other running shoe types. As a result, it delivers more cushion to your heel and absorbs the shock like a sponge soaks water. Indeed, it has superior shock absorption quality and provides ultimate protection of the Achilles tendon area.

Generally, the high heel-to-toe offset is thicker than the front. Due to this shoe design, it doesn’t only deliver a higher level of cushioning but also offers a comfortable rearfoot landing.

In a nutshell, heel striking running shoes are indispensable for heel strikers to avoid injuries and provide a cushion to their heel. And that’s why you should consider running shoes, like those listed on this article.

What Are The Best Running Shoes For Heel Strikers?

Take a look at the below running shoes at a glance if you are a heel striker.

10 Best Running Shoes For Heel Strikers Reviews

Above, we just provide a quick recap of the shoes we enlisted. If any of them meet running requirements, check out the details below to explore every in & out of the shoe.

Best Running Shoes For Heel Strikers

1. ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 28 Running Shoe – Best for Women

ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano is the best women’s running shoes for heel strikers. Its redesigned external heel counter cradles your foot and ensures maximum comfort by providing superior stability & support. On top of this, the high heel drop (10mm) offers ultimate cushioning by absorbing all the impacts & shocks to ensure comfortable rearfoot landing.

ASICS Women's Gel-Kayano 28 Running Shoes


DYNAMIC DUOMAX® technology is what this shoe uses to cradle your foot in the shoe firmly. This advanced support system reduces the inward rolling rate of your feet and boosts stability during a stride.

Therefore, its Redesigned external heel counter also promotes foot stability. So, you don’t need to worry about a secure landing as the DUOMAX technology will back you up by holding the feet in place.


Cushioning is imperative for heel strikers. And the ASICS GEL-Kayano 28 for women is  the master of offering extra cushioning due to the rearfoot and Forefoot GEL® Technology. The midsole around the heel area feels spongy and jelly.

When your heel strikes the ground directly, the midsole compresses itself due to the GEL technology. In other words, it absorbs the shocks & impacts coming out from the surface by compressing itself. Then, it distributes the shock evenly throughout the midsole or sole to ensure a safe landing. So, you will no longer feel the pain in your knee or hip as this shoe soaks all the shocks like a sponge.

For an added bounce, it uses Flytefoam Blast technology for its midsole to ensure an efficient ride. On top of this, the FlyteFoam technology also promotes smoother foot strikes due to its bouncy and responsive nature.

AHAR® Plus Outsole

ASICS uses AHAR rubber on the outsole strategically in the critical areas. This rubber is 50% more durable than the standard rubber ASICS uses. So, it lasts longer. On top of this, the AHAR rubber also provides superior traction both in dry & wet conditions. Indeed, you will get better traction to run both in dry & wet weather safely for a long time.

Trusstic System® technology

The midsole incorporates Trusstic System Technology. Due to this, it reduces the overall weight of the sole unit without losing the structural integrity of the running shoe. This reduced sole weight promotes a smooth transition from footstrike to toe-off.

In other words, you will never get tired as it allows the shoe to move more naturally with your foot because of its lightweight design.

Engineered Mesh Upper

The ASICS GEL-Kayano 28 uses high-quality mesh material (jacquard woven mesh) as its construction element. Its upper has diagonal ventilation holes to let the airflow flow through them, boosting breathability. In return, you will never feel stuffiness or get an abundance of sweat when running on Kayano 28.

Technical Specs:

  • Brand: ASICS
  • Surface: Road
  • Heel Drop: 13 mm
  • Support: Neutral, Stability
  • Cushion: Maximum
  • Weight: 258 g/9.1 oz
  • For: Women
  • Provide superior stability & comfortable stride
  • Engineered mesh upper enhances breathability
  • Provide support for the Achilles tendonitis issues
  • Some runners complain about a bad fit for supination.

Why Should You Buy It?

Women who are heel strikers should go with the Asics Women’s Gel Kayano 28. This pair of shoes will help you tackle Achilles tendonitis issues and offer ample cushioning by absorbing shocks & impacts. Plus, it delivers excellent support & stability to ensure safe & secure rearfoot landing.

2. HOKA ONE ONE Mens Bondi 6 Running Shoe – Best For Men

HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Bondi 6 is the best men’s running shoes for heel strikers. Though the heel drop of this shoe is 4mm, it’s the most cushioned shoe in Hoka One One’s shoe line-up. It has a higher bed of soft cushion, making it great for running long distances without worrying about potential injuries related to heel strike running.

