Can you Play Basketball in Running Shoes?

Running shoes are increasingly famous with sports enthusiasts. Having the right shoe on your feet increases your sporting performance. Running shoes harnesses potential, builds a performer’s confidence and helps to achieve balance while moving. While running shoes are amazing, it is not uncommon to know if they are suitable for playing basketball.

Running shoes are ideal for playing basketball just like other sporting games. So, you can play basketball using running shoes. Running shoes come with different qualities that make them ideal for different kinds of sporting activities. You can easily spring off and move across hard surfaces with running shoes on your feet. If you are looking for flexible footwear that makes movement easy, you can count on running shoes to give you that.

Which Shoe Is Better For Your Basketball Game?

If you’re wondering which one is more suitable for playing basketball, between basketball shoes and running shoes. Your confusion might result from your inability to differentiate between the two types of footwear. So, let’s get to know the differences and similarities that exist between basketball shoes and running shoes. You should get ready for the exposure.

Which Shoe Is Better For Your Basketball Game

Basketball shoes vs. Running shoes

Prior to the time you begin to train and play, the first thing you must do is pick the right shoe. Everyone knows that, whether they are professional basket players or those who get to it once in a while. But as simple as choosing the right footwear is, you can still mess things up. This is possible when you don’t know whether a basketball or running shoe will give you the experience you desire.

Basketball shoes vs. Running shoes

Although basketball has a lot to do with running, it does not mean running shoes are a perfect choice. There are several other movements in basketball that require footwear that can offer maximum safety and protection. This is one thing that makes basketball shoes the right option compared to running shoes. The differences that exist between running shoes and basketball shoes even go beyond that.

Each type of shoe comes with a distinct feature. Although basketball shoes are quite similar to running shoes, they still possess features that make them more appropriate for basketball than running shoes. Let’s begin with basketball shoes.

Basketball is a sport that requires high skills. The game also has some features that demand that you wear a suitable shoe that gives support. When you are watching the sport on TV, you will likely be thinking all the players do is run from one part of the court to another. But it is more than that. More often than not, the players need to jump, spring, and change directions. Due to this, basketball shoes are the most recommended as they provide balance, flexibility, and stability.

After considering all that, basketball shoes seem somewhat bulky, stiff, and tall. A quick look at the ankle of a basketball shoe should tell you something different. The ankle is usually high, reducing the risk of suffering an ankle roll. This is one of the injuries that can keep players away from the court for long. The chances of suffering this injury are high when a player is not wearing the right shoe, as they occur during drastic and fast movement.

Some distinctive features of basketball shoes include the following:

  • Ankle stability
  • Optimum foot support.
  • Shock absorption.
  • Flexible movement.
  • Strong tread.

Running shoes are good options for playing basketball, but they are not the best. Basketball players choose these shoes for the sport as a result of the qualities they possess. Running shoes are of two types: running shoes for running on the road and running shoes for training on grass. Road running shoes are very light due to the thin product used in structuring them. Shoes that belong to this group provide an excellent cushion. However, these road running shoes are no option for playing basketball.

Contrarily, running shoes for training on grass possess a reinforced structure that allows players to tackle. Even in a muddy or wet environment, these shoe types provide adequate foot support. Their handy qualities make them a better option for playing basketball. However, they are still inferior to basketball shoes. Some additional features that these shoes possess are:

  • Optimum comfort.
  • Well-cushioned sole.
  • Good bulk.

Regardless of the many differences between these shoe types, they also possess some things in common. Hence, you can use both shoes interchangeably. Don’t get it twisted; these shoes don’t follow the same construction process or design. They don’t also serve similar purposes as a result of their differences. So, it would help if you choose your shoes appropriately.

If you are playing for fun, perhaps amidst friends and relatives, running shoes can work. On the other hand, if you are participating in a competitive match, basketball shoes will give you the explosive movement you desire. Both footwear has a high support level. Whether you are training on the grass or competing in a match, you can use both shoes. However, there are more risks attached to wearing running shoes to play basketball.

Can You Play Basketball In Running Shoes?

Considering all the qualities mentioned above, you will discover that using running shoes to play basketball comes with some disadvantages. Research has a lot of facts and statistics to show. According to a new research, about 15 percent of basketball players use shoes with low heels. Due to this, many of them choose running shoes. Another fact that indicates the popularity of running shoes is the rate at which they end up in landfills. Stats reveal that about 90 percent of them end up in landfills after completing their lifespan.

Can You Play Basketball In Running Shoes

If you want something lightweight that makes you feel like there’s hardly anything on your feet, choose running shoes for basketball. When you hit the floor, running shoes will cushion your foot. If there’s anything that makes these shoes suitable for playing basketball, it is their cushioned soles. They are quite bendable and light

The negative sides to using running shoes to play basketball are numerous. Using the wrong shoes for basketball comes with many risks to your safety and comfort. Research has shown that an inappropriate shoe can cause hip, leg, lower back, and ankle problems. The more you continue to use the wrong footwear to play basketball, the more serious these problems become. Rising to your feet again might be somewhat difficult after dropping from a rebound before a crowd of spectators struggling for the ball. Before the quarter expires, running shoes will make you more susceptible to injuries. So, if you want to remain relevant in the game, earning the rewards and points, do not limit your chances with the wrong shoes.

Are There Running Shoes That Can Be Worn To Play Basketball?

You can’t talk about basketball or anything relating to the sport without referring to the NBA. Being the most competitive basketball league across the globe with hundreds of thousands of viewers, you have access to the recent happenings in the sport when you watch NBA matches. There are many trends to watch out for, including the most used footwear and how common specialized shoes have become. Not only that, the constant development in basketball shoes’ design and construction is another thing to watch out for.

Are There Running Shoes That Can Be Worn To Play Basketball

Can you Play Basketball in Running Shoes? According to a recent report, more than half the number of basketball players on the court during a match wear specialized shoes. Most of these specialized shoes are running shoes, at least to a great extent. So, the next time you leave your home to see a basketball match, don’t enjoy the thrills and chills alone. Watch the feet of the players closely.

You will discover that the number of basketball players who use running shoes is increasing greatly. One very common running shoe that you will see on the feet of every basketball player is Nike Air Max 90. Other brands of running shoes you can use in playing basketball include:

The development of basketball shoes has witnessed great innovations as well. The producers now supply a wide range of colorful and attractive basketball shoes to the market. This is in order to attract people, basketball players especially, to purchase them. But things don’t work that way. Many basketball players perceive these improvements as unnecessary “newness.” This is as a result of the repetition of the same models of shoes over and over again. Once these models are out for a long time, they lose their allure. The failure of these basketball shoes has made the market for running shoes to get more patronage. Guess what? Basketball players are the most common patronizers of these shoes.


Can you Play Basketball in Running Shoes? If you are a basketball player or a fan of the sport, you can play basketball in running shoes. However, playing basketball with running shoes will make you more at risk of suffering injuries such as ankle roll. Running shoes are good for a casual warm-up in the field with friends and relatives, not for a competitive match.

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