8 Best Running Shoes for Sciatica Reviews with Buying Guide (2023)

While running is good for exercising and toning our bodies, things can go upside down quickly if you have an inappropriate pair of running shoes. The problem will worsen when you face back pain or sciatica.

People suffering from acute sciatica will feel pained with every step they take while running. And believe us, it is not a pleasant moment at all.

The bit you can get quick relief from back pain with the best running shoes for sciatica on your feet. Here, we have reviewed 8 top-quality running shoes to deal with the problem of feet and backache to help you run and exercise with comfort and safety.

These shoes are flexible, comfortable and provide enough cushioning so that your feet face the least stress and don’t put back any stress on your back. So, these shoes will help you combat the problem of sciatica one way or another.

Also, with our quick buying guide, you should find it relatively easy to find your best match for back pain and sciatica running shoes.

So, let’s begin it.

Can Bad Running Shoes Cause Sciatica Pain?

Yes, definitely. Physicians suggest that wearing an inappropriate pair of running shoes without proper padding and flexibility is one of the main reasons for sciatica nerve pain and sitting for hours in a fixed position.

When you wear bad running shoes, it can’t absorb the stress and shock of a hard landing on concrete, asphalt, or hard surfaces. As it continues for an extended period, slowly, your feel will start diverting the stress caused by impact and shock to your sciatic nerve.

You must understand what sciatica is and how it works to know how a bad pair of running shoes can worsen the problem. So, here’s the necessary insight-

Sciatica, in general, refers to the pain inflicted at the lower part of our back. At the lower part of the human body, there’s a nerve called the sciatic nerve. It is the thickest and longest ve along our back and originates from the buttock or gluteal area.

It may get damaged or injured due to many reasons. When a human sits in a position for too long regularly, it is more likely to cause pain in the sciatic nerve area. When the pain exaggerates for an extended period, it will slowly reach every part that the sciatic nerve covers.

These locations are:

  1. Hips
  2. Buttock
  3. On both legs up to the knee

Thus, when you suffer from sciatic pain, you can experience acute pain and numbness for the time being in your lower back, buttock, hips, thighs, and knee joints. The pain can feel like stabbing or electric around the lower back.

Physicians suggest that actual injury to the sciatic nerve is pretty rare. But people use the term ‘ sciatic pain’ to refer to any pain and ache you may experience in your lower back right from the disc joining points to knee joints.

When you wear a bad pair of running shoes, it will lack flexibility, proper cushioning, and stability. So, when you land your feet with each step, it won’t reduce the shock and impact as the best running shoes for sciatica nerve pain will do.

As a result, the pain due to shock and impact will slowly start inflicting pain and transfer it to your lower back, aka, the sciatic nerve. Therefore, it will slowly start behaving differently and cause pain and ache.

The pain is temporary and will start disturbing you while you run, exercise, or sit for an extended period in a fixed position. There’s no surgical remedy for the problem, so doctors will suggest a healthy lifestyle to combat the problem.

The main symptoms of sciatica nerve pains are:

  • The lower back, legs, and buttock will experience moderate to severe pain at times.
  • Temporary numbness and weakness around your legs, buttock, and lower back
  • Increasing pain while running and exercising causes loss of movement for the time being
  • You will feel needling around your feet
  • At the worst, people may suffer from bladder and bowel controlling inability.

When you experience these symptoms, you must immediately do two things-

  1. Start using a good quality running shoe to relieve extra pain and stress from your legs
  2. Consultant an orthopedic to seek a proper remedy

8 Best Running Shoes for Sciatic Reviews in 2023

Back pain and sciatic nerve problem can be pretty frustrating and health-threatening, particularly for avid runners. It hampers your daily running schedule and gives a feeling of numbness once in a while. If you are going through the problem, it’s time you look at our top 8 running shoes for sciatic nerve problems and feel better.

Best Running Show for Sciatica

Without further ado, let’s jump-start the review section.

1. Editor’s Pick: New Balance Women’s FuelCell Running Shoes

This unique sneaker from New Balance not only reduces backache but also works brilliantly against over-pronation. Thus, it is among the best women’s running shoes for sciatica, and it is miles ahead when it comes to cushioning, comfort and durability.

