Do You Wear Socks With Hey Dudes?

The Hey Dude shoes are pretty stylish. Their fantastic designs have high demand in the market. And most people want to wear them barefoot because of their comfort and lightweight. But is it necessary to wear socks with the Hey Dude shoes? Do you wear socks with Hey Dudes?

In short, it entirely depends on your choice and comfort. If you’re going for more comfort, you don’t need to wear socks. But when there’s a problem with sweaty feet or the need to keep the feet warm, you need to wear socks. However, it’s a decent manner to wear socks with shoes.

Well, shoes from Hey Dude are well-designed that ensure proper air circulation. So, wearing socks won’t trouble you much. Read on as we dig deeper into the topic.

What Type of Shoe Is a Hey Dude?

You will probably hear of Hey Dude shoes because their popularity is worldwide. It aims to produce eco-friendly, sustainable, aesthetic shoes to impress customers and maintain its reputation.

What Type of Shoe Is a Hey Dude

The Hey Dude has lots of varieties and styles. You can find boots, loafers, sandals, boat shoes, and other famous styles on Hey Dude. On top of that, they always try to innovate their styles. For example, the Wally style is the most renowned design of Hey Dude.

So, they decided to take the exterior out and make a new one with farmed flex-wood material. It also has a unique texture with fantastic comfort. As a result, their innovation leads to making the first non-toxic shoe.

You will get an insatiable appetite for your adventures, and you don’t need to sacrifice your comfort or style. With the vast collection of Hey Dude, you can even match your collection with your hobbies. Moreover, these shoes come in all price ranges.

Do You Wear Socks with Hey Dudes?

Well, it’s not a tough decision to make. You may wear your Hey Dude shoes without socks or with socks. However, Hey Dude without socks is pretty comfortable to wear too. That’s why the question rises!

Do You Wear Socks with Hey Dudes

But the choice is up to you. Here are some points to help you make up your mind about wearing socks or not:

Flexibility & Comfort

The Hey Dude Shoes are made of flexible footbed and soft cushion materials. So, they will keep your feet firm and allow much air to pass. Therefore, it won’t matter much if you don’t wear socks with your Hey Dude shoes, as you already have the flexibility.


Cotton-based materials are used to make the Hey Dude’s canvas. The most significant advantage of such a structure is that it allows your shoe to be breathable. Your feet won’t feel cramped or sweaty when you wear the Hey Dude shoes, even with the socks. So, it’s up to whether you wear socks with the shoes or not.

Weight & Durability

The build materials of Hey Dude shoes are top-notch quality which makes the footwear pretty lightweight and durable. Therefore, wearing socks won’t add extra weight to your shoes. So, it’s definitely your decision to wear the socks with your shoes or not.

Moisture Control

Most people believe that wearing socks will keep your feet dry. Well, that’s true but not for all shoes. For example, Hey Dude shoes have a proper air circulation system. So, your feet can breathe and stay dry without socks. But you can wear socks with your Hey Dudes if you doubt the capability.


Unlike other traditional shoes, Hey Dudes don’t come in tight fittings. You will notice elastic bands on your shoes instead of laces. So, even if you wear socks, your feet won’t be too tight.

Before concluding the topic, you should know that there’s nothing wrong with wearing socks with your shoes.

And there’s nothing wrong if you don’t wear them. Some people prefer to wear socks because they feel insecure about their appearance. But if you don’t wear them with your shoes, there’s nothing to worry about!

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When Should You Wear Socks with Hey Dudes Shoes?

Though it’s totally up to you to decide whether to wear socks with your Hey Dude shoes, you should know when it is necessary to wear them. But, below we have covered some scenarios where wearing socks with Hey Dudes shoes may boost your comfort.

When Should You Wear Socks with Hey Dudes Shoes

Too Sweaty Foot

Some people have sweaty feet. Their sweaty feet can easily make the show stink and destroy the gentle smell. So, if you are one of those guys, you must wear socks with your Hey Dude shoes.

