9 Best Shoes For Running On The Beach in 2023

Beach running is more effective than running on pavement or concrete. A recent study shows that running on sand increases leg performance while reducing the chances of muscle damage and soreness. So more and more health-conscious individuals are now drawn to seashores than hitting the race tracks.

But unless you wear the right shoes, the beach-sharp driftwood, stones, or shells will pierce your feet and can lead to devastating injuries. So, why not wear shoes best for running on the beach and protect yourself from the inconvenience?

Now, it’s true that running shoes are best for sports activities. However, this is not always the case. Beach is not the same as grass or concrete, making it difficult for runners to wear conventional running shoes and get the lead out comfortably. That’s why you’ll often notice beach running shoes are different than conventional running shoes, both in style and built.

This article will demonstrate 9 top-notch beach shoes with a helpful buying guide and beach running tips. Once you read our words, you have all the information you need to choose your preferred beach footwear.

Do You Need Special Shoes For Running On The Beach?

The truth is, you can run on the beach barefoot or in any shoes you like. But if you care about your feet, you must choose shoes specially designed for beach running or at least the ones that repel water well enough.

Why Do You Need Special Shoes for Running on The Beach

Now, why does it matter? What benefits do shoes specific for sandy surfaces offer? Before we move on to our top picks for the best running shoes for beach, I’ll talk you through their benefits in the section below.

Prevents Saltwater from Damaging Your Skin

When you run on the beach barefoot, your feet directly contact the salty water of the seas. Though salty water is good for feet for a short time soaking, it will damage your feet’ skin for long time contact. But when you wear beach running shoes, you don’t have to think about the salty water. You can run on the beach for as long as you can.

Protects Your Feet from Sharp Objects

For barefoot running, you won’t have any protection from the sharp objects of the sands. It is the same as wearing any cheap shoes. But, as the water shoes have thick outsoles, you feel more protected from these razor-like or sharp rocks and stones.

Beach Running Shoes Offer Better Breathability

All the shoes won’t have holes for breathing air and draining water. So if you wear them, you feel uncomfortable as your feet become warm and wet. But, the beach running shoes have holes to pass water and air into the shoes to keep your feet cool, dry, and feel comfortable.

That means we can say you should invest to own special shoes for running on the beach for your feet health and safety.

What Are The Best Shoes For Running On The Beach?

We’ll discuss the 9 best shoes, but all of them are not good for all feet. Let’s see which shoes are worthy for why.

Comparison Chart

This comparison table will showcase some fundamental features of the shoes to help you choose your footwear within a short time.

Brand nameThey're  best forSexSole material and gripSizeSuitable for
L-RUN Unisex Water ShoesBest For OverallUnisexAnti-slip Rubber and maximum gripS to 3XLBeach running, yoga, driving, walking, dance, swimming
Oranginer Men's Barefoot ShoesBest For MinimalistMenRubber and outstanding grip6.5 to 14Beach running, walking, hiking, training, jogging, and daily gym workout
SAGUARO Water ShoesBest For VersatilityUnisexRubber and excellent grip7.5 to 14Beach running, jogging, biking, walking, dance, gym, fitness, sailing, boating, cruise, camping, training, pilates, long-haul flight, surfing etc.
Body Glove 3T MAX Water ShoeBest For Wide FeetMenSynthetic and optimal grip 7 to 13Beach running, kayaking, swimming, fishing, stand-up paddleboarding, etc.
Voovix Barefoot ShoesBest For Arthritic FeetUnisexRubber and outstanding grip6.5 or 7.5 for Women and 4.5 or for 5.5 menBeach running, walking, jogging, biking, hiking, training, gym, and camping
Xero Speed Force Minimalist Running ShoeBest For High MileageMenXero Drop and excellent grip6.5 to 15Beach running, walking, jogging, biking, hiking, training, gym, and camping
Candiya Breathable Beach Running ShoesBest For BreathabilityUnisexEthylene Vinyl Acetate and maximum grip5-14 for Women and 4-12.5 for MenBeach running, walking, jogging, climbing, biking, hiking, sailing, surfing, fishing, boating, training, gym, pilates, yoga
CAMFOSY Mens Womens Water ShoesBest For BudgetUnisexRubber and outstanding grip9 Women/7.5 MenBeach running, walking, jogging, climbing, biking, hiking, sailing, surfing, fishing, boating, training, gym, pilates, yoga
Arc'teryx Men's Norvan SL 2 ShoeBest For Trail RunningMenEthylene Vinyl Acetate + rubber and maximum grip7 to 13Beach running, walking, jogging, hiking

9 Best Shoes For Running On The Beach [In-Depth Analysis, Facts, & Hands-On Review]

You have learned why you need beach running shoes and which shoes are suitable for why. But, is that enough information to choose a pair of shoes? Absolutely NOT!