HOKA ONE ONE Mens Bondi 6 Running Shoe

EVA Midsole

Bendi 6 uses EVA or ethylene vinyl acetate as its midsole built-in material. Generally, it’s a foam-like element, which is flexible, lightweight, and offers cushion in each step. Due to its foam-like midsole, it spreads the weight optimally to deliver ultimate stability. In short, the EVA midsole keeps your feet firm inside the shoe to ensure a balanced ride.

Meta-Rocker Technology

Like every HOKA running shoe, this one also uses the Meta-Rocker geometry technology. It, generally, complements the natural gait cycle and reduces the height between heel to toe.

You can consider the Meta-Rocker Technology as your skateboard wheels or a rocking chair. The low heel-toe differential and sculpted outsole create unique fulcrum effects. As a result, it promotes a guided gait cycle.

In other words, this shoe design supports your natural running form while delivering a smooth roll like the wheel from starting impacts to toe-off. Indeed, it’s like a wheel to move you forward smoothly.

Comfortable & Breathable Upper

The upper of this shoe is thin & breathable. It has tiny ventilation holes on the upper to allow air to pass through it. Due to this, you can feel comfortable even in distance running without sweating a lot. Turns out, the thin & light upper part keeps the overall weight of the shoe down and makes it breathable and comfortable.

Redesigned Rubber Outsole

Its durable & redesigned rubber on the midsole doesn’t only add longevity to the shoe but also provides superior traction. As a result, you will hardly slip away when taking a ride in wet conditions. Indeed, you should thank its redesigned rubber outsole, which offers maximum durability & traction both in dry & wet weather.

Technical Specs:

  • Brand: Hoka One One
  • Surface: Road, Gym
  • Heel Drop: 4 mm
  • Support: Neutral
  • Cushion: Plush
  • Weight: 10.90 oz
  • For: Men
  • Sturdy design makes it ideal for heavier runners
  • Come with snug & supportive fit
  • Offer adequate cushioning
  • Not perfect for trails

Why Should You Buy It?

It will be your best pick if you are looking for a high-performing and long-lasting shoe that can alleviate foot pain. You can’t find a single pair of shoes like this one in the market that deliver additional cushioning than it.

3. Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes – Best For Everyday Running

It’s a total workhorse! Every woman treats this pair of shoes as her guy as they love to take it on their regular running dates. But this shoe will never disappoint you like the guy as it delivers superior comfort. The engineered upper promotes breathability into high-heat areas and helps you train without making you sweat a lot.

Nike Women's Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes

Full-length Zoom Air Bag

This Nike women’s running shoe has an airbag leading from heel to toe. It will help you by providing two benefits. First, it absorbs the impact you will get at every stride.

Second, the airbag offers superior responsiveness you can rely on to run from 1 mile to 100 miles.

Apart from the airbag, the height of its heel drop is 9.45 mm. It is thick enough to deliver you the cushion you need if your heel strikes the land first.

A Breathable Upper

Thanks to the innovative FlyMesh fabric it uses as its upper. Air can easily channel through the engineered mesh upper and boost up breathability. As a result, your feet will remain cool for a long period, and you will not feel stuffiness. On top of this, the FlyMesh fabric also makes the upper incredibly durable.

Slimmer Heel Collar & Tongue

The heel collar and tongue are super slim. Due to the narrower design, it reduces the overall weight of your running shoe. So, you don’t get tired by wearing it, no matter how many miles you cross. Besides, the slimmer heel collar also makes it a breeze to slip your feet in and out.

Lighter Design

Nike puts a lot of effort & brain to make this running shoe lighter. It places the rubber pods strategically where you need them most to get better traction & responsiveness. As it uses minimum rubber, it makes the shoe lighter. And the lighter a shoe will be, the faster you can run.

Technical Specs:

  • Brand: Nike
  • Surface: Road, Gym
  • Heel Drop: 9.45 mm
  • Support: Neutral
  • Outsole: Rubber
  • Weight: 8.08 oz
  • For: Women
  • Provide good arch support
  • Super supportive & comfortable
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Easy to wear on and off
  • The tongue quality is not good enough

Why Should You Buy It?

You can find no better option than Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 for everyday running. It’s lightweight, breathable, and slimmer enough to wear on and out without hesitations.