New Balance Women's W1260V5 Running Shoe

Whether you have a wider foot or over-pronation issues, this shoe will relieve you from all of these problems. To begin with, you get a wider toe box so that your feet and toe don’t feel stress while running. Also, a bigger toe box means it accommodates the slight expansion of your feet while running. It offers a comfier feel and helps to improve your performance.

Also, its base is wider than regular shoes. It brings better stability and steadiness while landing. Thus, your feet won’t hurt. It is also suitable for running on hard grounds where you may be a victim of hard landings due to the instability of the shoe surface.

Compared to other New Balance running shoes, this model ensures more comfort with each step you take. Thanks to its stretchable upper mesh fabric, your toe fits perfectly in it. Plus, mesh fabric takes care of humidity and sweat to keep your feet dry and cool even after running for hours at a stretch.

The insole has proper cushioning just to relieve you from numbness and back pain even after tough gym sessions. You will, in fact, love how it ensures maximum cushioning without overweighing the shoe. So, you will get a lighter feel which is essential to combat sciatica problems and boost your running performance.

The shoe also offers nice durability. No user complained about its lasting performance, and so, it is worth the price. Hence, it remains a top choice for women with back pain, temporary numbness on the feet and over-pronation

Technical Details

  • Weight: 8.5oz
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Style: Laced
  • Cushioning: Maximum
What Do We Love
  • Reduces back pain and fights against over-pronation
  • The excellent stretchiness of the upper fabric for comfort
  • The wider base ensures better stability while running
  • Easy to wear with nice laces and looks stylish for all
What Should Improve:
  • The shoe is overpriced
  • Many women found its stretchiness a little too much than necessary


The New Balance 1260 VI is an excellent price of art that removes the sciatic nerve issue pretty quickly. Also, it has enough padding to prevent over-pronation and ankle-twisting for comfy running sessions for every woman. Also, it will last longer than you expect.

2. Best for Men: Dr. Comfort Performance-X Men’s Therapeutic Shoe

Torin is already a famous brand for running shoes, and Torin 4 has updates to suit the abid runners with better performance, durability, and stability. It has fixed the issues of a weighty midsole that many runners complained about earlier with Torin 2 and Torin 3 versions.

ALTRA Women's Torin 4 Road Running Shoe

Instead, it uses a Quantic midsole. It is lightweight. Yet, it has enough cushioning to support your feet literally on any surface.  Plus, the Quantic midsole brings the brilliant plush feel of Altra’s famous Ego series. So, you will enjoy added padding, plush comfort, and a lightweight feel with every step. It just elevates your running experience, unlike anything.

What’s more, its strategically placed cushioning is pretty well-balanced. So, your forefoot and heel will remain at the same height from the ground. It ensures the feet have the least impact due to hard landing. Plus, it improves stability while running and comes in handy for off-trail runs.

Next comes its FootPod technology. It is integrated into the outsole to mimic the natural expansion and compression of human feet, bones, and tendons while running. So, you can both run and bend comfortably with Torin 4. The perfect decoupling of the outsole ensures maximum geld and stability for runners with back pain.

The shoe has Fit4Her technology that is unique to Torin 4. The techno offers every woman a tailored fit to match their anatomy. So, naturally, the shoe comes with boosted comfort and steadiness. On top of it, the shoe also features the FootShape technique. It allows the shoe fabric to spread and compress, resembling the natural foot movement.

Therefore, Torin 4 is every bit the perfect shoe for women with back pain. It not only relieves you from the problem but also ensures greater comfort to grow your running intensity.

Technical Details

  • Weight: 7.6oz
  • Insole: 5mm
  • Style: Laced
  • Stack height: 26mm
  • Cushioning: Maximum
What Do We Love
  • FootBed midsole with Qantic ensures a lightweight plush feel
  • Mimics the natural movement of women’s feet while running
  • Zero Drop technology ensures a better balance of heel and forefoot
  • Excellent rebound and foot positioning for runners in long sessions
What Should Improve:
  • Many runners experienced a drop in their running pace with this shoe
  • It takes time to break in initially


Torin 4 is the best women’s running shoe for sciatica, thanks to its enhanced padding in the midsole, lightweight construction, and breathable upper mesh. It also suits long-distance runners. Thus, you must consider Torin 4 seriously if you want to get rid of back pain quickly.