So now, we’ll review the best shoes by pointing out their every feature, pros, and cons. At the end of our review, we’ll also keep a summary for your better understanding.

Best Shoes For Running On The Beach

1. Best Overall: L-RUN Unisex Water Shoes

The quality, durability, and performance against its price determine how good a shoe is. And, yes, positive reviews matter too. The L-Run Unisex Water Shoes are the ultimate best in this regard. Apart from their true-to-width construction, these shoes ensure comfort by offering arch support. So we keep these water shoes top of our list as the overall performer as the best beach running shoes.L-RUN Unisex Water Shoes Barefoot Skin Shoes

Proofing and protections

Waterproofing and protection from beach sands, rocks, and stones are the topmost priority when choosing shoes for beach running. These shoes are made with high-quality, smooth, and breathable materials. So when you wear them, you feel comfortable as well as protective from all those things. The tread also protects your feet from the rough stones of the seaside.

True to size

Most people won’t like to buy their shoes online because of the misleading shoe size. As a result, they can’t wear them, which is a complete waste of money.

But, this won’t happen to you if you choose your beach running shoes from L-RUN. It brings multiple sizes of shoes from Small to 3XL sizes by mentioning their length and width in inches. So there is zero possibility of unfitting your shoes if you choose the correct size.

Excellent traction

There is a high chance of losing balance and falling on sands unless the shoes have anti-slip soles with good traction over the sands or mud. Fortunately, you don’t have to face this challenge because the shoes’ rubber soles offer you 90% grip on almost all wet surfaces.

So that you can comfortably run and enjoy the beach’s natural scenery without affecting your toe, feet, or arch. You can also wear them for mud run races, and they are better than any tennis shoes.

Quality and Design

Now, let’s talk about their quality and design. Unless sturdy construction and fashionable design, the shoes can’t ensure durability and go with the trend. Though you wear them on beach sands, don’t you want to look smart?

Sure, everybody loves to present themselves smartly in front of others. The company brings a bunch of colorful shoes with eye-catching designs. So you can choose what fits you most and align with your personality.


  • Brand: L-RUN
  • Sex: Unisex
  • Sole material: Anti-slip Rubber
  • Fabric: 100% Polyester
  • Closure Type: Pull-on
  • Size: S (small) to 3XL (3 times large)
  • Grip: Maximum grip

Our Experience with L-Run Water Shoes

  • The L-RUN water shoes ensure an excellent grip, keep most of the sand out, and didn’t form blisters after 4 weeks of use.
  • These shoes are easy to get on/off and feels like being barefoot all the time. The sole length is perfect, covering all the toes and heel perfectly.
  • Because of their super flexibility and lightweight, they are easy to pack and weigh almost nothing.
Pros to Prefer
  • The shoes fit like a second skin but cushion your feet
  • True to size ensure perfect fittings
  • Extreme flexibility ensures comfort
  • Reasonable price but decent quality
Cons to Consider
  • Not suitable for too narrow feet

Why Do We Recommend It?

L-RUN shoes are durable, stylish, and easy to put on and off. They won’t bloat or loosen up in the water when running over beach sands. So if you’re on the shoreside, poolside, on a boat, or other water activity where you just need something lightweight and fast-drying, confidently buy these.

2. Best Minimalistic: Oranginer Men’s Barefoot Shoes

Our next choice is Oranginer Men’s Barefoot Shoes for the guys who love to wear minimalist shoes that won’t add extra weight to their feet. The shoes are super lightweight (12.9 Oz), ensuring your barefoot feeling during heavy workout sessions.

Oranginer Men's Barefoot Shoes

Quality and Design

The shoes are built with flexible rubber outsoles with three points grooved texture to ensure maximum grip on wet or slippery surfaces to prevent falling. Moreover, the outsoles are incredibly protective against any sharp rocks or stones. Their elastic and breathable mesh uppers are excellent for not feeling any weird pressure on the joints of your feet because of ill-fitting.

They are designed to pull on lace-up to wear and remove within seconds. So by pulling the lace of the shoes, you can easily adjust their fittings with your feet according to your requirements.


These shoes have a perfect blending of thick enough tread and traction. So you feel comfortable on medium-sized rocks and large gravel. Their tongue is nicely padded, which you won’t find for most minimalist shoes like New Balance minimalist, Vibram five fingers, and other generic minimalist trail running shoes.

However, the shoes come with a removable thin insole for flexible wearing. If you find insoles comfortable, you can keep them, and if you don’t like insoles, detach them and wear the shoes without insoles. But, if you have shallow volume feet with low arches, it’s better to wear them with insoles, so they are easy to hit very securely.

Overall, Oranginer focuses on your comfort from the least possible ways to the most possible.

Sizing and Colors

The shoes come in 12 different sizes, from 6.5 to 14, and true to size. So that you can easily match your consistent shoe size from the listed size. However, because of their true size, you don’t have any confusion about whether they fit you or not or have to face any changing hassle.