4. Saucony Men’s Ride 13 – Best For Daily Trainer

Breathable and cushion are the two features you should consider if you are a heel striker and go to a stride every day. And the Saucony Men’s Ride 13 provides both. Its breathable mesh upper draws sufficient air to keep your feet cool, while the thick heel drops and PWRRUN cushioning systems ensure the ultimate cushion for a secure landing.

Saucony Men's Ride 13

New PWRRUN cushioning

Tackling miles after miles will be tough for heel strikers if the shoe doesn’t provide the right level of cushioning. And the PWRRUN cushioning system of the Saucony shoe comes into play to support you. This technology makes the running shoe enough springy & responsive to provide the spring & energy you need to run miles after miles.

On top of this, the springy heel drop height (offset) is 8 mm. It has enough shock & impact absorption power to promote comfortable landing. Indeed, you will never get exhausted or feel any pain after running miles on this shoe.

TRIFLEX outsole

The TRI-Flex outsole of the Saucony shoe makes a stride smooth. It spreads the shock or impact coming out from the heel-strike evenly over a greater surface area. Besides, the Tri-Flex rubber outsole optimizes flexibility and delivers exceptional traction for smooth riding.

FORMFIT Construction

Fit for all! This is what we can say about the FORMFIT construction. It integrates a breathable engineered mesh with 3D-printed overlays. It ensures your feet will remain in 3D comfort. Plus, the FORM FIT system accommodates every foot comfortably regardless of their foot shape. Indeed, your feet will snugly fit in the shoe no matter what the shape of your feet is.

Synthetic Mesh Upper

It uses synthetic as the upper material. This engineered mesh upper allows the air to travel through the holes and provides the support or stretch where you need. In short, it delivers both the support and breath your feet need for a comfortable stride.

Technical Specs:

  • Brand: Saucony
  • Heel Drop: 8 mm
  • Support: Neutral
  • Outsole: Rubber
  • Weight: 9.7 oz
  • For: Men
  • Engineered mesh enhances breathability
  • Protect from impact with a soft & responsive underfoot
  • Fit a wide range of feet shapes
  • The plastic tip of one of the shoelaces may come off

Why Should You Buy It?

If you want to get a supportive, comfortable, and bouncy running shoe for daily training, Saucony Men’s Ride 13 will be your best trait. Its midsole is super spongy, and its cushioned offset provides the comfort you need for all-day running.

5. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 Men’s Supportive Running Shoe – Best For Stability

If you are looking for a supportive shoe that checks the excess movement of your feet, Adrenaline GTS 22 will be your next destination. The GuideRails® technology it incorporates offers superior support and holds the feet in place to keep you in your natural stride even when you get tired.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 Men's Supportive Running Shoe

GuideRails® Support System

All the running shoes from Brooks prioritize comfort. But only a few shoes like the Adrenaline GTS 22 uses the GuideRails® technology to add support. You can think of this support system as the training wheel on a kid’s bike.

Like the attached wheel to the back tire of a kid bike, this technology also keeps your foot straight by checking excessive foot movement. Indeed, the GuideRails Technology helps to reduce heel rotation to keep the natural knee motion in a safe range. As a result, you can run miles with more comfort and less pain.

DNA LOFT cushioning

Brooks DNA Loft cushioning is the magic wand to give life to bring the floating feeling while running. DNA Loft is actually the softest midsole cushioning Brooks Shoe ever offers. To gain the plush feeling, it uses a combination of these ingredients- EVA foam, rubber, and air.

You already know EVA foam is a common cushioning ingredient every running shoe uses to attain softness at low weight. And Brooks blends extra air intelligently to ensure the cushioning will remain lightweight when the rubber at the midsole ensures longevity.

In return, the cushioning midsole absorbs the impact like a charm and delivers unmatched comfort miles after miles.

Smooth transitions

Smooth transitions are the prerequisite of comfortable running. And Brooks does the magic here by teaming up the soft midsole and Segmented Crash Pad. It ensures an easier flow from landing to toe-off. As a result, you will experience a higher level of comfort no matter how your feet strike the ground.

Technical Specs:

  • Brand: Brooks
  • Surface: Road
  • Heel Drop: 12 mm
  • Support: Support
  • Outsole: Rubber
  • Weight: 10.2oz / 289.2g
  • For: Men
  • Offer a perfect balance of support and softness
  • Fit your feet snugly due to 3D Fit Print upper technology
  • Sturdy outsole ensures longevity
  • It could be better with extra stitching to the upper

Why Should You Buy It?

