Can You Play Tennis In Running Shoes? – Need to Know

Like many others, are you also confused and want to know can you play tennis in running shoes or not? Well, the short answer is NO, and it’s essential to get and use specific shoes for different sports.

However, if you play tennis occasionally, a pair of running shoes should be just fine for a light tennis activity. On the other hand, wearing tennis shoes is a must for all tennis players, including beginners and pros.

Tennis shoes offer an adequate balance that allows players to go lateral motion or side to side without any problem. Since running shoes are only designed for forwarding motion, wearing them for tennis can cause injury and also decrease the shoe’s lifespan.

Learn more about why not to use running shoes for tennis and the differences between running and tennis shoes throughout this article.

Difference Between Tennis and Running Shoes

Tennis and running are different outdoor sports and require different support and balance systems. Since tennis and running shoes offer different protection and comfort, they both come with a lot of differences. And you can discover those differences by following the section below:

Difference Between Tennis and Running Shoes


  • Running shoes: Running shoes like asphalt running shoes are designed to move forward, and they have shock absorption technology. Running shoes helps to prevent excess movement and push you off after each stride.
  • Tennis shoes: Tennis shoes are designed with lateral stability so that the player can perform side-to-side movements effortlessly. These shoes have heel-to-toe offset and a lower stack height which lets the player feel the court closer.


  • Running shoes: Running shoes are less durable than tennis shoes, and the lifespan of running shoes is 300 to 400 miles. Using running shoes for versatile usability can damage those shoes faster.
  • Tennis shoes: Tennis shoes offer more durability than running shoes as they are not used in high-impact conditions like running shoes. You can wear tennis shoes until the sole is destroyed or see any hole in it.


  • Running shoes: Running shoes are less heavy than tennis shoes, and the average weight of running shoes are 212.62 to 283.49 gram.
  • Tennis shoes: Tennis shoes are heavier than running shoes, giving a perfect balance and safety on all types of court surfaces. The average weight of tennis shoes is 269.32 to 453.59 grams.


  • Running shoes: Running shoes offer a different gripping system. Road shoes offer smoother grip, and trail shoes offer more traction.
  • Tennis shoes: Tennis shoes offer more grip than running shoes. Since tennis shoes are used on different tennis courts, the grip should be durable enough to provide enough support and balance.


  • Running shoes: Running shoes have more cushioning than any other shoes and the extra cushion helps the runner move forward effortlessly.
  • Tennis shoes: Unlike running shoes forward motion, tennis shoes focus on lateral support. The lateral and traction support requires less cushioning.

The Upper:

  • Running shoes: The upper part of running shoes is made of lightweight materials that allow runners to run comfortably.
  • Tennis shoes: On the other hand, tennis shoes should have a stiff upper made with durable materials. The stiff upper helps keep the tennis player’s feet stable inside the shoes.


  • Running shoes: Running shoes are a bit more expensive than tennis shoes, and the average price range of running shoes is $125 to $180.
  • Tennis shoes: Tennis shoes are not that expensive like running shoes, and you will find good quality tennis shoes for $120-$150.

These are some of the common differences between running and tennis shoes. We hope now you can determine why the tennis court requires specific shoes.

Can You Play Tennis In Running Shoes?

If you’re not a regular tennis player, you don’t need to be concerned about the type of footwear. However, you must consider the right shoes if you’re a professional or beginner tennis player.

Can You Play Tennis In Running Shoes

Tennis requires specially designed shoes that can provide additional support and prevent different injuries. Well, if you still want to wear running shoes and want to know the pros and cons of using them for tennis, follow the section below.

Here we have included the advantages and disadvantages of using running shoes for tennis. Have a look:

Advantage Of Playing Tennis In Running Shoes

Although running shoes are not ideal for tennis you can still get some benefit by using them. Here are some of the benefits of using a pair of running shoes for tennis:

Advantage Of Playing Tennis In Running Shoes

The Cushion:

The cushion support is the most noticeable benefit you will get from using a running shoe for tennis. If you’re not playing rough tennis, then running shoes can help your body cope with the rigors of playing tennis. Running shoes cushioned the toes and ankle parts to reduce impact from the ground.

Arch Support

Although most tennis shoes are designed with adequate arch support, running shoes offer extra arch support. So while you’re practicing or playing tennis occasionally, wearing running shoes will ensure extra arch support.


There are many tennis players who like to play tennis in running shoes. If you’re also one of them and find it comfortable to wear a pair of running shoes for tennis, then you should play with them. Comfort level is the most important thing you have to consider.

Although these advantages look very small to use running shoes instead of tennis shoes, you should prioritize your comfortness. However, be sure or think double about the disadvantages of wearing running shoes for tennis.

Disadvantage of Playing Tennis In Running Shoes

Want to know what disadvantages you will get by using running shoes for tennis? Simply follow the section below to discover the disadvantages:

Disadvantage of Playing Tennis In Running Shoes

Decrease the Lifespan

One of the significant downsides of using a pair of running shoes for tennis is decreasing the running shoe lifespan. Moreover, using running shoes for the different motions rather than forward motion can cause the shoe’s structural damage.

Can Cause Injuries

You may get a new pair of running shoes if they get damaged, but do you know wearing running shoes for tennis can cause injuries? Running shoes are designed to move forward and playing tennis requires lateral motion.

Therefore, when you play tennis in running shoes, these shoes will not provide enough support and balance which will cause injury. Moreover, running shoes will not protect your ankles from sprains that provide stability.

Make You Feel Uncomfortable

When you’ll use running shoes instead of tennis shoes for tennis, these shoes can make you feel uncomfortable. Running shoes are lightweight, and tennis requires a little more heavy shoes to ensure stability and appropriate support. Since running shoes are made of forwarding momentum, playing tennis with them will make you feel super uncomfortable.

Damage the court

Last but not least, playing tennis in your running shoes will cause injury and make you feel uncomfortable, and damage the tennis court too. Moreover, you cannot wear a pair of tennis shoes for all tennis courts as different courts require different shoes. there are basically three types of courts, including

  • Clay court
  • Grass court
  • Hard court

And all of them require different and specific shoes while playing tennis.

What Is The Importance Of Using Specific Shoes For Different Sports?

Whether you’re practicing an indoor or outdoor sport, you should know that all sports put tremendous pressure on the feet, ankles, and legs. And the tremendous pressure can cause minor to severe injury.

What Is The Importance Of Using Specific Shoes For Different Sports

Although many aspects contribute to leg injury issues, wearing the wrong shoes can be the main culprit. That is because most sports require different supportive and balanced shoes that help prevent common injuries.

When you use a pair of shoes for all your sports activities, this usability can impact your performance and safety. Therefore, you have to use and wear specific sports shoes for particular sports to prevent injuries and improve comfort and performance.

Bottom Line

Since all sports shoes are not designed in the same way, different sports require different shoes. That means you cannot just wear any particular pair of shoes to perform your favorite sports activity. The same goes with tennis and to play tennis you must need to wear tennis shoes.

You cannot just wear running shoes to play tennis on a court because that can damage your shoes and injure yourself. Running shoes are meant to boost your running momentum and provide the forward motion, while tennis requires lateral movement. Since now you know can you play tennis in running shoes or not, only use tennis shoes for tennis courts.

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