They also come with 25 different 2 beige colors that open the door to keep your favorite color shoes that will go with your outfit. As a result, you can wear them for beach running, hiking, training, jogging, etc.


Since they are made with quality materials, they will last longer than many water shoes. They won’t be defective after wearing them almost every day for 4-5 months and run on different trails, including beaches, asphalt, and mud. Because of their soft and grippy tread, they will still be good in quality and look. If you apply any waterproofing spray like silicone, the water will bead up on the outside of them and enhance your shoe’s lifetime.


  • Brand: Oranginer
  • Sex: Men
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Fabric: Synthetic
  • Closure type: Lace-up
  • Size: 6.5 to 14
  • Grip: Outstanding grip

Our Experience with the Oranginer Men’s Barefoot Shoes

  • Their wide, open-toe box and no heel-to-toe drop will make them comfortable to wear for prolonged periods with no foot fatigue.
  • They have pretty good arch support, an excellent choice to maintain stability and balance during a summer workout.
  • Pull-on lace-up closer is excellent to put on and take off easily with no hassle of tying and knotting the laces.
Pros to Prefer
  • Comfortable and snugly fitted minimalist style shoes
  • Defensive against the occasional sharp and pokey things
  • Excellent breathability keeps your feet cool and dry
  • Zero drops ensure your feet’ natural positioning
Cons to Consider
  • Not suitable for winter, as they can’t prevent cold

Why Do We Recommend It?

Once you consider these minimalist shoes’ price and their tons of benefits, you will find them the best option for you. You must try them for their snug fittings, comfort, and long-lasting performance. Its minimalistic design and looks are also a great plus if you truly care about your feet’ health.

3. Best Versatile: SAGUARO Water Shoes

Isn’t it a good idea to wear minimalist barefoot shoes for many purposes to feel comfortable and light? Of course. We choose the SAGUARO Unisex Water Shoes if you are a guy or lady who loves to wear barefoot shoes for walking or running on the beach sand, hiking, training, and even jogging.

SAGUARO Water Shoes

Quality and Design

As you’ll want to wear them for multiple purposes, it’ll be a nightmare without quality and perfect shape and design. The soft, anti-slip, and wear-resistant outsoles of the shoes ensure maximum traction and grip on all surfaces. As a result, you can quickly move on without hurting your feet.

It used Spandex as the upper fabric, which is lightweight. That means it justifies the name of barefoot shoes. The detachable 5mm inner sole offers excellent arch support to ensure comfort.

Multiple Size

Shoe size plays a vital role in snug and comfortable fittings. Different people’s feet are different in size and shape. Someone’s feet are narrow, whereas someone’s feet are wide. Someone likes to wear tight-fitting shoes, whereas someone likes to wear roomy shoes.

Considering all their demands, the SAGUARO brings the super small 7.5 to 14-sized shoes by half size increment. So that, no matter what your feet’s shape and size are! You can easily choose the right fit shoes from the size chart.


The roomy toe box with separate toes is highly appreciated to maintain a good balance in the sand because the wet sands tend to pull down. This shoe’s toe-box allows you the entire movement of individual toes, but mesh-uppers keep shoes snugly secure to your foot, without extra toe space. So you don’t have to give too much effort to maintain balance and run comfortably.


When running on the beach, there may be sharp rocks, stones, and broken glasses on the sands that do not appear. But no worries, they won’t pierce your shoes and reach your feet because of the shoes’ strong rubber soles and the toes’ protection structure.


  • Brand: SAGUARO
  • Sex: Unisex
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Fabric Type: Spandex
  • Closure Type: Pull-on
  • Size: 7.5 to 14
  • Drainage: Fast drainage
  • Grip: Excellent grip and non-slip

Our Experience with the Saguaro Water Shoes

  • The shoes are super flexible to move your feet forward, backward, or twist. They are comfortable to wear because of their lightweight and pull-on closure.
  • Pleasant inner paddings are amazing to fit the shoes with your feet snugly. If you wear them some days, the paddings will take the shape of your feet, and that is absolutely good to wear them for a long time running.
  • No big deal to clean them once they become dirty. You can just throw the shoes’ insoles in the washer and dryer with your clothes to easily clean them with no extra effort.
Pros to Prefer
  • No insulation or foot warmth and no specific “wearing-in” period
  • Right choice is to run 8-10 miles per day
  • Don’t fall off your feets’ and you won’t get any blisters
  • Easy to put on and take off
Cons to Consider
  • You have to order ½ size bigger than your regular size.

Why Do We Recommend It?

You’ll love to have the shoes because of their flexibility, lightweight, versatility, and durability. The flat bottom is ideal for deadlifts, squats, etc. Since they are designed for outdoors and water sports, you can consider them as best shoes for running on the beach and try for your next trip.