If your feet roll inward and you need the support to gain stability, Adrenaline GTS 22 will be your go-to running shoe. It integrates GuideRails® Support System to hold your feet in place by checking excessive heel rotation.

6. ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 24 Running Shoes – Best For Distance Training

ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 24 is the best heel-strike running shoe for distance training. You need to wear a shoe that delivers superior impact protection for a long stride. Fortunately, ASICS Gel-Nimbus 24 is what you get that meets the distance running requirements.

It integrates GEL technology on its midsole, making it truly jelly or spongy. When your heel hits the land abruptly, the springy midsole absorbs the shock and spreads it over the entire sole.ASICS Men's Gel-Nimbus 24 Running Shoes

FF Blast Plus Cushioning

Gel-Nimbus 24 uses an upgraded cushioning system named FF Blast Plus Cushioning from its predecessor Gel Nimbus 23. This midsole is lighter and softer than the FF Blast cushion, which reduces overall shoe weight. Though it’s light, it doesn’t sacrifice its cushioning character. You can get the same energized feeling at toe-off.

Above this, the heel drop height of the Gel-Nimbus 24 is 10mm. It’s thick enough to tackle the absorb coming out from the footstrike. So, be worry-free as it offers ultimate shock absorption to promote cushioned landing.

Jacquard Mesh Upper

Gel-Nimbus 24 uses Jacquard Mesh as the built-in upper material. It doesn’t only make the upper thin but also breathable. The holes of the upper mesh promote more air to go through to keep your feet ventilated. Due to the upper design, your feet will not sweat or heat despite running hundreds of miles.

Knit Tongue

The knitted tongue is thick and soft. Due to this smooth design, you can feel the comfort when you lace up your shoe. It will wrap your feet with a soft and supportive feel across the top of the foot.

Asics Lite Outsole Rubber

The rubber on the outsole of this shoe is lighter and sturdier than the standard rubber. So, it lasts longer which improves the overall durability of your running shoe. Plus, this improved outsole design enhances the resistance against abrasion and boosts traction.

Technical Specs:

  • Brand: ASICS
  • Surface: Road
  • Heel Drop: 10 mm
  • Support: Neutral
  • Cushion: Maximum
  • Weight: 290 g/10.2 oz
  • For: Men
  • Provide excellent shock absorption
  • Trusstic System reduces the weight of the sole unit
  • Breathable upper ensure comfort
  • We are suspicious about its longevity due to the extra softness of this shoe

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are a distance runner, you should go with the ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 24. It uses advanced cushioning technology like FF Blast Plus to provide the support and comfort your heel needs for a long stride.

7. Reebok Men’s Floatride Energy 3.0 Running Shoe – Honorable Pick

Reebok Men’s Floatride Energy 3.0 is another best running shoe for heel strikers. It will be an excellent choice for you if you are new to the sport as it delivers the comfort and fit you need. And the underfoot cushioning it offers is unbeatable.

Reebok Men's Floatride Energy 3.0 Running Shoe

Super Comfortable

The new upper design of this shoe makes it super comfy. It allows more air to go through, which keeps your feet cool. So, you don’t feel any stuffiness at all. Therefore, its fully gusseted tongue wraps your feet with comfort.


Reebok includes some nice features to make the FloatRide Energy 3.0. Its 4.1mm full rubber outsole doesn’t expose much of the midsole. It means the midsole avoids running wear & tear, which ensures longevity.

Responsive Ride

Thanks to its standard midsole construction. It offers you a responsive stride as the midsole is soft and peppy. Though it’s not super bouncy, you don’t feel it either heavy or stiff. Indeed, it feels between the two and you will get the comfort you need for running miles.

Technical Specs:

  • Brand: Reebok
  • Surface: Road
  • Heel Drop: 9mm
  • Support: Neutral
  • Cushion: Maximum
  • Weight: 241g
  • For: Men
  • Affordable
  • Breathable & supportive
  • Lightweight
  • Run a bit warm

Why Should You Buy It?

The Reebok Floatride Energy 3.0 will be best if you are a daily grinder. It’s breathable, responsive, and comfortable enough to wear for everyday running.

8. Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 24 Waveknit Running Shoe – Best For Budget

Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 24 is the budget-friendly running shoe on this list. Though it is affordable, it delivers all the features you need for a comfortable landing and provides a cushion to your heel & feet. To explore more breathtaking features, keep scrolling.

Mizuno Men's Wave Rider 24 Waveknit Running Shoe


The new and advanced wave plate shape gives you more connection to the wave itself. Because of it, you will get more responsiveness from the shoe. This wave plate distributes the energy from impact to a wider area to offer you a stable platform & cushion. In other words, direct heat to the ground with your heel will not be a problem now as the wave plate absorbs the shock.


Thanks for the innovation! The Mizuno Enerzy Foam makes the midsole of this shoe super bouncy & soft. As the midsole is spongy, it can absorb more shocks & impacts coming out from the land. Indeed, it is 17% softer and provides you 15% more energy return to gain a comfortable stride.

WaveKnit Upper

Mizuno uses WaveKnit technology or knitting construction as its upper. Due to this unique upper design, you will get maximum comfort, breath, and support from it. In other words, the improved ventilation system keeps your feet cool and wraps up the feet with soft cushions.

Technical Specs:

  • Brand: Mizuno
  • Surface: Road
  • Heel Drop: 12 mm
  • Support: Neutral
  • Cushion: Maximum
  • Weight: 10.1 oz
  • For: Men
  • U4ic Midsole offers optimal shock reduction & durability
  • Provide a stable & comfortable foot platform
  • Durable outsole adds longevity
  • The tread pattern doesn’t look robust

Why Should You Buy It?

It will be your best trait if you are on a budget but want to get all the functionalities you need to support your heel for a comfortable stride.

9. Brooks Men’s Glycerin 19 Neutral Running Shoe – Best For Neutral Runners

Brooks Men’s Glycerin 19 is the best neutral running shoe for heel strikers. Its neutral support makes it ideal for every running type, including road running, cross-training, and gym. Below, we will break down every feature & benefits this shoe offers.

Brooks Men's Glycerin 19 Neutral Running Shoe

Super soft cushion

DNA Loft, the softest cushioning Brooks ever innovates. It seems that you are walking in the cotton when you slip your feet in this shoe. Brooks smartly injects air into the EVA foam to keep the cushion lightweight & soft. Indeed, Brooks designs the Glycerin 19 in a way so that you can feel super soft under your foot.

On top of this, its thick heel drop (10mm) provides unmatched shock absorption to ensure plush landing.

Plush Interior

Brooks upgraded the interior of the Glycerin 10 to ensure your feet will be surrounded by comfort. You will never feel any hurt to your feet due to an extended stride. Therefore, its stretchable and newly designed upper offers a roomy yet secure fit and encourages more air to follow. So, choosing between snug and breathable will never doubt you again.

Smooth Transitions

Brooks Glycerin 19 stores all of its soft cushioning in the middle of the shoe. So, the foot transition from heel to toe will be super soft & smooth when you run. Due to the smooth transition, you don’t need to worry about the abrupt landing of your feet.

Technical Specs:

  • Brand: Brook
  • Surface: Road, Gym, or Whatever
  • Heel Drop: 10 mm
  • Support: Neutral
  • Cushion: Maximum
  • Weight: 10.2oz
  • For: Men
  • Newly designed upper makes the shoe snug & breathable
  • Spongy & responsive midsole
  • Offer easy & soft transitions to ensure superior comfort
  • The laces are very short

Why Should You Buy It?

The Glycerin 19 from Brooks will be your best running shoe if you want to get a shoe for any kind of running. It gives you the comfort, support, and cushion you need for every stride.

10. Saucony Women’s Triumph ISO 2 Running Shoe – Best All-Rounder

Saucony Women’s Triumph ISO 2 is the best all-rounder running shoe for heel strikers. It delivers you the cushioning, comfort, and flexibility you need for walking, all-day wear, daily or long-distance running. Continue to read to check why we ranked it as the best all-rounder.

Saucony Women's Triumph ISO 2 Running Shoe

EverRun Cushioning

Everun is the latest cushioning technology Saucony ever innovated & incorporated. This responsive & intense foam cushioning material raises the energy-return attributes of the shoe. As a result, you will gain a springy, energized, and resilient running experience. Therefore, the EverRun cushioning system offers flexibility & superior cushioning for comfy foot landing.

TRI-FLEX outsole

The Tri-Flex outsole configuration maximizes the gripping and shock-absorbing capability of this shoe. It distributes the shock evenly over a greater surface. Plus, this advanced outsole technology improves traction for a smoother ride.