As Hey Dude shoes are good at air circulation, your feet can stay dry even with the socks. As a result, your feet won’t produce such a foul or unpleasant odor.

Try To Be Hygienic

Well, it’s hygienic to wear socks with the shoes most when you are concerned about the sweats. Socks will keep your feet warm and absorb a small amount of sweat from your feet.

So, if you like to maintain personal hygiene, you can wear socks. On top of that, sweat can cause foot problems such as skin burn due to moisture, bacterial growth, etc.

Tendency of Blisters

Some people have sensitive skin. When they wear new shoes, they tend to have blisters. Please don’t make a mistake by considering it a normal phenomenon. If you want fewer blisters on your feet, you need to wear socks with your Hey Dude shoes.

Socks will help you to prevent friction while walking with new shoes. Therefore, there is less possibility of getting blisters on your feet.

Rough Surface Protection

Despite being cushioned and cotton-type material, people often feel like something is touching their feet. On top of that, some shoes don’t come in ready. As a result, the sole still feel rough from the inside.

If you wear socks at first after buying the shoes, you won’t face such hassles. Your feet will have comfort until the sole gets soft a bit.

Decency And Social Norms

In our society, it’s decent to wear socks with your shoes. So, if you are going on such formal programs, you should wear socks with your Hey Dudes.

When someone gives a compliment about shoes, they will definitely notice your socks. So, wear matching socks with your Hey Dude shoes to show off a bit with such elegant footwear.

Following Standard Protocol

Socks are the norm if you are wearing pants with shoes. You are not in prison to defy such standards just to look cool.

Socks are also compatible with trousers. So, wear socks because the public doesn’t want to see your ankles!

Need to Keep Warm Foot

Socks are a must in winter or when it’s just chilling outside after heavy rain. In such regions, you need to keep your feet warm and fresh. If you wear socks with your Hey Dude shoes in the monsoon, you need to change the socks frequently.

But in winter, the scenario is a bit different. You need to keep your feet warm in all types. So, wearing socks with shoes is the only option.

Keep Shoes Clean

Socks help to keep the shoes clean. Even if you buy an affordable Hey Dude shoe, you don’t want to mess them with dirt. With socks, you won’t need to worry about dirty shoes.

What Socks Do You Need to Wear with Hey Dudes Shoes?

It’s best to use socks that won’t slip your feet. Therefore, you should try the low-cut style and non-slip ones. Soft cotton socks are pretty handy because they can hold your feet cooler and keep your feet breathable. Cotton fabric socks are the best option if you have sweaty legs.

Any synthetic fabric socks can make your feet sweat and feel them sophisticated. In the market, 80% cotton socks such as spandex are pretty famous for such purposes. Remember, more breathable socks have a high percentage of cotton.

They are also helpful in preventing blisters and providing comfort to your feet. Matching low-cut socks give a great look with your Hey Dudes.

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Do Hey Dudes Make Your Feet Stink without Socks?

The Hey Dudes typically don’t make odors when used for a short time. However, shoes can create a foul smell while using them for too long without socks. As you don’t wear socks, there’s nothing to absorb the moisture and sweat from inside.

So, your Hey Dudes will stink over time. But fortunately, you can prevent such occurrences by maintaining some steps:

  • Always wash your feet after removing the shoes
  • Dry your boots if you have sweaty legs
  • Wash them when you smell a foul odor from the shoes
  • You can also crumble paper to absorb the moisture from inside
  • Try some body powder or foot powder as an alternative


To put it simply, wearing socks with your Hey Dudes shoes is not really a need but a choice to make. Saying that wearing socks with Hey Dudes is a decent manner may sound ludicrous because you don’t always wear socks with shoes.

You should have this in mind that whether you wear the socks or not, your feet will still feel comfortable in Hey Dudes shoes.

So, do you wear socks with Hey Dudes? You can now decide when to wear the socks and vice versa. But always use low-cut socks for greater comfort and breathability.

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