4. Best For Wide Feet: Body Glove 3T MAX Water Shoe

Choosing the right sized and fitted shoes for wide feet is very challenging. Who have wide feet and significantly Orient shaped toes (the first two fingers are taller, and the last three fingers are smaller) make sweats to choose the right-fit shoes. If you are the person who faces these issues, the Body Glove 3T Barefoot Max Water Shoe is the best match for you.

Body Glove 3T MAX Water Shoe

Extraordinary Design

At first glance, the three-toe design sounds strange, but when you wear them, they won’t feel abnormal. They are designed with a velcro strap over the instep and a cinch strap in the heel. So you can get these pretty adjusted shoes that fit well to your feet. As the toe box is wider than most water shoes, your feet get enough room to breathe in summer’s high heat.


The synthetic soles of the shoes protect your feet when you walk or run on the beach, and many flakes and flints are razor-like sharp. The soles are also protective against stepping on any object (tree branches, rocks, stones, etc.) That’s why these sharp objects won’t be able to penetrate the shoes to hurt you.

Their ultra grip outsole and zero heel lift are other considerable features that ensure super protection from slippery falling. As you get maximum traction on the surface, you can quickly move forward, backward, or twist your feet with no hassle.

Well Ventilated

The lack of ventilation systems will quickly tire you by generating sweat. Even you feel itching because of wet feet, which is also a reason for germ growth inside your shoes. But, forget all those unpleasant scenarios if you choose 3T MAX.

They have ventilation holes in their bottoms with mesh wire screens so that water and air can freely move in and out. This sound ventilation system will help you improve your beach running experience on hot summer days.

Easy to Put on And Take Off

The adjustable Velcro straps will help you put on and take off the shoes within seconds. So that when you are in a hurry to get ready for your outing, these easy-wearing and fitting systems will be a plus point for you.


  • Brand: Body Glove
  • Sex: Men
  • Sole Material: Synthetic
  • Fabric Type: 100% Synthetic
  • Shaft Height: Low-top
  • Size: 7 to 13
  • Drainage: Fast drainage
  • Breathable: Good breathability
  • Grip: Outstanding grip

Our Experience with the Body Glove 3T Water Shoes

  • After completing beach running on saltwater surfaces, they don’t get any salt signs. So they always look as nice as new.
  • They are super comfortable for men with the right size and shape for wide feet. So we didn’t have foot fatigue or blisters even when wearing them for a prolonged period.
  • The synthetic fabric of the shoes is extra lightweight to wear them longer and enjoy your workout, swimming, or day outing.
Pros to Prefer
  • Incredibly well made and comfortable
  • Perfect fittings for wide feet with 3 separate toes
  • Highly protective, so sharp rocks are no problem
  • Cost-effective and dry off pretty fast
Cons to Consider
  • It won’t come with half sizes

Why Do We Recommend It?

These are the shoes you need as water shoes for river bank or sea beach running. Their snug and comfy fit, durability, flexibility, and fast drainage are some of the worthy features to own. However, as they lack half-size shoes, we’ll suggest you order them once the size matches your feet.

5. Best For Arthritic Feet: Voovix Barefoot Shoes

You’ll be shocked to know that NCCDPHP reported around 58.5 million people, or 24% of all adults, have arthritis problems in the USA. So you can realize how pathetic the situation will be if you have this issue but don’t take care of it. As a take care part of your disease, you can choose these Voovix Men’s and women’s Barefoot Shoes for your beach running.

Voovix Barefoot Shoes

Quality and Design

The shoes are built with rubber soles and breathable knit fabric. Once you wear the shoes, you’ll feel great support to your toe, heel, and arch and enjoy a good grip over the wet sand. Your feet won’t get warm under the shiny sun because of the great ventilation system.

They come with removable insoles so that you can adjust the inner paddings depending on your needs. The uppers over the toe box are stretchy, and the laces are elastic, making them comfortable for your arthritic feet.

Protection and Traction

No matter how careful you are while running on the beach or seaside, a stone or rock can penetrate your feet unless your barefoot shoes are protective enough. The company knows this experience is painful and dangerous if the stone or rock is infectious.

Keeping that in mind, it uses highly durable and robust soles to protect your feet. So that no sharp tree branches, stones, rocks, pebbles, or anything can hurt you during your workout time.

Movement Flexibility

The shoes snugly fit at the ankle, and there is a sock-like material that is roomy and comfy. They are flexible and firm when you jump or do fast movements or twist during workouts. By wearing the shoes, you can run over 5 miles in a day, and they won’t cause heel or knee soreness for high mileage running.


Honestly reviewing, you have a limited sizing option to choose your shoes from this brand. They only come in 2 different sizes for men and women. If you are a guy who wears 4.5 or 5.5 size shoes, and if you are a lady who wears 6.5 or 7.5 size shoes, you are fit for these shoes. Otherwise, we won’t recommend this pair of shoes to you.