3. Best for rebound and feedback: Altra Women’s Torin 4 Running Shoe

If you are a heel striker and need amazing support and cushioning, Gel-Contend 5 is going to be your best bet. Plus, its lightweight design and durability make it a long-lasting performer to combat sciatica and back pain with success.

ASICS Men's Gel-Contend 5 Running Shoes

The outsole has dual-layer construction. It has enough traction for proper grip on any wet surface. Plus, it is durable and withstands abrasion on concrete and asphalt surface quote remarkably. Yes, you can wear it on hard surfaces, too, thanks to its brilliant cushioning.

It offers maximum cushioning with a 12mm heel drop facility. While its heel-to-toe drop is on the higher side, its padding makes up for the inconvenience. Also, a higher level of padding means your feet are less likely to face any impacts from a hard landing. It also has a nice balance and makes sure that the sciatic nerve remains safe from any additional pressure and stress.

Also, the gelled heel offers better comfort and stability. So, your heel remains safe even if you are a dominant heel striker. Next, its upper part is also engineered to provide both durability and comfort for runners and walkers. It is flexible and supportive. So, you will enjoy a snug feel along with nice ventilation. It ensures that your feet remain cool.

Last but not least, we found its heel count construction pretty comfortable as well. The balance is perfect and suitable to rescue pressure in your back and lessens the impact of numbness and electric feel that sciatic nerve damage may cause while running. Thus, you will love its comfort, safety, and convenient wearing experience.

Technical Details

  • Weight: 10.55oz
  • Heel Drop: 12mm
  • Style: Laced
  • Cushioning: Maximum
  • Material: Synthetic and Mesh
What Do We Love:
  • Enhanced durability due to dual-layer construction
  • The midfoot is supportive and provides enough padding
  • Excellent ventilation allows air passing for comfort
  • The inserted gel in the heel absorbs shock and impact greatly
What Should Improve:
  • Its heel drop is on the higher side
  • Needs time to break-in


Although Gel-Contend 5 is designed mainly for heel strikers, it performs equally well for all people. Once you wear it, you will love its limitless comfort without any major back and nerve pain issues for sure.

4. Best for support: ASICS Men’s Gel-Contend 5 Running Shoe

Saucony Guide 10 is another pair for the best men’s running shoes for sciatica, thanks to its excellent midsole design, comfy upper, and 8mm heel drop. Once you wear the shoe, it will become part and parcel of your daily running and walking schedule.

Saucony Men's Guide 10 Running Shoes

The shoe’s unique design enables it to lessen the effect of different foot pains, including the sciatic nerve. Therefore, you will love how the shoe relieves you from pain and helps you run with added comfort and confidence. It will surely improve your running performance without any added inconvenience, as with regular running shoes.

The shoe offers a brilliant response. Thus, you can expect enhanced feedback and bounce with every step. As the shoes’ bounce and responsiveness return energy to your feet, it works as a relief for the sciatic nerve. The shoe makes sure no extra pressure and stress goes down to the nervous system through the feet and legs. So, you can count on it for a comfy running time.

We also found its ground contact incredibly beneficial. It is just perfect. Thus, it offers maximum stability as you run. Also, thanks to its Chevron-shaped lugs for adding the finest grip so you can run on the uneven surface and off-road with the least inconvenience.

On top of it, an 8mm heel drop of the shoe is ideal for both heel strikers and forefoot runners. You won’t feel any pain exerted to your feet from the ground that may cause sciatic nerve pain. Plus, Guide 10 offers nice flex around its toe box. It is made using Flexifirm material for a snug feel with just about the right stretchiness for natural foot movement.

What’s more, the flexibility runs down right to the outsole. The outsole has a TriFlex design ensuring nice flex and grip. So, Saucony Guide 10 ensures all-around comfort while running and walking nearly on all surfaces.

Technical Details

  • Weight: 10oz
  • Heel Drop: 8mm
  • Style: Laced
  • Cushioning: Maximum
  • Material: Synthetic and Mesh
What Do We Love
  • Flexible and stable design reduces pain and stress
  • The upper mesh fabric is breathable and comfy
  • Nice and snug-fitting with premium construction
  • It has a superior grip for running on uneven surfaces
What Should Improve
  • The shoe runs a bit smaller
  • It may not be a good option for long-running sessions


Do you need brilliant comfort and stability? Or, do you need an affordable shoe for sciatic pain? The Saucony Guide 10 will meet all of your requirements with star marks.