Improved ISOFIT upper

This advanced upper design promotes flexibility, ultimate comfort, and incredible fit. The ISOFIT upper makes it adapt the natural shape of your feet to offer a superior fit. Therefore, the elastic nature of the sock liner offers breathability to ensure ultimate comfort.

Technical Specs:

  • Brand: Saucony
  • Surface: Road
  • Heel Drop: 8mm
  • Support: Neutral
  • Cushion: Maximum
  • Weight: 289g
  • For: Women
  • Offer responsive underfoot support
  • Superior impact absorption
  • Stylish
  • The forefoot is a bit narrow

Why Should You Buy It?

If you want to get a shoe that allows you to take it with you on every ride from daily running to the marathon, you should go for the Saucony Women’s Triumph ISO 2.

How To Choose Best Running Shoes For Heel Strikers

The market is flooded with running shoes, making it challenging to pick the right one from there. Besides, not every shoe comes with the same specifications and provides the same level of cushioning & support you need.

Fortunately, the following considerations will help choose the best running shoes for heel strikers.

How To Choose Best Running Shoes For Heel Strikers

Heel Drop

The higher the heel drop, the more cushioning you will get. Now, you may ask- what is heel drop on a shoe? Well, it’s the height of your running shoe. In simple words, it’s the thickness between the rear midsole and the front sole.

The thicker the heel drop will be, the more shock & impact it can absorb. Therefore, it delivers comfortable cushioning upon impact and promotes a more comfortable rearfoot landing.

After reviewing thousands of shoes and backing by reports, we found a high heel drop of between 5-10mm is ideal for heel strikers. So, consider the heel drop height and choose the right boots to resist shock or impact.

Supportive Heel

The shoe heel should also be supportive, apart from its cushioning character. The rearfoot needs to be stable if your heel lands on the ground first.

You shouldn’t choose a running shoe whose midsole is spongy or softer than the other part. Also, avoid picking a shoe with an excessively soft midsole.

Beveled Heel

You should also consider whether the heel of a running shoe is beveled or not. A beveled heel helps to absorb impacts or shocks as your foot will land gradually instead of landing abruptly. Regarding this, you can go for Asics running shoes as most shoes they make come with a beveled heel.


Thicker heel drop can’t alone ensure maximum cushioning or comfort. There should be good cushioning under the heel also. So, pick a shoe that offers a decent amount of cushioning or padding under the heel. It will help absorb impacts produced during the stride.


How breathable the shoe will depend on the upper materials. Luckily every running shoe on this list implied advanced technology to make the upper breathable. So, you don’t need to worry about it.

But if you’re interested to do some market analysis yourself, we recommend giving extra attention on breathable shoes for running.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the commonly asked questions about heel striker running shoes.

What Percentage of Runners Are Heel Strikers?

A US study keeping eyes at runners at a 5-mile stage of a marathon revealed that about 93% of runners were heel strikers. Indeed, 60% of men and 70% of women are heel strikers while a few numbers of runners are midfoot and forefoot strikers.

What Should Your Foot Strike Angle Be?

Foot strike angle or stride angle should be taken into account for efficient running. What the foot strike angle should depend on whether you are a professional or recreational runner.

For professional runners, the stride angle should be 80 degrees or larger. On the other hand, the stride angle should be 60-65 degrees if you are a recreational runner.

Are Hokas for Heel Strikers?

Most running shoes from Hokas have a heel drop of 10mm or more, which is excellent for heel strikers as they provide more cushioning. However, Hokas still have a 4-6mm drop. In other words, not every shoe from Hoka is for heel strikers.

Does Heel Striking Slow You Down?

Yes, heel strike may slow you down as you land directly on the heel as it creates higher braking forces. To avoid this issue, you should choose a shoe that can absorb the shocks and offer smooth transitions. Either way, you can adopt the forefoot or midfoot strike running style.

Final Thoughts

We reviewed and recommended the 10 best running shoes for heel strikers in this article. Also, we categorized them so that you can easily decide which one you should pick.

However, if you can’t choose one from the list yet, we recommend you go for the ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 28 if you are a woman. It provides the support, cushioning, and breathability you need.

On the other hand, you can pick HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Bondi 6. Its meta-rocker technology supports your natural running form & offers the smooth transition to land with comfort.

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