  • Brand: Voovix
  • Sex: Unisex
  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Fabric Type: Breathable knit fabric
  • Closure Type: Pull-On
  • Size: 6.5 or 7.5 for Women and 4.5 or for 5.5 men
  • Grip: Optimal grip

Our Experience with the Voovix Barefoot Shoes

  • The shoes are suitable to wear on the beach or casually around town. Their versatility and nice-looking design are a good fit for shoe cabinets.
  • Their lightweight design is excellent for healthy feet’s posture and puts less stress on the muscles or joints.
  • The all skin-friendly materials have no impact on sensitive skin and are effortlessly wearable without socks.
Pros to Prefer
  • Right choice to wear them prolonged time
  • No bulky heel, wide and comfortable
  • Adequate traction on wet grasses and sands
  • Multiple functionalities that are worth your investment
Cons to Consider
  • No size variation

Why Do We Recommend It?

Their exclusive design, quality materials, snug-fitting, flexible, and easy feet movement will amaze and satisfy you. So if you have arthritis, they are the best shoes for running on sand.

6. Best For Durability: Xero Speed Force Minimalist Running Shoes

Are you looking for a pair of shoes with speed force and high mileage? If so, then the Xero Men’s Speed Force Minimalist Running Shoes is the ultimate option for you to enjoy speedy running on beaches or other surfaces.

Xero Speed Force Minimalist Running Shoe

Quality Materials

They are engineered, designed, and constructed to make them the ultimate barefoot running or walking shoes. The forward and reverse patterns of the Xero Drop outsole will ensure excellent traction and grip over the surfaces to enjoy stable and balanced movement.

Their wide, nice, breathable upper soles fit your feet snugly to fall your every footstep comfortably. The stretch in the midfoot and specious toe box helps feel natural and low to the ground.

Lightweight and High Mileage

After wearing them, you’ll feel like you are barefoot because they are only 5.8 ounces in weight. The 2mm weighted and 4.5mm height insoles enhance the shoes’ adjustability and protectiveness. (The weight may vary depending on the shoe size).

Though the company guaranteed 5000 footsteps, many users found they are suitable for running all day (averagely 15,000 steps) which is unbelievable.


Comfortable running depends on proper shoe fitting, and proper shoe fitting depends on choosing the right size shoes. As the shoes come in multiple sizes considering small to large feet to fit the most petite feet to the largest feet. So there is nothing to worry about selecting your exact shoe size.

Vegan Friendly

Many people won’t support cruelty to animals to make any products for human needs. Xero respects their opinions, and for this, it built these shoes with zero animal products. The shoes are built with 100% vegan materials and are free from animal cruelty, so they are eco-friendly.


  • Brand: Xero
  • Sex: Men
  • Sole material: Xero Drop
  • Outer Material: Synthetic
  • Fabric type: Closest-to-Barefoot Xero
  • Closure Type: Lace-Up
  • Size: 6.5 to 15
  • Grip: Excellent grip and ground feel

Our Experience with the Xero Minimalist Running Shoes

  • The wide toe box of the shoes is excellent for ensuring long-duration running. They provide enough support for lateral movement.
  • The shoes are super thin, so they don’t make your feet look overly big, and their design is like modern activewear.
  • They are more supportive, protective, and durable than Prio and the Hana shoes.
Pros to Prefer
  • The strings ensure higher stability and agility during movement
  • Incredibly lightweight, so no more feet fatigue
  • Super arch, heel, and toe support
  • Flexible to snugly feet adjustment
Cons to Consider
  • They are not true to size, and recommend choosing half size bigger

Why Do We Recommend It?

The most worthy features of these shoes are perfect weight, minimalist design, well fittings, and high mileage running. You can wear them with or without socks how you feel comfortable.

7. Best For Breathability: Candiya Breathable Beach Running Shoes

Las Vegas, Tucson, Arizona, California, San Antonio, Texas, and Houston are some of the hottest regions in the USA. Are you living in one of these? Then you must frequently visit the seaside to get relief from this unbearable heat. In that case, you must have excellent breathable water shoes in your backpack. Here, the Candiya Breathable Beach Running Shoes are the top choice for you.

Candiya Breathable Beach Running Shoes

Great Breathable Design

The midsole and fabric are the most important part of shoes to make them breathable. Since Candida designed the shoes for breathing, it used highly breathable mesh fabrics and flexible midsoles with drainage holes for fast water draining and drying. As the water drains fast, it won’t add extra weight to your feet, making you feel heavy and uncomfortable. So you can enjoy a long-running experience by wearing them.


The soles of the shoes are made with anti-slip Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, which makes them lightweight but durable. Their triangular chuck and groove design ensures super traction and grip over the wet, watery, and slippery surfaces where there is a high chance of losing balance and stability. You can run on the beach, riverside, or climb hills by wearing them with minimal slipping risk.