5. Best for comfort and stability: Saucony Men’s Guide 10 Running Shoes

Adidas shoes are the favorite of athletes worldwide, and they never fail to impress their fans with some exceptional shoe models. This pair of running shoes also speaks of the excellence and mastery Adidas has achieved over the decades.

adidas Men's Ultraboost Personal Best Running Shoe

The shoe truly feels comfy, safe, and long-lasting. The best part of the shoe is its tailored fabric with reinforced stitching. The unique fiber placement ensures a firm grip with a locked-in facility. It provides better stability and steadiness while running.

Plus, the reinforced stitching means it won’t wear out soon, which is a common cause for running shoes. So, you will enjoy added durability. Its outsole is also pretty durable, and so there’s no chance of the shoe wearing out sooner than your expectations.

Apart from durability and lock features, the shoe also has proper cushioning. The boosted midsole has been engineered for excellent padding. Also, the cushioning is a nice combination of firmness and softness. It eliminates any additional pressure and helps in tackling sciatic pain better than you expect.

On top of it, you will also love the breathable upper mesh fabric providing sufficient ventilation. So, you won’t experience any sweating and swelling. What’s more, the shoe breaks in relatively quickly, which prevents burns and blisters. Thus, it is ready to wear right out of the box. You won’t have to wait to start running once you get the shoe. Isn’t it incredible?

Technical Details

  • Weight: 11.33oz
  • Heel Drop: 10mm
  • Style: Laced
  • Cushioning: Maximum
  • Material: Synthetic and Mesh
What Do We Love
  • The shoe is supremely relaxing and supportive for sciatica pain
  • The spring and responsiveness is pretty impressive for all
  • The heel construction is comfortable and releases pressure
  • Brilliant durability with premium fabric and reinforced stitching
What Should Improve
  • The shoe is on the heavier side
  • It is expensive


The shoe has a sock or glove-like fit to your feet. So, it gives a snug and comfy feel that you will love for longer running sessions. Just make sure you get a half size up for the right fitting to enjoy better stability.

6. Best for snug fit: Adidas Men’s Ultraboost PB Running Shoe

Merrell Women’s Flex Trail running shoe is another best running shoe for sciatica, a sufferer that truly delivers outstanding performance. First of all, the shoe comes in pocket-friendly pricing and so won’t bother your bank account. It is a great bonus since many running shoes are unnecessarily priced higher than their features.

Merrell Women's Bare Access Flex Trail Runner

Next, you will appreciate its Vibram sole, which is among the longest-lasting soles in the market. Plus, the Vibram sole is famous for its flexibility and firmness. So, your feet will enjoy excellent comfort. It is further boosted with the EBA-foam cushioning. It offers maximum cushioning so that you may enjoy excellent running sessions.

Also, cushioning ensures your feet receive the least stress and pressure. So, it is a great relief for women who suffer from sciatica and back pain. Once you wear the shoe, its padding and comfort will make you forget about the painful moments.

Another beneficial fact about the Merrell Women’s running shoe is its FlexConnect technology. It runs from the toe to the heel for proper flexibility. So, you won’t find it hard while running. Also, the shoe breaks in with relative ease and quickness. It, therefore, prevents blisters and burns around your feet.

Last but not least, Its TPU fabric is breathable and ensures excellent ventilation. It is beneficial for people with sciatic nerve issues as it prevents any chilling sensation. Finally, we found the shoe’s outsole sufficiently gripped for not tumbling on wet surfaces, adding another layer of safety for your perfect running moments.

Technical Details

  • Weight: 10.55oz
  • Heel Drop: 8mm
  • Style: Laced
  • Material: Synthetic and TPU
  • Midsole: EVA-foam
What Do We Love
  • The running shoe pair is priced affordably for all women
  • Excellent padding and flex for safe and comfy running time
  • Breaks in quickly to prevent blisters and use right out of the box
  • The toe box is wider than regular shoes offering a better and easy fit
What Should Improve
  • The shoe lacks stability


The Merrell Women’s Runner Shoe is among the most affordable shoes for women. Apart from pocket-friendliness, the shoe features superior cushioning and comfort with every ride you take for enjoyable running time.

