How to Keep Sand Out of Running Shoes

Running on the beach has become hobbies for many. However, such persons always have sand in their running shoes. This is almost unavoidable, as the beach has a lot of sand. Therefore, you cannot be too careful about sand in your shoes when on the beach, especially on windy days.

So, you must know how to keep sand from running shoes when you run on the beach. One way is to avoid running on the beach or sandy areas on windy days and run on the wet sand. When you eventually get the sand in your shoes, hit it against the wall to remove it. But continue reading this article to learn about running on sand and its effect on your shoes, and how to keep sand off.

Will Running On Sand Ruin My Shoes?

Running on sand will not ruin your shoes any worse than running on a normal surface will. Aside from your shoes getting wet, there is no other risk you expose your shoe to when you run on sand. Yes, sand will enter your shoes, but that is not a risk on your shoe but you. You just need to take out the sand after your run.

Will Running On Sand Ruin My Shoes

Running on the sand with shoes does not pose much threat to the shoes as much as it does to you. Likewise, running barefooted. Running barefoot is very good for your leg muscles and helps your health. However, it also comes with some disadvantages, such as Ankle Sprains, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles injuries, and injuries from hidden sharp objects in the sand.

How To Keep Sand Out Of Running Shoes

As a beach runner, it is quite difficult to prevent sand from entering your running shoes while running. The turbulence your shoe causes on the sands when you are running springs them up, and they fall on any space possible. In most cases, they drop right through the space between your leg and the shoe you are on. Then, as you continue running, the motion shakes them in a while, replacing their current positions with another sand.

How To Keep Sand Out Of Running Shoes

The circle continues till you stop running. Running with sands in your shoes can be harmful. It can cause blisters on your foot because of the harsh friction of the sands scrubbing your foot in the shoes. Most times, you might have actual injuries at the end of the run.

You cannot completely prevent sand from entering your shoes. But, you can reduce how much it enters. However, this is possible if you know how to keep sand out of running shoes.

How To Prevent Sand From Entering Your Running Shoes

How To Prevent Sand From Entering Your Running Shoes

Get Running Shoes With Closed Mesh

When you are shopping to select one of your regular shoes for running, select the one with a closed mesh. Shoes with breathable mesh promote the ability for runners to be comfortable while running. In addition, the fabric they use in making the mesh does not attract much sand.

Aside from just having mesh on your running shoes, they need to be closed mesh. Having an open mesh on your shoe will only invite more sand into the shoe. But, when the mesh is closed, sand can hardly enter the shoe.

Run-on a good beach type

It might interest you to know that the beach type can bring sand into your shoe. We advise you to run on a flat beach type to avoid sand. When the beach is rough, there is a high tendency of sand jumping and finding its way into your running shoe.

Run-on wet sand

When the sand is wet, it sticks to the ground and does not fly around as dry sand does. So, when you are running on wet sand, the sand hardly goes up, in keeping your shoe sand-free. So, on wet sand, you will have a smooth run.

Do not run on windy days.

Some people get irritated when they step on the sand in their houses or their shoes. If you are a runner in that category, don’t run on the beach or other sandy areas on windy days. On windy days, sand flies around in the wind’s direction. Sometimes, it flies directionless.

So, running on the beach on a windy day will always make sand enter your running shoes. It is unavoidable.

Wear good socks

Although this will not stop sand from entering your running shoes, it will stop the hurt you feel when sand enters your shoe. Long socks that cling to your skin make it hard for sand to through to your leg.

Avoid unnecessary fall

When you run and fall all the time, and will enter your shoes. At every fall, your body comes in contact with the sand on the ground. So, this makes it easy for penetration of sand through your shoes.

How To Remove Sand From Running Shoes

If eventually, sand enters your running shoes, which is most likely, you can remove it with the following steps.

How To Remove Sand From Running Shoes

  • Hit the shoe against a wall: After removing the sole from the shoe, hit it hard against the wall to bounce out the sand. Next, hit it hard in the toe and heel region for a more effective process.
  • Use spray nozzle: A high-pressure spray nozzle is recommendable. The spray nozzle will help remove sands from the most invisible spots.
  • Wash shoes: Fill a bucket with water and put the shoes inside. Wash it carefully to remove the sands from wherever they are. Then leave them to dry properly.
  • Use vacuum cleaner: You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the sand from the shoes. It works effectively to suck out sand from the nooks and crannies of the shoe.

What Kind Of Running Shoes Are Appropriate For Sand Running?

Although you need a light shoe for a good run, no specific shoe is created for running on the beach. The best shoe for beach running is a lightweight shoe or water shoe. However, you can get durable running shoes for Asphalt.

The shoe should have a tight grip and a decent arch on the base. The lightweight feature of the shoe helps reduce running stress. If your running shoe is heavy, the stress of lifting each leg is much. In addition, you will get tired quickly just after running for a short while.

What Kind Of Running Shoes Are Appropriate For Sand Running

The tight grip feature is for slippery surfaces. Wet sand or overly smooth surfaces can cause a runner to fall if his running shoe doesn’t have a good grip. So, select a shoe that does justice to that aspect.

Also, your beach running shoe should have a tight mesh. With this, the quantity of sand entering your shoe will reduce. The more sand in your shoes, the more discomfort you feel when running.

However, it is not a problem to wear regular shoes to run on the beach. Most people dedicate one of their shoes to running as no specific shoe is named for running. As long as the regular shoe is light and has a good grip, it is suitable for the job.

Final Words

You cannot completely prevent sand from entering your shoes when you run in a sandy environment. But, you can try to prevent it from entering much. When it is about how to keep sand out of running shoes, shoes with closed mesh are the best for the job. They let little or no sand into your running shoes. So, when picking a running shoe, get one that has a closed mesh.

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