Sizing and Right Fittings

The shoes come in multiple sizes to ensure the right fittings for most people. However, it shows you the US shoe size chart by mentioning heel-to-toe inches to quickly pick your correct size shoes from the list without any doubt.

As you can choose your right size shoes from the list, there is no risk of unfitting them in your feet or feeling too tight or roomy. Which is absolutely an impressive feature of these shoes.

Season and Temperature

By noticing its soft fabric and lightweight design, you may think, can you wear them most seasons? Although they look soft, they can protect your feet from all temperatures. They can be a partner in your trip any season, mainly in Summer, Winter, Spring, and Autumn.

When the temperature is low in winter, their microfiber fabrics and double-layer honeycomb mesh will keep your feet warm. Their good drainage and the breathable system will keep your feet cool in summer. So no matter what the environment or temperature is, they are good to choose.


  • Brand: Candida
  • Sex: Unisex
  • Sole material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Outer material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
  • Fabric type: Mesh and Lightweight
  • Closure Type: Lace-Up
  • Size: 5-14 for Women and 4-12.5 for Men
  • Drainage: Fast drainage
  • Breathable: Well ventilation with holes
  • Grip: Excellent grip for anti-slip sole

Our Experience with the Candiya Breathable Shoes

  • The shoes’ black elegant outlook with mesh fabrics ensures a stylish appearance and comfort.
  • They come in various sizes and colors to fit most users’ feet and personalities. So no extra hassle to find the right fitted shoes.
  • As they are lightweight, you can do much more work and feel comfortable on your feets’ inner arch muscles.
Pros to Prefer
  • Solid construction ensures durability
  • Non-slip soles provide extreme protection
  • The shoe’s bendability proves their flexibility
  • Excellent gripping and stability on wet and uneven surfaces
Cons to Consider
  • They shrink a little bit when wet

Why Do We Recommend It?

The Candiya shoes will be an excellent option to enjoy beach running and relaxing from skin-burning heat. The roomy toe box, comfy fabrics, lightweight, easy put on and take off will make them the best running shoes for beach and water.

8. Best For Budget: CAMFOSY Unisex Water Shoes

Many people have a tight budget to purchase occasional shoes for beach running or sailing. Don’t think we have forgotten you. Rather, we find the most budget-friendly CAMFOSY Water Shoes that cost you less than $20. But they won’t lack any worthy features that other barefoot shoes have because of their economical price.

CAMFOSY Mens Womens Water Shoes


Their outer rubber sole is solid to protect any sharp objects to avoid piercing your feet while running on beach sands. Moreover, the adequate traction on the surface will reduce slippery falling risk. The sole’s different groove styles ensure maximum traction that helps maintain a good balance for every footstep.


The shoes are designed with smooth neck styles that prevent chafing. So, the  shoes won’t come out due to ground collision when running at maximum speed. Their pull-on elastic ties system makes them easily wearable and removable. That’s why the people who don’t like to knot the strings to fit the shoes will be happy to see this feature.

Comfortable and Good Fittings

The shoes are true to size that ensure right fittings. So you don’t feel roomy or tight at the toe, heel or arch that is excellent for foot movement. When the sun scorches in summer, the sand is bleeping hot, and the shells in the water are painful on bare feet.

These water shoes will protect you from these without feet sweat generation because the Mesh and breathable fabric of the shoes is entirely breathable to keep your feet dry. So you feel comfortable in any weather conditions.

Fast Drainage and No Smell

Water absorption makes the shoes heavyweight. The CAMFOSY shoes have holes for the fast drainage system to avoid this issue. The water will be drained with these holes to keep your feet dry. However, as the shoes won’t absorb water, they won’t get any chance to make shoe smell, which is very irritating and disgusting.


  • Brand: CAMFOSY
  • Sex: Unisex
  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Fabric Type: Mesh and breathable Textile
  • Closure Type: Pull-On
  • Size: 9 Women/7.5 Men
  • Grip: Excellent grip and anti-slip sole

Our Experience with the Camfosy Unisex Water Shoes

  • They are roomy, not very loose, but not skin-hugging, rather comfy. So they will properly fit to your feet.
  • The rubber outsole of these shoes will enhance buffer effects while running.  For this, you will feel better than barefoot running.
  • The shoes are breathable to keep your feet dry, and cool with no sweating. Well drainage system reduces the chance of water clogging into the shoes.
Pros to Prefer
  • Better than ugly, noisy, dangerous flip-flops
  • True to size ensure good fitting for easy movement
  • Mesh fabrics are soft and comfortable
  • Reasonable price no quality compromise
Cons to Consider
  • One specific size for men and women

Why Do We Recommend It?

You should choose CAMFOSY to get decent beach running shoes within your budget without compromising quality, comfort, protection, and feet safety. If you wear them with care, they will last longer to run more time on the beach.