7. Best for affordability: Merrell Women’s Bare Access Flex Trail Runner

Dr. Comfort is a big name in the shoe industry, and they have presented some popular and feature-packed models for runners and athletes over time. Following their culture and commitment to shoe users, they have introduced the Performance-X men’s running shoe to combat leg, back, and sciatic pain with great easiness and comfort.

Dr. Comfort Performance-X Men's Therapeutic Diabetic Double Depth Shoe

The athletic shoe boasts excellent arch support along with lightweight construction. So, your feet will find better stability on the ground. It means your feet will be less likely to face any stress and pressure, as is the case with ordinary shoes. Arch support also relieves pain from the arch for longer running sessions.

On top of it, the Double-layer design provides ¼” of depth. It offers maximum comfort with stability for runners and athletes. The comfort is boosted further with an iconic midsole design for proper padding. What’s more, you can remove the Footbed or insole to get a customized fit to mimic the natural movements of human feet.

The breathable upper mesh comes in handy to stay cool and dry by regulating the interior heat and air with outstanding ventilation. You will love how it keeps your feet dry even after miles of running under the scorching sun. Also, its flawless design prevents any blisters and burns.

Thanks to such incredible design and comfort, the shoe offers versatile applications. You may wear it for casual running times, athletic purposes, and cross-training. So, you won’t have to invest in multiple shoe models for different purposes.

Technical Details

  • Weight: 10.55oz
  • Heel Drop: 8mm
  • Depth: 11/16 inches
  • Material: leather and PU
  • Midsole: EVA-foam
What Do We Love
  • Firmer heel counter ensures added stability and lateral comfort
  • Leather lining across the shoe border lessens friction while running
  • The outsole is anti-skid and lightweight for safe and comfy running
  • Outstanding padding stops blisters and skin irritation from the beginning
What Should Improve
  • The shoe is slightly overpriced


The Performance-X is the men’s running shoes for sciatica. It is also suitable for diabetic treatment and has a brilliant and flawless design for maximum comfort and stability on every stride.

8. Best for orthopedic uses: Orthofeet Proven Heel and Foot Pain Relief Shoes

The Orthofeet orthopedic shoe is among the most stylish and comfy running shoes you will ever find. Thanks to its lightweight midsole and flexibility, the shoe is also suitable for sciatic nerve and back pain.

Orthofeet Proven Heel and Foot Pain Relief

Once you put on the shoe, it will magically eliminate stress and pressure from the feet. So, you won’t feel burdened with the shoe weight. It also boosts running comfort and steadiness. Its superior insole design combines with its flawless design to offer maximum stability and comfort in nearly every running trail, including asphalt, concrete, and grass.

The shoe has, in fact, multiple layers of padding. It blends with the anatomical arch support facility to offer every running a perfect feel with every stride. The flexible and padded midsole is ready to absorb shock and impact from hard landing to safeguard your feet from injuries and sciatic nerve pain.

The upper portion of the shoe is made of stretchable fabric. So, it will stretch and compress with running intensity and time to accommodate the natural food movement. As it stretches with human feet expansion, it relieves you from any extra pain that otherwise would rest upon your feet only to increase back pain.

Finally, the wider and roomy toe box provides a non-binding fit. Whether you have acute sciatic pain, bunions, or hammertoes, the wider toe box is more likely to relieve you from every discomfort with its brilliant design and comfort.

Technical Details

  • Weight: 11.85oz
  • Heel Drop: 8mm
  • Material: leather and PU
  • Midsole: EVA-foam
What Do We Love
  • The shoe brings excellent comfort with a stable and relaxing feel
  • Wider toe box supports brilliant comfort and stops extra pain
  • The fabric mimics the natural foot movement of human feet
  • Most versatile shoe for use in orthopedic applications, including sciatic problem
What Should Improve
  • Many customers complained about the durability of the shoe


Orthofeet Proven Heel and Foot Pain Relief Shoes are made for versatile use. Whether you suffer from nerve pain, over-pronation or bunions, this shoe is ready to relieve the problem ASAP.

Factors to Consider When Buying Running Shoes for Sciatica

When you decide to buy your running shoes for sciatica, back, and leg pain, you must not choose them blindly. You must ensure that the running shoes are suitable for battling sciatica nerve pain with good durability and comfort.