9. Best For Trail Running: Arc’teryx Men’s Norvan SL 2 Shoe

There are three types of roads on the beach for running (loose or wet sands, hard sands, and trails). We choose the Arc’teryx Men’s Norvan SL 2 Shoes for beginner beach runners who have to run through the beach trail instead of loose or hard sands. Because the trail already has a track that they can follow and need less energy to lift their legs, which is beneficial for beginners to avoid blisters.

Arc'teryx Men's Norvan SL 2 Shoe

Quality and Design

The shoes’ outsole is made with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and Rubber combination that makes them protective, durable, but lightweight. They have chunky midsoles with 3.5-millimeter lugs inside them so that you feel comfortable on your long or short runs.

The company used Single layer TPU mesh fabric in their upper, which is thin and soft. That’s why you won’t face any collisions to your ankle during your running. Their collars are designed to prevent debris and dirt from getting inside. Overall, their quality and design are up to the mark than many trail running shoes.

Fittings and Adjustment

The shoes come in 10 different sizes to fit most people’s feet. On top-notch, they are true to size so that you can choose your usual shoe size from their list, and they will snugly fit your feet. As they have strings to tie, so you can easily adjust your fittings by knotting the laces. After completing your running, when you are tired, you can easily remove the shoes from your legs by opening the knot with one hand.

Comfortable and Stable

The ultra-light materials are breathable and make them suitable to wear in summer. So that you won’t feel too warm, and they are relatively comfortable. Because of their super lightweight, they are suitable for maintaining balance and stability to your every footstep. As a result, you can enjoy complete freedom of movement throughout your entire workout session.

Traction and Versatility

The shoes’ outsoles have diamond-shaped grooves to ensure excellent traction on the ground. So when you’ll feel elegant, fast, and protected all the time, which boosts your confidence while running. Moreover, for better grip on most surfaces, you can wear them for hiking, climbing, walking, jogging, or swimming, besides beach running.


  • Brand: Arc’teryx
  • Sex: Men
  • Sole Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, Rubber
  • Fabric: Single layer TPU mesh
  • Size: 7 to 13
  • Grip: Maximum grip

Our Experience wth the Arc’terys Norvan Shoes

  • The shoes are only 5.7 Oz means they are incredibly lightweight to feel barefoot or like a second skin. So we could lift our legs with less effort.
  • The soft mesh fabrics ensure excellent breathability to keep the feet dry, calm, and comfortable during a long workout.
  • Their flexibility enhances running experience by easily moving legs or twisting the toes.
Pros to prefer
  • Their midsoles protect obstacles and ensure comfort
  • The exact shoe size helps in choosing the right fitting shoes
  • No wide toe box is perfect for narrow feet
  • Excellent stability, flexibility, and durability
Cons to consider
  • Expensive

Why Do We Recommend It?

If you don’t have budget issues and want to own dedicated trail running shoes, we recommend this footwear. They are true to size, comfortable, and easy to wear. Though they are a little pricey, their incredible performance will be worth your investment.

How To Pick The Best Shoes For Running On The Beach?

Choosing beach running shoes is not all the same as choosing regular shoes. Though there are fundamental similarities, there are also core different points that you have to consider. Here’re the features that you must keep in mind.

How To Pick The Best Shoes For Running On The Beach


No matter why you buy your shoes and when you wear them, you have to choose the right fitting shoes. Otherwise, you can’t wear them because they will be tight or loose.

Here, the exact fittings of the shoes mainly depend on your feet’s shape and shoe size. Remember that shoe sizes for your feet won’t be similar for all cases (sandals, boots, sneakers, loafers, etc.). So you have to choose the shoe size that fits you best from the company shoe size chart.


Feeling comfortable is another essential factor in choosing your beach shoes. The more you feel comfortable, the more you enjoy your workout session. Or vice versa. There are some ways to define how comfortable the shoes are! For example-

  • If the toe box of the shoes has enough space to keep your toes freely moving and won’t hurt, that will be comfortable.
  • If you can quickly move your feet forward, backward, or twist, they will be comfortable.
  • If the shoes ensure good heel and arch support during movement, they will be comfortable.
  • Look for a snug fitting to keep sand out of your running shoes.


All the footwear should have an excellent grip to protect yourself from slipping risk. For gripping, the shoe’s outsole plays the most crucial role. The rubber outsole with zigzag patterned grooves is the best material and design to ensure adequate traction to have complete control to avoid slippery falling.

Moisture Wicking

You don’t have to look for a fast drainage system for regular shoes, but it’s a must-have feature for beach shoes. Why?

The reason is straightforward, as you walk or run on the beach, the surface remains wet for beach water. So when you run, the water will enter the shoes. If the shoes don’t have any drainage system, you feel wet, which leads to itching in your feet or any other foot related diseases.

Breathability and Drainage System on Shoes For Running On The Beach

So it’s better to have a fast waterproofing system for your shoes that will drain the water to keep your feet dry and healthy. To ensure a sound drainage system, you should choose shoes with holes in their upper mesh.


When you’re soo tired after a long time at work, and then take a deep breath, you feel relaxed and comfortable, right? Yes, it also happens with your feet.

Sounds harsh!

Let’s make it clear. The beach surfaces are mostly too hot, especially in summer. If you’re planning to run, there is a high chance that your feet will be warm after some footsteps. In that case, you can’t concentrate on your workout.

So you should choose a pair of shoes designed with some breathing holes in their upper fabrics. The air and water can pass through the holes that help keep your feet cool under the hot shiny sun.

Beach Running Tips and Sand Workout Guidelines

Running on the beach is different from running on asphalt or concrete roads because it burns 1.6 times more calories. Let’s learn some tips and tricks to make the workout session more effective and efficient.

  • You should avoid running on the beach after a heavy tide as at that time the sands are more wet and need more strength to lift your leg. So you can check the tide report of that beach to know its tide time and go to the beach after low tide.
  • Whether you are a new or a regular beach runner, you should spend 5-10 minutes warming up your whole body by fast walking. After warming up, gradually speed up your pace to adjust your body movement.

  • At the beginning of your beach running, you may feel blisters because of your feet’s slightly different movement than a regular workout. To avoid this pain, you should wear non-chafing running socks with your running shoes. Or you can use a non-chafing cream on your ankle, heel, or toes before running.
  • You can also run in hard sands instead of soft sands with the “Zig Zag Method.” Because the hard sands need less strength than soft sands.
  • The heavy workout that generates sweat, you have to drink water to keep yourself hydrated. According to ACE (American Council on Exercise), you should drink 7-10 Oz of water or any liquid during exercise to be hydrated.
  • Don’t run on the beach at mid-noon or the warmest part of the day because it will enhance the chances of heatstroke.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Better To Run On The Beach With Or Without Shoes?

If you consider health benefits, it’s better to run on the beach barefoot or with no shoes. Because barefoot running on the sand is a more vigorous exercise that strengthens your leg joints and muscles.

But, if you consider your feet protection, it’s the worst idea to run on the beach without shoes. Because the beach sands may have lots of razor-like sharp rocks, stones, and shells here and there. When you land your feet on the sands with no shoes, those sharp objects may pierce your feet, causing bleeding. Even you may have to suffer in the long run if these have infections.

So it’s better to wear shoes when running on the beach sand to avoid this health threat.

How Long Do Beach Running Shoes Last?

Generally, a pair of beach running shoes’ lifespan depends on how frequently and in which terrain (beach trail, pavement, sands) you wear them. However, by keeping a mile track, most users found that the shoes made with quality materials will last around 300 to 500 miles.

The time range is between 4 to 6 months. But, if you wear them rarely and your shoes won’t show any excessive wear and tear signs, you can use them longer than this limit without increasing your foot injury risk.

Can You Wear Beach Running Shoes For Everyday Use?

Actually, it depends on your beach running shoes and your preference. If your shoes are stable, lightweight, easy to wear and remove, you prefer to wear them and have reasonable control of your footsteps motion, there is no reason not to wear them for everyday use.

But the one downside of wearing them regularly, the more you wear them, the more you damage their insoles, grip, and cushioning. So, you have to buy your running shoes frequently, and it costs more.

Can You Run On Beach With Sneakers?

There are no specific beach shoes so that you can run on the beach with sneakers. If your sneakers are protective against beach shells, rocks, stones, tree branches, well-drained, breathable, stable, comfortable, and durable, you can wear them for your beach running. But, if the sneakers won’t fulfill those requirements, it’s not wise to wear them for beach running.

Is Running On The Beach Better For Your Joints?

One word answer is yes. Since when running on sands, you have to burn extra energy to lift your legs and land softly, so your ankle, hips, knees, and other leg muscles get enough pressure to burn extra calories from these weight-bearing joints. So beach running helps to lower the chance of your musculoskeletal injuries.

Does Running In Sand Make You Faster?

Running on the sand, especially on the beach sand, makes you slower. Because the beach sands have a high density, and your feet are also higher than the entire surface. As a result, you have low pressure on the ground, so it isn’t easy to lift your legs from the sand quickly for the next footstep. Overall, running on the sand doesn’t make you faster than even surfaces.


The Beach running experience can be both pleasant and unpleasant for your feet. What makes the difference? Yes, it’s the best shoes for running on the beach makes the difference.

Because the best shoes provide you protection, comfort, stability, and sand safety, all those features take your running experience to an advanced level. Whereas barefoot running may take you to the hospital with serious foot injuries.

So you can understand the necessity of choosing the right shoes. If you are still confused about what to choose, the L-RUN Unisex Water Shoes can be an excellent choice for you.

Why do we suggest this pair? Because they are built and designed with rubber outsole, synthetic mesh fabrics, and pull on closure. All of these features make them protective, comfortable, and stable.

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