Factors to Consider When Buying Running Shoes for Sciatica

While buying the shoes offline, you can check their comfort and fit practically. But, for offline buying, you have to look at a few factors of the shoe. If you don’t know which factors to focus on, we have prepared the checklist for you.


The main reason for sciatic nerve pain is improper sitting posture, uncomfortable leg position and putting too much pressure on the feet. Thus, your running shoes must be comfortable and help to release pressure from your feet.

The comfort of the shoe mainly comes from maximum cushioning, thick midsole along the groove, and collars of the shoe. Long story short, gel-cushioned and EVA-foam midsole offers the best support and comfort for relieving back pain.

Support and fit

If the shoe doesn’t fit your feet properly, it will cause inconvenience while running. A tight pair of running shoes will exert pain on the feet while running. It will gradually reach your lower back to cause sensation to the sciatic nerve. Similarly, shoes with inappropriate arch support will cause extreme stress to the arch and heel of your feet.

Thus, while scouting for the best running shoes for sciatica sufferers, make sure it has the right fit. If it is too tight, you will face blisters and pain. Also, loose shoes might be unstable. Next, the shoe must offer proper arch support.

For normal arch and feet, you can choose neutral arch support. If you have over-pronation issues, buy a shoe designed to relieve you from the problem. Improper arch support is the main cause of extreme pressure on the feet that later develop back pain.

Shock and impact-absorption

If you plan to run on concrete and asphalt, you will experience hard landings at some points. It can be painful and easily injure your feet. Thus, a shock and impact-absorbing facility is a must for every running shoe.

The shock absorbent ability is dependent on the midsole mainly. The shoe should have EVA or memory foam for a soft landing, even on the hardest surface. Also, gel-cushioning is another way of ensuring a safe landing.

Also, shock and impact absorbency is essential to the battle nerve and back pain as constant shocks from hand landing can damage the nerve badly. So, you must not compromise with the shock-absorbing ability of the shoe for a sciatic nerve problem.


Let’s face it; you get a good-quality running shoe, and it lasts for a month only. You will never want it. So, make sure your running shoes are long-lasting. Check the stitching and quality of the materials used for the shoe.

Hence, it is better to invest in an expensive but durable pair of shoes instead of a cheap one. Over time, it will turn out to be a profitable investment.

Toe box and breathability

The toe box must be wide. A wider toe box is recommended for people suffering from sciatica, hammertoes, and bunions. However, if you have narrow feet, the narrow toe box will still work fine for you.

Finally, make sure the shoe is breathable. The upper fabric should allow proper ventilation. It will keep the feet cool and dry. It is particularly ideal for long-running sessions and summertime for added comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the insole in the shoe useful for sciatica?

Yes, the shoe insole will help you relieve sciatica and nerve pain. Using a customized insole with a sciatica running shoe ensures better comfort and stability, which can be a game-changer for people suffering from back pain.

What type of should do I get for sciatica?

Your shoes must be supportive, comfortable, and have enough cushioning to battle sciatica problems. We have considered all these factors and included eight top choices with excellent padding and comfort for sciatica sufferers.

How long will it take for me to get rid of the sciatica problem?

It depends on the level of pain. For instance, people with minor sciatica may get rid of it in around 7 to 10 weeks. However, for acute and chronic back pain, it may even need months to solve the problem.

What helps in healing sciatica while running?

You may apply moderator heat to your back for 10 to 20 minutes to health or lessen back pain before running. You may use a hot water bag, bottle, or steamed towel for the purpose.

What factors increase sciatic nerve pain?

Usually, obesity and inappropriate sitting and running posture increase the acugene1 of sciatica. Also, consuming too much red meat causes back pain. So, be aware of these facts.

Final Thoughts

We have just concluded our discussion on the best running shoe for sciatica. If you feel chronic or temporary back pain, these shoes would be an excellent supplement along with medical treatment to fight the problem.

All these shoes are top-notch. But if we had to pick one, New Balance Women’s FuelCell Running Shoes would be our go-to option for women. The shoe offers excellent comfort and a lightweight design that suits the delicate feet of women. Also, its responsiveness is of premium quality that adds feather to its crown.

And for men, Dr. Comfort Performance-X Men’s is the best bet. Thanks to its flawless design and practical features, the shoe is a hot item among runners. You will also love its durability.

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